Chapter 464 - Professor Qin Feng Was Fired?

    Chapter 464 - Professor Qin Feng Was Fired?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    At Jindu University's medical college at an early hour, all the seats in lecture hall were filled, and the aisles were crowded with people too.

    The students were anxious, an oppressive silence filled the lecture hall. It had been over fifteen minutes since the class started, but Qin Feng had still not shown himself.

    Somebody had run out of patience, he turned to Liu Jie and asked, "Liu Jie, why isn't Professor Qin Feng here yet?"

    Liu Jie looked at that person and harrumphed, "How would I know? What makes you ask me?"

    "Ah, I realized recently that you're very close to Professor Qin Feng. Are you two... not gay partners?"

    Liu Jie kicked that person in the ass. He huffed, "What the **?! How is there any possibility that I would settle for a disgusting man like Professor Qin Feng?!"

    "I've recorded our conversation, Liu Jie. What would you say if I played it to Professor Qin Feng?" The person wasn't angered after being kicked. He offered a beaming smile to Liu Jie. Liu Jie's was stunned, and he cursed.


    Then, he hastily put on a large smile on his chubby face and chirped, "Big Brother Chao, I'll treat you to a meal tonight. We're brothers, and as a big brother, you cannot turn against your little brother!"

    "Well, well, I'll see you then. What are you going to treat me tonight?"

    While Liu Jie and Ma Cha were discussing Qin Feng's absence, the rest of the students whispered in each others' ears as well.

    "Did Professor Qin Feng forget that he has a class today?"

    "I don't think so. This class is the only platform for him to play his high-and-mighty game. Without this stage, his life will be purposeless!"

    "Yea, you're right, but why hasn't he come to the class now? Could it be that he has been caught gambling?"

    "Nah, it's impossible. Professor Qin Feng isn't that kind of person. Getting detained for soliciting a prostitute sounds more convincing."

    "Any of you have people in the bureau? It's time to put that relationship to good use. If Professor Qin Feng has really been jailed, we should inform the person in the bureau and have them keep Professor Qin Feng for a few more days. Only by that can we free all the female students in medical college from his filthy sex-filled claws!


    Qin Feng should have thanked God for his absence; otherwise, he might have burned to death from his anger if he heard their discussion. Qin Feng felt he had done enough for his students. He'd sacrificed himself, worked his heart out and spent his youth and love to teach them. How could they not appreciate it?

    A voice filled with rage sounded as Xiao Lei swaggered his way into the lecture hall, "Ahem! Ahem! What's going on here? It's time for class, why is the lecturer hall still as noisy as a market? Do you all wish to be suspended from the final examination and, therefore, not graduate?"

    Xiao Lei had titivated himself today. He was dressed in a brand-new, well-ironed black suit and his leather shoes were shiny. He had a sunny smile on his face while standing at the podium. He was in seventh heaven. This was because he'd heard the news: Qin Feng had been fired!

    Upon seeing Xiao Lei, the students fell silent.

    Clearing his throat, Xiao Lei then said in a slow and steady tone, "Dear students, I'm here to bring you guys a good news. The university has relieved Professor Qin Feng from his position as the Chinese Medicine lecturer due to his misconduct. I have brought a firecracker with me. I planned to set off the firecracker later to celebrate this meaningful moment!"


    The students all raised to their feet as they were stunned by Xiao Lei's announcement.

    "What? Professor Qin Feng was fired?!"

    "Holy **! Fatty, you're right! Professor Qin Feng has been detained for whoring!"

    "What should I do? Our charming and handsome Professor Qin Feng was fired! Wu! Wu! I don't want to study at this stupid university anymore! I want to quit school!"

    "Haha! Did you hear that, Young Master Fang? That Qin Feng was fired! It's really a good news! The medical college has finally returned to Young Master Fang!"

    A few students were happy and a few were tearing up when they found out that Qin Feng was no longer teaching at Jindu University. Most of the students fidgeted around like a swarm of ants on a hot griddle. However, Fang Ming and his three minions were excited as if they were celebrating the new year.

    Xiao Lei ignored the fact that the lecture hall was in chaos and wore a satisfied smile on his face because he was overjoyed that Qin Feng was fired. The source of the news was solid. He got the news directly from the higher-ups of the university. Gao Hai, the vice-chancellor of the medical college, ordered Qin Feng's dismissal.

    "That weasel was fired? Really?" Hua Yan, who was sitting in the first row, was not happy with the news. Feeling part of her was missing, her heart sank.

    Qiao Shi Shi was sitting beside the window. The sun was sprinkled all over her clean and pure visage. Her brows were locked tightly, and she was seemingly disgruntled with the news as well.

    "Wait a moment, guys. Maybe is this bad-breath man lying to us. I'll ask my first uncle regarding the truth of the news. He is the director of the medical college, and he should know," Somebody stood up from the crowd students. After he finished his sentence, he pulled out his phone to make the call.

    Growing angry, Xiao Lei pointed at the student and growled, "Hey kid, who are you calling bad-breathed man?" Unfortunately for him, the classroom was too noisy, so nobody could hear his voice.

    "Big Sister Xin Xin, was Qin Feng fired by the school authorities?" Hua Yan quickly sent a message to Chang Xin.

    Chang Xin replied to her very soon, "Yes, he was fired!"

    Chang Xin's message had only four words. Hua Yan read it again and again as a pent-up fire rose within her. Hua Yan hated Qin Feng, and by right, she should have been the happiest person when she heard that Qin Feng had been fired by the school authorities. However, when it really came to it, Hua Yan was not happy at all.

    As a rationalist, she dealt with things one at a time. Even though Qin Feng was a dissolute, sordid, lustful person, who had not only a few but hundreds of millions of shortcomings, there was no doubt that he was a great teacher. A teacher who dared to make a new path and not be fettered by accepted theories. She indeed enjoyed and was looking forward to Qin Feng's Chinese Medicine class. She felt that Qin Feng had shattered and overthrown the traditional and inflexible teaching method of Chinese Medicine by combining practical and theory in his way of teaching.

    He was the kind of lecturer that needed by the students of the medical college of Jindu University. So, how could they fire him? Why had they sacked him?

    Hua Yan was angry so did Chang Xin. She was edgy the moment she knew that Qin Feng was fired. This was because Chang Xin knew the reason behind Qin Feng's dismissal: it was because of her!


    Chang Xin's expression turned serious as she walked out of her office. She went straight up to the third floor to the office of Vice-chancellor Gao Hai.


    Chang Xin barged into his office without knocking on the door. Gao Hai was sitting on a couch. Several layers of gauze were wrapped around his head. Standing in front of him was Gao Tian Yao and it seemed to Chang Xin that they were discussing something secret. Both of them shut their mouths the moment Chang Xin came into the office.

    "Hmph! What do you think you're doing, Director Chang? Don't you know that knocking on a door and asking for permission before entering a person's office is the basics of manners?" Chang Xin's appearance had sparked in him the bad memories of Qin Feng. When he thought about Qin Feng, the night of him being badly beaten by Qin Feng came into his mind. He was furious.

    Gao Hai's negative attitude did not affect Chang Xin. She walked across the office to stand in front of him, "Chancellor Gao, I've something to discuss with you."

    Gao Hai knew Chang Xin was there to question him. He signaled to Gao Tian Yao, and Gao Tian Yao nodded.

    "Seems like Chancellor Gao has something more important to attend to, I'll excuse myself. When you have time, I'll come again to discuss with you a few cases regarding modern medicine."

    After Gao Tian Yao finished his sentence, he exited the office, leaving only Gao Hai and Chang XIn in the office. Both of them exchanged intense glares, and the atmosphere was tense.

    "Director Chang, what made you rush to my office at this hour?" Gao Hai looked coldly at Chang Xin as if he wasn't the person who attempted to drug and violate her that night.

    "What made me come here? Don't you feel silly for asking that question?" Chang Xin disliked hypocrites like Gao Hai. She wanted to slap him.

    "Hmph! Is this the attitude you have when you want help from others? I guess we have nothing more to discuss. You may leave now!" Qin Feng had brutally beaten Gao Hai that night, and his wounds had just recovered hence he did not dare to make an exaggerated expression. He did not welcome the painful sensation.

    Chang Xin took a deep breath and tried very hard to suppress her anger. Gao Hai was right. Chang Xin was here to intercede for Qin Feng, so she had to soften her attitude. Otherwise, she would not be able to turn things around.

    "Chancellor Gao, spell your wishes. What do you want?" Chang Xin had to soften her tone.

    "What was that, Director Chang? That brat is so powerful, it would be dumb to offend him. He will hit you regardless of who you are!" Gao Hai's words were sarcastic. It was normal for people to realize that, let alone Chang Xin.

    "Chancellor Gao, I've lowered myself to talk with you about this matter. What do you want?"

    Chang Xin knew that Qin Feng was fired, but she did not know the reason for his dismissal. However, it was not tough for Chang Xin to understand that it was Gao Hai's vengeance.

    Gao Hai looked over at the door and the window. After he ascertained that he was clear from any danger, his expression changed. He offered Chang Xin a sly grin as he peered at her graceful body.

    "I shall get straight to the point, then. It was because of you. If you want me to bring him back, you know what to do."

    Looking at Gao Hai's lustful gaze, Chang Xin knew what was going on in his mind. Her expression turned chilly, "I can promise you anything but my body. I won't sell my chastity to you!"

    Chang Xin remained resolute. There was nothing to be done to change her mind. Gao Hai's expression turned vile. He sat cross-legged and said, "Then, this out of the question. I still have a lot of work to finish. Please help yourself out."

    "Chancellor Gao, on what basis did you fire Qin Feng?" Chang Xin was tenacious. She was ready to risk everything, "If you fired Qin Feng without reasonable grounds, I can refer this matter to the university authorities and tell them that you've abused your power!"

    "Bull**!" Gao Hai slapped the table and shot up. His wound opened, and the pain sent him back to his chair again.

    "Ouch, ouch. It's so painful... Hmph! Do you think you can scare me like that? Let me tell you something, I've got photos of you two. As lecturers of a university, you two hugged each other on the street without the slightest scruples. Now, I just sacked Qin Feng. If you continue to cause me trouble, I'll fire you too!"

    Gao Hai was crafty. He was well-prepared against all possibilities after he fired Qin Feng.

    Originally, he planned to violate Chang Xin that night. Now he had photos of Qin Feng hugging Chang Xin hence brought the charges against Qin Feng. As such, Gao Hai would not be afraid even if Chang Xin brought the matter to the university authorities. After all, Chang Xin lacked evidence, while he had solid evidence in his hand. Besides, his position was higher than Qin Feng and Chang Xin, so he was certain that the university authorities would stand by his side.

    "Shameless! You're too shameless!"

    "Haha! Am I? Why don't I think so? Director Chang, I guess you better go back and think through the proposal I gave you. However, you better be quick. Or else, it'll be hard even for me to bring that kid back!" Gao Hai smiled wickedly.

    Chang Xin's body trembled in anger, but she had no other way to deal with Gao Hai. After sending a few glares at Gao Hai, she stormed out from his office.

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