Chapter 473 - A Destined War: Face-Off Between Qin Feng and the Yin Yang Elders!

    Chapter 473 - A Destined War: Face-Off Between Qin Feng and the Yin Yang Elders!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13


    To everybody amazement, a strong gale blew and carried Ma Tao from the gate with great speed. He was a blur before their eyes and arrived in the center of the parlor within the time frame of a beating heart.

    At his two sides stood two men clad in black robes and bamboo hats.

    "Thank goodness you're back at last, Tao Er... Who are they? Are they the two masters you've been mentioning?" Ma Long's eyes were brimming with expectancy when he saw Ma Tao, emotional tears leaked from the corner of his eyes as he had finally secured his petty life.

    "Dad, they are the custodians of the Poison Sect. Both of them are extremely powerful martial artists... They'll make sure this kid will regret causing so much trouble for us!" With two custodians of the Poison Sect at his side, Ma Tao was no longer afraid of Qin Feng. Arrogance instantly took over his mind as he looked at Qin Feng with disdain.

    "Haha! Excellent! Custodians, I'll leave that brat to you two, then. Once you've gotten rid of that brat, we'll host a grand feast for you two."

    Since Ma Tao praised their great strength a lot, Ma Long was confident in the two custodians.

    All of the Ma family members heaved a long sigh of relief. Then, with their eyes full of contempt, all of them looked at Qin Feng as they eagerly expected the bloody, gory scene in which Qin Feng was thrown here and there in the parlor by custodians, utterly and completely unable to fight back.

    "Yo! Long time no see! Why did you veil your face since it's already night time now? Could it be that neither of them has the face to see people because you two have done so many virtueless things?" Qin Feng gave a hearty laugh. He didn't fear either of the two custodians in the slightest.

    The two custodians of the Poison Sect were none other than the Yin Yang Elders that Qin Feng had engaged before. Both of them were Stage 6 inner qi masters. Before, Qin Feng wasn't their opponent. However, he had broken through to Stage 4 inner qi, and he could unleash the full potential of Wind Blade Technique. Hence, their arrival did not make him flinch in the slightest.

    "What? You know these two people as well?" The revelation was simply too stunning that it almost sent Ma Tao to the ground.

    Qin Feng had effortlessly scared away the Four Talents of Sky City, what would happen to them if the Yin Yang Elders was scared away by him as well?

    Ma Tao soon regained his composure. The Four Talents were muggles and never did they once cultivate the martial art, so it was very much expected when Qin Feng scared them away. However, Yin Yang Elders was different. They were the custodians of the notorious Poison Sect, extremely powerful and well-versed in all sorts of poisons and venoms. It wouldn't be possible by any stretch of the imagination that Qin Feng would be able to scare away such great figures! Never!

    "Custodians, that brat, who displayed a haughty manner over there is our target tonight. Let's kill him right here and right now!"

    Yin Yang Elders ignored Ma Tao and glued their gazes at Qin Feng with their malformed faces. They couldn't believe that the victim that they were asked to get rid of was yet again Qin Feng.

    Four months ago, together with Su Qiu Yue's second uncle and third uncle, the Yin Yang Elders instigated a rebellion by drugging Su Hao Nan in order to get the Su family's heirloom, the Hundred Year Blood Lotus, and take over the Su family. They never expected that Qin Feng would get in their way and lay waste to their well-cherished plan.

    During their fight, Qin Feng released Little Pig as his last resort. With his fireball technique, Little Pig turned both of the two men of fire which left them no other options but to release their Poisonous Venom Moths. All of their hard-grown Poisonous Venom Moths had been burned to crisps in an instant, so how could they not resent Qin Feng?

    Four months had passed, and when the Yin Yang Elders got wind that Qin Feng was dead, they then returned to Sky City to complete their unfinished task: steal the Su family's Hundred Year Blood Lotus. It was just before they could put their plan into action that Qin Feng appeared again!

    What a plague god!

    A war would definitely ensue when two opposition parties met. Now, the Yin Yang Elders eyes went bloodshot while glaring at Qin Feng menacingly as if they wanted to shred Qin Feng into a thousand pieces and swallow him.

    "So the supporter the Ma family has been talking about is you two? What a disappointment," Qin Feng smiled a Cheshire smile while exchanging glares with the duo.

    The Yin Yang Elders' anger had robbed them of their ability to speak, so all they could do was stare at Qin Feng. Ma Tao, who wasn't aware of the acrimony between the parties, then spoke, "Hmph, you're really good at blowing your own horn, and I bet nobody would be able to defeat you when it came down to acting pretentious. An ignorant fool like you trying to defeat two custodians of the Poison Sect? Hmph, in your dreams!"

    "How can you be so sure that I can't defeat them? Let me tell you, we've fought twice, and both times they lost!" Black Turtle almost corroded the Yin Yang Elders with her poison bubble during their first confrontation at the mountain resort. During their second confrontation, the Yin Yang Elders were almost burned to crisps by Little Pig. Qin Feng felt their luck was truly bad when he recalled both fights.

    "Hmph! Words alone are not proof. I'll never believe that you could defeat the Yin Yang Elders!" Clear enough, Ma Tao did not believe in Qin Feng's remark as he continued to brag about the Yin Yang Elder's prowess.

    The faces of Yin Yang Elders were completely veiled in darkness. This was because what Qin Feng had said was the truth, and Ma Tao's bragging was like a hand slapping at their faces.

    "You stupid moron! Shut up and step aside!" the Yin Elders had reached their tipping point. He kicked Ma Tao and sent him flying.

    Ma Tao yelled in fear when he was flying, and before he could react, he had landed on a pillar in the parlor and passed out.

    "Qin Feng, you've long become the most wanted person on the Poison Sect's hit list. We gave up searching you because we thought you were dead, but since you've sent yourself to us now, you indeed have saved us plenty of time," Yin Elder knew how great Qin Feng was at talking. This fellow could raise the dead and cause a powerful inner qi master to blow up due to anger with just his mouth.

    Hence, the Yin Elder decided to make his move first. He shoved his palm forward and yelled, "Let's go!"

    Suddenly, a burst of wind blew into the parlor as the Yin Yang Elders turned into two black shadows. Both of them arrived in front of Qin Feng in just a blink of an eye.

    Qin Feng raised his left hand, and two white rays of light flashed through the air while he used his right hand to push Su Xia Tian to a safe spot.

    Shroom! Shroom!

    Two sounds of wind slicing through the air sounded out.

    The Yin Yang Elders intercepted the wind blades with their own body as a cold sneer wiped across their lips, "Hmph! We won't be fool by the same trick twice, you stupid fool! Watch the palm!"

    Both of them knew Qin Feng's Wind Blade Technique could do anything without causing any damage from their previous fight at the Su family's old mansion. Hence, they did not move an inch to evade the attack.


    The sound of wind blades cutting through flesh resounded as the Yin Yang Elders immediately withdrew their attack. They returned to the parlor with a black flip and stared dazedly at the large wounds on their bodies.

    "How? How is that possible?" the Yin Yang Elders screeched. Never did they expect that Qin Feng's Wind Blades Technique would become so powerful to the extent that it could threaten their lives.

    "Why is it not possible? Do you think I really can't defeat you? I just didn't want to kill you last time!" Qin Feng was in his seventh heaven. He always wanted to find out how well his Wind Blade Technique would fare against a martial art master. Now, it seemed to him that with the Wind Blade Technique at his disposal, a Stage 6 inner qi master would no longer be much of a threat to him.


    The Ma family members were taken aback at Qin Feng's strength. They never knew the young lad in front of them could easily injure two custodians from the Poison Sect. They really had meddled with the wrong person this time.

    "Release the Poisonous Venom Moths! Let them bite him to death!"

    Qin Feng's Wind Blade Technique unsettled the Yin Yang Elders. The Wind Blade Technique was too strange. It had no form, no smell, no sound, and you could not see it clearly where it came from.


    The Yin Yang Elders suddenly leaped into the air. Their robes bulged and dozens of rainbow-colored moths came out from their sleeves one after another. The moths were as large as normal chicken eggs, and soon enough, hundreds of moths had flown out from their sleeves and filled the upper air of the parlor.

    After releasing the moths, the Yin Yang Elders pulled out clarinets from their sleeves and started to play a weird, eerie melody. Once the melody was played, the hundreds of Poisonous Venom Moths became agitated and stormed towards Qin Feng. A green slimy liquid, which Qin Feng surmised was poison, could be seen dangling from the corner of their mouths seemingly ready fire at Qin Feng at any moment.

    "Watch out, Big Brother Qin Feng!" yelled Su Xia Tian in worry after she'd gotten goosebumps from the Poisonous Venom Moths that filled the whole upper region of the parlor.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Qin Feng's moved his hand nimbly through the air almost at the same time when Su Xia Tian warned him, shooting white rays of light into the air one right after another which dissipated in the next instant.

    Poof! Poof! Poof!

    The wind blades intercepted the Poisonous Venom Moths in the air and destroyed dozens of moths in their path. Qin Feng released dozens of wind blades in a quick succession, and within a blink of an eye, more than half of the Poisonous Venom Moths were dead and fell to the ground in the parlor. The foul smell permeated the air of the parlor, and the people inside the parlor almost choked to death.

    "How dare you kill my Poisonous Venom Moths!"

    The hundreds of well-fed Poisonous Venom Moths were once again annihilated by Qin Feng with little to no effort. Growing angry, the Yin Yang Elders freaked out, disregarded the irregular wind blades, and shoved their palms toward Qin Feng.

    Shroom! Shroom!

    The wind blades rose again, blinking and dazzling in the gloomy night. The Yin Yang Elders had learned their lesson. The instant they saw the white rays, they quickly surrounded their bodies with a layer of inner qi, and to their delight, they successfully neutralized the Wind Blades Technique.

    "Haha! Indeed, it was a feint! We were too careless... Brat, drop dead now!"

    The Yin Yang Elders exalted when they realized that they could dissolve the Wind Blade Technique if they shielded their body with a layer of inner qi. On the other hand, Qin Feng was stunned. He never thought a thin layer of inner qi was all it took to dissolve his Wind Blade Technique.

    So I still need to run for my life the next time I encounter a Stage 6 inner qi master?


    Seizing his golden opportunity, the Yin Elder arrived in front of Qin Feng when he wasn't paying attention and sent a palm strike at him.

    The azure battle armor appeared with two hooks pointing straight to the heavens. Qin Feng got up from the floor and remained totally unscathed from their attack.

    "What the **? Where did this brat get that armor? When did he put it on?" The Yin Yang Elders were flabbergasted. They found out that Qin Feng always had something up his sleeve when he was in a life-or-death situation.

    Qin Feng wore the Sacred Azure Battle Armor and bounced into the air. With the Spear of Rathalos in his hand, he thrust it towards the duo.

    "Go to hell!"

    The Spear of Rathalos pierced through the air and waves of explosions sounded out. The Yin Yang Elders were not frightened. They clasped their palms together, and to Qin Feng's surprise, they stopped the Spear of Rathalos from moving forward.


    The Yin Elder intercepted the Spear of Rathalos while the Yang Elder followed up with a sneak attack. Yang Elder thrusted his palm at Qin Feng's pecs and sent him flying again.
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