Chapter 471 - Goodbye, Four Talents!

    Chapter 471 - Goodbye, Four Talents!

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, that dumbass is Ma Hui. He is the one who bullied Big Sister Qiu Yue!" Su Xia Tian stared at Ma Hui, huffing and brandishing her little fists.

    After hearing this, Qin Feng's expression suddenly turned chilly. He waved his hand, and a white ray shot out.

    A wound suddenly appeared on Ma Hui's face and caused him to yell in pain, "Argh! What is that? Why is my face bleeding? Who the ** hit me? Stand the ** up now!"

    "I'm standing right here," Qin Feng chided Ma Hui for his idiocy, "Are you blind?"

    "So it's you, you little brat! How dare you act like a thug in the Ma family's territory! You'll pay for that!" Ma Hui lifted his fist and charged at Qin Feng. Even though he wasn't a martial artist, due to his years of training, his physique was stronger than most people. As such, he looked down on Qin Feng's feeble and lanky figure.


    Qin Feng casually waved his hand, and another white ray flashed through the air.


    The fine sound of the wind blade cutting through human skin sounded out. While Ma Hui was sprinting, a large laceration suddenly appeared across his knee. Due to the law of inertia, his upper torso continued to thrust forward and toppled over after a few seconds while his right leg was severed and separated from the rest of his body.


    Ma Hui fell on his face. When he looked at his calf that was left on the floor, his eyes bulged, filling with disbelief, and he had forgotten to scream.

    "What happened to you, Hui Er? Stand up!" Ma Da Tun's eyes almost fell from the sockets when he saw his dear son had lost one of his legs.

    Qin Feng was amused. He laughed, "I've cut his leg off, and you still ask him to stand up? Are you making fun of him?"

    "Who-- who are you? Why do you have to oppose us?" Ma Da Tun's face was veiled with anger as he glared menacingly at Qin Feng. He had the urge to kill Qin Feng, but Qin Feng's strange technique held him back. He was scared as he still had no idea how Qin Feng cut his son's leg off.

    Not only Ma Da Tun was scared, the rest of the Ma family members were bathing in cold sweats and silence had reigned over the parlor.

    "Who are you, then?" Qin Feng shot his own question instead.

    "I'm the father of Ma Hui, Ma Da Tun... Since you have the nerve to attack the Ma family, don't you ever think we'll spare you easily!" cried Ma Da Tun as his face turned grotesque with a villous expression.

    "Ma Da Tun? Twerk? Is your hip cakey? Let me see... Hmm, nah. Your butt is much smaller than Xia Tian's... Or are you very good at twerking? Show me some dancing moves, then. If I'm pleased, I might let you off." [TN: Ma Da Tun is a homophone of twerking.]

    As Qin Feng said, he kept kneading Su Xia Tian's butt. Su Xia Tian's face flushed red as a weird sensation surged in her body. However, she did not stop Qin Feng.

    "Good, good! Xia Tian loves twerking the most!" Su Xia Tian cast away her shyness when she heard somebody was going to dance with her. She was so thrilled that her hands danced and her feet tripped.

    On the other hand, Ma Da Tun wasn't happy. He was infuriated. Indeed, his name was a homophone, but no one had dared to make fun of his name before. Qin Feng was the first person to do it.

    "You **er! I must kill you today!" In any case, Ma Da Tun was a Stage 3 inner qi expert and there was no way he could swallow this abusive remark, so he disregarded Qin Feng strange technique and pounced on Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's eyes were laughing as he waved his hands.


    A streak of white ray slashed through Ma Da Tun's butt. Before Ma Da Tun reached his target, he suddenly felt a cold breeze whistling through his butt. After he came to a stop, he realized that there was a large hole in the back of his pant, and his butt was exposed in the air.

    "Show me some twerking moves. If you've got the talent, I can send you to Thailand for a transsexual operation!" Qin Feng chuckled.

    Growing angry, Ma Da Tun's eyes went bloodshot. However, it was impossible for him to fight Qin Feng with his butt exposed. Besides, there were so many people in the parlor looking at him. He could not afford such disgrace, so he glued his butt on the floor and refused to move an inch.

    Nobody had anticipated this kind of development. Even the cunning and sly Elder Ma was so stunned that he could not utter a single syllable.

    "Brat, I don't know who are you or where you are from, nor do I care, but I warn you that better not involve yourself in the Su family's affairs. Now, even the Four Talents of Sky City have joined us to destroy the Su family. You'll end up in a bad position if you go against us!" Ma Hui whose leg had been severed said. He was trying to use the name of Four Talent to dwarf Qin Feng's aura.

    Hearing his words, Qin Feng quickly darted his glance across the crowd and found the Four Talents hiding and mingling themselves nice and well in the crowd. Qin Feng did not notice them before Ma Hui told him they were there.

    "Hey? So you four are here too. I should have noticed it earlier. Sorry for my lack of courtesy. You guys don't mind, right?" Qin Feng offered the Four Talents a fake smile.

    The Four Talents remained silent because they were avoiding Qin Feng. They were given a big fright when they saw Qin Feng because they thought he was dead. How could he suddenly come back to life now?

    The four people had been trying to avoid Qin Feng, but Ma Hui disclosed their presence causing them to want to kill him.

    Ma Hui was relentless. He would not give up any chance to wear down Qin Feng's confidence. "Haha! Now, are you scared? It's too late! I'm gonna pay you back by cutting off all your limbs!"


    A flash of white light flickered, and in the next second, Ma Hui saw his left leg severed from his knee right before his eyes. That streak of white light was extremely strange, and it moved as fast as lightning. Ma Hui's calf was severed but no blood came out of the laceration. It was delayed for around four or five seconds before the blood started to spurt out like a fountain followed by Ma Hui grief-wrought cries that could tug hearers' hearts.

    Fast! It was too fast!

    Strange! Everybody almost wet their pants out of fear.

    Everybody in the parlor was looking at Qin Feng when he executed the Wind Blades Technique, but neither of them could see clearly what he had done.

    "Was I talking to you? What a masochistic man," Qin Feng rolled his eyes. Then, he turned to the Four Talents, "Could it be that the Four Talents has forgotten who am I after we've not seen each other for the past four months? Do you mind if I play the recording now? To remind you guys who I am?"

    His smile sent a chill down the Four Talents' spines as they felt they were locked down by a serpent. Four of them thought Qin Feng was long dead. They never expected him to be still bouncing around and lively.

    "Haha! Isn't this Big Brother Qin Feng? We're not expecting you to come to Sky City out of the blue. Please excuse us for not going out to meet you, Big Brother Qin Feng," Jiang Man Hong was the first one to came to his senses. He quickly pulled on a smile and greeted Qin Feng.

    "Long time no see, Big Brother Qin Feng. You seem to be getting more stunning day by day," Zhao Yue Sheng followed.

    "Prince Jiang, Prince Zhao, I remember we made a reservation at Shui Yue. Today is the best day. Why don't we invite Big Brother Qin Feng and Beautiful Xia Tian for supper?" Li Yang and Wen Xu finally found themselves.

    "Oh right. Look how silly am I for forgetting such important matter. Please forgive me for my poor memory, Big Brother Qin Feng. Time is of the essence, let's depart now, then!" Jiang Man Hong wore a smile on his face looking at Qin Feng.

    This sudden change of event stunned the Ma family members, causing their jaws to fall on the floor and unable to recover. Didn't the Four Talents say that they would do anything they could to support the Ma family in fighting the Su family from behind? How could they change their minds so fast? Indeed, descendants from the aristocratic families couldn't be trusted.

    Even the Four Talents was afraid of him and treated him with deference. The Ma family members had no choice but to wonder the young man was.

    "Thank you for the invitation, but I'll pass. I've something more important to do," Qin Feng did not expose their disguise.

    It was impossible to know how many forces were waiting for their chance to make the Su family their stepping stone to rise to another level. Qin Feng could not always stay by the Su family's side and protect them, he had to leave the job to the Four Talents so that they could be a good help to Su Qiu Yue when the time called for it. However, the Four Talents needed some spanking from time to time, and Qin Feng loved doing this kind of thing very much.

    "Ai! That's bad... Anyway, if Big Brother Qin Feng has a more important task to do, we'll leave it for next time. I guess it's about time for us to take our leave. Remember to look for us some other time, Big Brother Qin Feng!" Jiang Man Hong said diffidently. He was afraid that Qin Feng would refuse to let them go.

    "You guys are leaving? That blows. Is it because of me that you guys want to leave so soon? We're having a good show here tonight. Why don't you guys join me and enjoy the show instead?" Qin Feng offered them a smile while putting pressure on them.

    As expected, the Four Talents broke into cold sweat. When they remembered Qin Feng's strange skill, they could not help but felt scared.

    "What do you mean, Big Brother Qin Feng? How is there any possibility that Big Brother Qin Feng would bother us? We're just really very hungry now, so we're going to supper. Please forgive us, Big Brother Qin Feng," Jiang Man Hong hastily explained.

    "Oh, so you guys are really going to supper. It's such a shame that you four will not witness the destruction of the Ma family... Fine then, get lost now. Remember to behave yourself otherwise you might end up like him!" Qin Feng's expression suddenly turned cold and glare at the four.

    "Goodbye, Big Brother Qin Feng."

    The Four Talents made haste and left the Ma family like they were running for their lives.

    The Ma family members were shocked when the Four Talents left. They never expected that the young man before them could scare away the Four Talents of Sky City with just a few words.

    "Hey, geezer, you're the current head of household of the Ma family, am I right?" Qin Feng turned his attention to the restless Ma Long.

    Qin Feng called his name, making him feel like he was on his way to the execution ground. His body trembled in fear and he did not know where to put his hands to ease his anxiety.

    "Dad! Don't worry, have you forgotten what I said earlier?" Ma Tao said before Elder Ma could say anything. He had made a pact with a door faction from the Martial World. Hence, he didn't flinch when QIn Feng used his Wind Blade Technique.

    Ma Tao's words sparked Elder Ma's memories. He remembered Ma Tao had found a door faction from the Martial World to support them. As such, Ma Long pushed down his fear and looked down at Qin Feng in a lofty stance.
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