Chapter 472 - I Want To Purchase The Ma Familys Corporation

    Chapter 472 - I Want To Purchase The Ma Family's Corporation

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "Ahem! Ahem! Kid, there is never been any bad blood between us. However, you came to our place tonight; created some trouble for us, and gravely injured Ma Hui. What do you think we should do to you now?" Ma Long said after he cleared his throat staring viciously at Qin Feng.

    "What do you want?" Qin Feng asked casually.

    "We are living in a society governed by the rule of laws. In this case, you leave me no other choice but to settle this through the legal procedures. I'll hand you over to the police, and you'll get the punishment you deserve," Ma Long said resolutely.

    "Bull**! I'll demolish all of you if any of you dare to lay a single finger on my Big Brother Qin Feng!" Su Xia Tian was against the suggestion. She clung tightly to Qin Feng's arms and huffed angrily at Ma Long.

    Qin Feng then proceeded to calm her down by patting her head. Then, he looked at Ma Long, "Hmm, I don't like your proposal. Well, seems like you left me no choice: I've to carve out an escape with your blood, I suppose."

    Qin Feng made the daring remark as if killing a person was like killing an ant to him. He raised his hand in the air, and the people in the parlor quickly form a submissive stance.

    "Ah! Don't, don't kill me!"

    "Big Brother, please spare my life!"

    Due to their previous experience with Qin Feng's strange skill, all of them instinctively took a defensive stance the moment Qin Feng raised his hand into the air. Dumbfounded by their actions, Qin Feng then asked them, "Why do you guys kneel on the floor? I just want to scratch my back..." He then turned over to Su Xia Tian, "Xia Tian, can you help me please?"

    Hearing this, everybody was relieved. They were almost scared to death by Qin Feng's actions.

    At the same time, Qin Feng guided Su Xia Tian to scratch his back. After a brief moment, Su Xia Tian punched Qin Feng's back twice and huffed, "Weren't you asking me to scratch your back? Why am I scratching your butt now instead? You're too shameless, Big Brother Qin Feng!"

    The Ma family members were left speechless when Qin Feng left them hanging and proceed to flirt with Su Xia Tian.

    And now, somebody was missing from the parlor: it was Ma Tao. He had slipped away and gone out to ask for some help from the martial art faction hoping they would send somebody to deal with Qin Feng.

    Of course, Qin Feng knew Ma Tao had disappeared from the parlor. He just pretended that he did not know.

    Tao Er has gone to get some help. I must stall him until Tao Er get back, Ma Long thought.

    As such, he offered Qin Feng a nice and affable expression and said, "Hehe! We have not had any bad blood between us, young lad. We can look for an alternative solution if you're not pleased with the one I proposed."

    "I'm here to get justice for the Su family. Say it, what's your thought?" The reason Qin Feng made a scene of himself was to squelch the Ma family members. He had achieved his objective now as the Ma family members looked at him like looking at a death God. Hence, he began to negotiate with Ma Long.

    Tentatively, Ma Long asked, "Is young master interested in taking over a medical corporation?"

    "Yes, of course, I'm interested. Name your price." Qin Feng readily responded to Ma Long's suggestion.

    Ma Long never expected that Qin Feng would so promptly accept his bargain. This was because Su Qiu Yue had cast Ma Hui out from the Su family mansion this morning when he went to propose the same bargain to her.

    This Qin Feng said that he came to the Ma family's ancient mansion this late night was to get justice for the Su family, but he accepted my bargain without the slightest scruples. Either he was nuts, or he was just simply had nothing else to do with his life.

    "Young Master, are you sure you have the power to make such a decision for the Su family?" Ma Long reconfirmed again with Qin Feng.

    "Tsk, cut the crap, you bloody geezer. What Big Brother Qin Feng has said is what the Su family would say. Don't ever try to doubt Big Brother Qin Feng's identity!" Su Xia Tian's eyes bulged in accusation as she glared at Ma Long.

    It was not known how many times Su Xia Tian called Ma Long a bloody geezer, asked him to shut up, and said that what he said was crap. It ticked Ma Long off a lot, and he was at the critical point of his anger. However, he forcibly pushed it down as he feared Qin Feng would attack him if he blew up.

    "Cough! Cough! Cough!" Ma Long coughed incessantly before it finally dies away, "Since you speak for the Su family, let us proceed to further and discuss the matter regarding purchasing the medical corporation."

    "Just cut the crap and name your price!" Qin Feng said impatiently.

    His hairs began to stand on their end as Ma Long yet again hit his tipping point. He had never been scolded and chided by anybody before today as he was considered a person of consequence in Sky City. Coupled with his seniority, nobody in Sky City had the nerve to treat him disrespectfully.

    "Fifty million, not more than that!" Ma Long gave his price after he thought for a moment.

    Su Qiu Yue had injected almost a billion yuan into the medical corporation. Su Xia Tian was unsatisfied when Ma Long planned to buy her house's medical corporation for merely fifty million yuan. [Editor + TL Note: There was a previous error with regards to the investment amount. It should have been billion not million and the exact amount of the investment is unclear so it's now "almost a billion".]

    "Are you crazy? Do you have any idea how much the medical corporation of our Su family is worth? Five billion yuan! It's worth a total of five billion yuan, you **ing old fool! Since you really want to buy our medical corporation, I'll give you a fifty percent discount and remove the oddments. Just give me two billion yuan, and I'll give you our medical corporation!" Su Xia Tian spoke with great confidence as if selling the corporation at two billion yuan to Ma Long was a real bargain for him.

    Hearing this, Ma Long's mouth twerked, and he almost fainted. He finally caught a glimpse of what it took to make her known as the she-demon of Sky City.

    "Ahem! Ahem! You guys seem insincere. Perhaps, we should not continue our negotiation anymore," Ma Long said with a straightened face.

    "Eh, please forgive me, Elder. Xia Tian has no knowledge of trading, and she was just joking with you. You offered me fifty million yuan? It's so high; are you crazy?" Qin Feng offered Ma Long a sly grin.

    Qin Feng dropped a bombshell on the crowd in the parlor when he said the price Ma Long offered was way too high. Even Su Xia Tian was stunned. She widened her large watery eyes and stared dazedly at Qin Feng.

    High? Fifty million yuan is high he said? Which side is he on? Could it be he was a spy sent by them?

    "Big Brother Qin Feng? Do you know what are you saying? You'll be punished gravely if I tell grandpa and elder sister the thing you had said here!" Although Su Xia Tian was mischievous and naughty by nature, when it came down to her family, she would become very serious.


    Qin Feng spanked her butt and faked his anger, "Shut up, you moronic woman. Don't talk back when I'm talking to somebody. Go home now if you refuse to listen to me!"

    Su Xia Tian was sad; she felt aggrieved as tears began to form in her eyes. She felt Qin Feng had changed. How could he join the Ma family to bully her?

    "Hey geezer, can't you give me a more decent offer?"

    Qin Feng shot another question and snapped Ma Long out from his confusion. A heap of smiles instantly filled his wrinkled face, "Yes, yes. Indeed. Fifty million yuan is too high... How about forty million yuan?"

    "What the **? Forty million yuan? You might as well rob a bank instead. Lower!" Qin Feng said angrily.

    The Ma family members' brains had reached their capacity as they were not able to follow the flow of the events. Even Elder Ma was confused by Qin Feng, but there was one thing very clear in his mind: the lower the price, the more beneficial it was to the Ma family.

    "Twenty million. That's the last price I can give. If you agree with it, we can sign the contract now," Ma Long suddenly rose to his feet and named his final price heroically.

    Qin Feng shook his head as he said, "I don't want to waste my time anymore. Two million yuan it is. This the last price I can take and nothing more."


    The people in the parlor were between tears and laughter as they could no longer catch Qin Feng's quirky mind.

    "Fine, fine. Two million yuan it is. I like you very much, Brother Qin Feng. I think we can be good friends!" Ma Long was exalted grinning from ear to ear as buying the Su family's medical corporation for merely two million yuan was considered pie in the sky for him.

    "Let's sign the contract now, then!" Qin Feng seemed to be more impatient than Ma Long. Huffing with anger, Su Xia Tian stared viciously at Qin Feng from the sideline as if she would pounce on him at any time.

    "Let's sign the contract now... Hey you, go and prepare two million yuan in cash now," Ma Long thought it would be better if they could sign the contract now to nip any arising problems in the bud.

    "Geezer, why did you ask your man to prepare the money?" Qin Feng held a puzzled face.

    "Huh? You don't want cash? Oh, I get what you mean. You want direct bank transfer or a check? Choose either one," Ma Long said while offering a grin to Qin Feng.

    "Why do you want to transfer money to me? I should pay you the money since I'm the one who is buying your Ma family medical corporation!" Qin Feng played every expression to perfection. Even he himself was amazed at how great his acting skills were.


    Once again, the Ma family members were dumbfounded. The speed of the event's change was too fast for them to grasp ahold of the current situation. Since when had it become that Qin Feng was buying the Ma family Medical corporation? The Ma family members felt they had to calm down first and run the whole story through their head again.

    "Did you misunderstand something, Brother Qin Feng? We were talking about buying the Su family's medical corporation! We agreed to the deal. You can't pull out now!" Ma Long had a sinister foreboding that Qin Feng was cheating them all that time.

    "Did I? I never said that I'd sell the Su family's medical corporation. I've been talking about buying the Ma family's medical corporation all this time... By the way, the Su family has spent nearly a billion yuan developing the medical corporation. Didn't you find it silly that I was willing to sell it for two million yuan?"

    Ma Long's mouth was disfigured because it had twitched too many times that night. Qin Feng was by far the most shameless person he had ever met in his whole life! If it was a silly act to sell the Su family medical corporation for two million yuan since it was worth a billion, then it was far beyond silly to sell the medical corporation owned by the Ma family for two million yuan since it worth at least thirty billion yuan on the market!

    Ma Long shouted in his heart since he did not dare to say it out. After all, Qin Feng was too strong for him to oppose.

    "Hahaha! That was one hell of a move, Big Brother Qin Feng! Even I was almost cheated by you... Hey geezer, give me your bank account now, so I can transfer two million yuan to you now. Then, we'll proceed to sign the contract, and we'll let you off this time."

    Understanding had finally dawned on Su Xia Tian after she heard what Qin Feng had said. She happily clung tightly to Qin Feng's arm as if the one who decided to make a complete break with Qin Feng was not her.

    "Demon! What a pair of demons! Stop dreaming! There is no way I'll sell the Ma family medical corporation much selling it for two million yuan!"

    Ma Long almost had a heart attack. He had no choice now but to put all his hopes on Ma Tao's reinforcements. His anger could only be quenched after Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian were horrendously shredded into thousands of millions of pieces.

    "Now what? So you're not selling it to me? So you're cheating me?" When Qin Feng spoke, he subconsciously raised his right hand, startling Ma Long so much that he fell back to his seat.

    "Don't be so afraid of me, Elder Ma. I'm just fixing my hair as I'll give you another ten seconds to reconsider our trade again. I always become quite bloodthirsty and want to kill someone after I have fixed my hair."

    Fear had totally taken over his mind and his legs could not stop trembling. Qin Feng was too horrible, and he was too mysterious, making you unable to grasp who he truly was. Often times, those who were unfathomable were the most fearsome.

    "Hmph! You filthy rascals! How dare you make trouble at my place! None of you will be able to walk out of the gate tonight!" Ma Tao's voice filled with anger echoed from the gate. It seemed like their reinforcements had arrived.
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