Chapter 466 - Hua Yans Vengeance!

    Chapter 466 - Hua Yan's Vengeance!

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Su Xia Tian was bored to death recently. Nobody in Sky City would play with her because she was simply too mischievous, and her title as the first she-demon of Sky City drove them away.

    It was such good fortune for her to find Qin Feng, a person who was even more sadistic than she was, to be her playmate. However, before they could get more time together, Qin Feng went missing. Tearing her heart apart, his sudden disappearance almost sent her on a frenzied massacre.

    "What is big sister doing in the parlor? Hey, she's not alone?" Su Xia Tian spotted something suspicious in the parlor. As such, she hastened her way into the parlor.

    Su Xia Tian's eyes bulged the moment she shoved the door open. Her tongue stuck out, and her face flushed red looking at the wild-and-free footage in front of her. Her heart raced so fast that it almost jumped out from her mouth.

    "Big Sister, what-what are you doing?"

    Su Xia Tian's sudden appearance surprised Su Qiu Yue. She immediately jumped up from Qin Feng's arms. When she realized that she was in her birthday suit, she sat down again. However, she overexerted herself, and she landed on a very sensitive spot causing her to moan.

    "Argh!" Su Qiu Yue yearned to hide in a hole the moment she uttered such an embarrassing sound. She had returned to her senses since the effect of the Angel Grass had worn off. She couldn't believe that she had just had sex with Qin Feng.

    "Little Sister Xia Tian, remember me?" Qin Feng's sardonic laugh echoed.

    Su Xia Tian was stunned. She quickly ran to Qin Feng and yelled happily, "Ah! Big Brother Qin Feng, when did you arrive?"

    Su Xia Tian had not seen Qin Feng for the past three months, and she thought about him on her way home. Hence, when Qin Feng magically appeared in front of her, she was thrilled. She impatiently closed the gap between them and suddenly came to a stop. She could not see clearly because she was standing far away; however, as she went nearer, she realized that Qin Feng and her big sister were shamelessly cuddling together without any clothes on.

    "What... What are you two doing here at this time?!" Su Xia Tian grumbled as she wasn't happy. Her grandpa had told her that Qin Feng would be hers, how could her big sister do such a shameless deed now?

    "Do you want to join us, Little Sister Xia Tian?" Qin Feng's smile broadened.

    Qin Feng's voice brought Su Qiu Yue's thoughts back on track. She pinched Qin Feng's waist and shooed her little sister away, "Xia Tian, return to your room first. We'll look for you later."

    Pouting her, Su Xia Tian rushed out from the parlor to her own room disheartened. Su Qiu Yue knew her little sister well, and Su Xia Tian's reaction sent a pang of guilt to Su Qiu Yue's heart. It was totally out of her understanding that she could have done such a shameless thing with Qin Feng.

    Harking back to the footage that happened not long ago, Su Qiu Yue felt something fishy. Her body began acting weird after she consumed the Blood Qi Pill. The feeling was vigorous. It felt like she was drugged.

    "That was nice, Qiu Yue. Initially, I thought you didn't like me. I never knew you actually loved me more than your little sister does!"

    A light shone upon Su Qiu Yue as she suddenly understood everything. Driven by her rage, she pushed Qin Feng away and questioned him, "It's you! This is your doing, isn't? How could you do something like that to me, Qin Feng?"

    Qin Feng was stunned by her barrage of questions. With his own question in his mind, he retorted, "What are you saying? What did I do to you? I've done nothing! It's you who pounced on me first, and I couldn't even shrug you away!"

    As a qualified hedonistic young master and a master of love, Qin Feng had known that all women changed their feeling and expressions faster than flipping a book since he was young. Be that as it may, he was shocked and caught off guard by Su Qiu Yue. He could not fathom her changes at all. Who was the one who refused to stop and clung tightly to him? How could she toss him aside like a used old rag after she'd sampled him?

    The more Su Qiu Yue thought, the more certain she became that Qin Feng had added an aphrodisiac into the Blood Qi Pill. When she realized Qin Feng used such petty trick to get her body, Su Qiu Yue's heart ached.

    And Qin Feng's denial had made it worst.

    "Why can't you just admit what you did? Can you swear to God that you did not add anything to the Blood Qi Pill?" Su Qiu Yue's expression turned chilly as she glared furiously at Qin Feng.

    "I can assure you that there was nothing wrong with my Blood Qi Pill. If there was a problem, how could you have broken through to Stage 4?" Qin Feng was annoyed, and he felt offended. Although the Blood Qi Pill had no effect on him, it was, however, a valuable grade 2 pill. By selling it on the black market, or at Saint Medic, he could have easily made a mint or earned tons of mission points. Nevertheless, he did not do so and selflessly gave the pill to Su Qiu Yue. Hence, when Su Qiu Yue questioned his sincerity, he wasn't happy with it, and his blood boiled.

    Su Qiu Yue's eyes rolled in their sockets as she started to think.

    She was a woman with exceptional intelligence and a great secret keeper. It was out of the question that there was something wrong with Qin Feng's Blood Qi Pills. Anyway, she had viewed Qin Feng as her future husband, and since Qin Feng refused to admit it, she would not pursue the topic further for the goodness of their relationship.

    "Turn around. I want to get dressed," Su Qiu Yue rolled her eyes, huffing.

    Qin Feng did not know that it was Hua Yan's doing after all. He gave Su Qiu Yue a roguish smile and extended his arms to touch her boobs. He said, "Don't be in such a hurry, Qiu Yue. Let me enjoy your boobs for a few more seconds."

    "Fuck off! Turn around now!" Su Qiu Yue slapped Qin Feng's hand away and chided him, returned to her usual lordy manner. Qin Feng was disappointed. He even suspected that Su Qiu Yue might be suffering from transient global amnesia.

    "I said, turn around! I'll gouge your eyes out if you refuse to do as what I say!" Su Qiu Yue pinched Qin Feng's waist again. It was very painful. Qin Feng quickly turned around and remained quiet and obedient like a little sheep.

    Very soon, a scuffing noise drifted into Qin Feng's ears as Su Qiu Yue put on her clothing, turning him on. However, before he made any further moves, Su Qiu Yue's fidgety demeanor came to mind. He could not do anything except get himself dressed as well.

    Both of them finished dressing almost at the same time. Su Qiu Yue had regained her solemn yet elegant demeanor. Initially, she wanted to treat Qin Feng better since she had officially become his woman. She dropped the thought when she remembered Qin Feng got her body through means of fraud and drugging her with an aphrodisiac. Hence, Su Qiu Yue decided to lightly punish him; or else, she would not be able to contain him in the future.

    "If there is nothing else, I'll go look for Little Sister Xia Tian!" Qin Feng had just tasted Su Qiu Yue, and now, he was thinking about Su Xia Tian. Su Qiu Yue was pissed off.

    "Come over here. I've something important to discuss with you. We'll go find my little sister together after we finish our discussion."

    Both of them then went to Su Qiu Yue's room. The moment Qin Feng opened the door, Su Qiu Yue's fragrance stormed into his nostrils. After which, Su Qiu Yue sat on her bed while Qin Feng sat next to the window. Su Qiu Yue had a serious expression.

    "What happened, Qiu Yue?" Qin Feng knew something severe had happened; otherwise, Su Qiu Yue would not be so serious.

    "It's about the medical corporation," Su Qiu Yue opened her mouth and spoke demurely and elegantly.

    "The medical corporation? The one that I asked you to establish?"

    Su Qiu Yue nodded before explaining further, "I've set up a factory and established a production line to mass-produce the Golden Sore Medicine and whitening powder with the formula you gave me. Everything was smooth until a problem popped up. During the later stages, I found that some of the raw materials needed for your formula are not only hard to find but are sold at sky-high prices. Furthermore, the stock is limited; hence, we can't produce the two items in bulk. Also, the huge investment cost that will result in a ridiculously high retail price. We can't develop and expand into the market like this!"

    Qin Feng raised his brows as he did not consider these problems at all. He just interpreted the formulation of the elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine and gave it to Su Qiu Yue. He never thought it would cause her problems.

    Since he owned the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica now, he had a vast knowledge of the herbs and plants on Earth. Hence, when he re-interpreted the formula, he found that some ingredients were spiritual plants and almost impossible for mortals from the secular world to attain.

    "How much have you invested?" Qin Feng asked.

    "Ten million! I've wasted it all!" Su Qiu Ye sighed.

    To be honest, ten million was only a tip of an iceberg for a huge familial clan like the Su family. It was only because Su Qiu Yue had never experienced losses since she began to preside over the Su family's business. She could not forgive herself for losing ten million in merely three months.

    "It's much less than I expected. How about this, I make some alterations and change the three spiritual plants into normal herbs. We can mass-produce, then!"

    "Won't the effect be different?" Su Qiu Yue asked out of her worry.

    "The effect will definitely be affected, but it's more than sufficient to defeat the two leading products of the Liang family," Qin Feng was confident in the Hedonist Sovereign System. He believed that the effect would be stones ahead from the products produced by an ordinary familial clan like the Liang family.

    "That sounds good. I'm relieved," Su Qiu Yue nodded, but her brows still remained frowned. Qin Feng pulled her into his arms and asked her with a soft tone, "Anything else? Just fire it out. I'll do my best to help you."

    Su Qiu Yue's body trembled, but she did not break free from Qin Feng's warm embrace. She drowned in the feeling of somebody having her back. After she hesitated for a short moment, she slowly opened her mouth.

    "There is a familial clan in Sky City known as the Ma family. They make their fortune in the pharmaceutical industry and are the forefront and the largest familial clan of Sky City. Not long ago, the Ma family sent somebody to talk to me. They want to purchase our medical corporation, and if I refused to sell to them, the Ma family will do everything they can to cast us out from the industry..."

    Su Qiu Yue briefed Qin Feng on the whole story from the moment Ma Hui first arrived at the Su family's old mansion until he left. Qin Feng was infuriated, especially about the threatening words Ma Hui left before leaving the house. He rose to his feet and stormed toward the door.
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