Chapter 474 - Showdown between Three Poison User

    Chapter 474 - Showdown between Three Poison User

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13


    The palm strike of Yang Elder was filled with a tremendous amount of inner qi. He'd sent Qin Feng slamming into the large mahogany door and shattered it.

    Qin Feng slowly rose to his feet. His eyes brimming with astonishment because that attack had revealed Yang Elder's current strength: he had broken into Stage 7 inner qi!

    Everything was made clear to him now.

    No wonder the wind blades did so much less damage to the Yin Yang Elders. They'd become stronger, too!

    "Goddammit! Why is this brat so damn tough to defeat! Doesn't he feel any pain?!" the Yang Elder's gaze darted between his palm and the unscathed Qin Feng, and he began to doubt his own life.

    The astonishment that filled the Yin Elder's eyes soon ceased to be visible. He then jumped into the air with a hop and vanished from his original spot. "I don't believe it! I don't believe you can't die! Watch my palm!"

    The surroundings were pervaded with coldness before the Yin Elder appeared.

    Qin Feng had roughly found out that the attribution of both Yin Elder's and Yang Elder's inner qi after they had exchanged blows with them a couple of times. The inner qi of the Yang Elder was made of pure Yang energy which produced a scalding hot sensation while the Yin Elder's inner qi was made of pure Yin energy which produced a cold energy in your body and froze you inside out.


    Undoubtedly, his attack was successful. It landed on Qin Feng and yet again sent him flying through the air. This attack had laid bare Yin Elder's current strength too. Similar to Yang Elder, he had broken into Stage 7 inner qi as well.

    The Sacred Azure Battle Armor was a blue-grade armor. With it, there wouldn't be any chance that the Yin Elder could harm him. Seeing Qin Feng once again rise to his feet unscathed, the Yin Yang Elders were flabbergasted.


    An explosion suddenly sounded out from Qin Feng as his eyes went bloodshot. He had initiated his Hyper Intuition.

    Once the Hyper Intuition kicked in, Qin Feng's six senses would be heightened tenfold for the following thirty minutes, making everything moving as slow as slow motion in the movies.

    "It's my turn now, you bloody geezers!" As he finished his sentence, two wind blades shot out.

    Shroom! Shroom!

    Qin Feng became a blur, and before the Yin Yang Elders could react, he had arrived behind them.

    Bang! Bang!

    An orange light instantly illuminated the night sky: Qin Feng had equipped his Winter Iron Glove and punched the Yin Yang Elders twice.

    The Yin Yang Elders evaded Qin Feng's Wind Blades Technique, but they could not remove themselves from the course of Qin Feng's Thunder Tiger Fists. The fist energies released by the Thunder Tiger Fists roared like a tiger and made a successful impact with the Yin Yang Elders, sending them flying away.

    Bang! Bang!

    When they were flying through the air, Qin Feng caught up to them, sent yet another two fists at the duo's stomachs and propelled them even higher into the sky.

    "How could that be? How did he suddenly become so fast?"

    "Not only has his speed gotten faster but his responsiveness, agility, and stature have all been boosted. He still has plenty of aces up his sleeve!"

    The Yin Yang Elders' faces were veiled with expressions of disbelief. Flying through the air, they were in a situation in which they could not take a defensive stance or change direction. They were left defenseless, and they could not do anything but watch in grief as Qin Feng followed with a barrage of attacks.

    "It's weird... His inner qi isn't in line with his speed. I guess he's at most at Stage 5; quick, protect your body with your inner qi, so he won't be able to harm us!"

    Very soon, the Yin Yang Elders had thoroughly analyzed Qin Feng's current condition, and they realized that Qin Feng was merely a paper tiger. He appeared threatening but was actually ineffectual.

    Qin Feng had realized the same thing as well. The Yin Yang Elders had broken into Stage 7 inner qi, and in the face of such powerful opponents, he could not leave even a single dent on their body.

    Qin Feng sent the Yin Yang Elders into the air ten meters above the ground within half a minute. However, he did not continue his attack after returning to the ground and allowed the Yin Yang Elder to fall towards the ground at full speed.


    When the Yang Elder almost touched the ground, Qin Feng suddenly performed a Shoryuken and sent the Yang Elder flying again.


    The Yin Elder was given the same treatment as well.

    At this moment, Qin Feng remembered a fighting game he enjoyed playing with Zhao Ling Xian when they were small. Every time the avatar controlled by Zhao Ling Xian was on the verge of defeat, she would cry every single time. As a result, Qin Feng had to stop his own avatar and allow Zhao Ling Xian to kill him. Only then would a smile shine on her face, and she would be happy for the rest of the day.

    There was one avatar in the fighting game that every time he executed the Shoryuken, he would shout ''Aduket!'

    "Aduket, aduket..."

    Qin Feng was having a great time tousling the Yin Yang Elders. He would punch them into the air when they were falling down, again and again without stopping.

    Thanks to the Hyper Intuition, Qin Feng had reached his top speed. Every time the Yin Yang Elders attempted to retaliate or escape, he would neutralize their attack and re-catch them with a punch... The damage done was almost negligible, but the Yin Yang Elders were infuriated at the fact that Qin Feng was toying with them.

    "Shameless weasel, can you stop now?" The Yin Yang Elders shouted as their mouths went crooked.

    "Okay!" Qin Feng did stop, and he changed to kicking them.



    The Yin Yang Elders' faces turned dark as the bottom of a charred pot as they were once again starstruck at Qin Feng's audacity that knew no bounds.

    The Yin Yang Elder grit their teeth and said, "Don't use your leg, too!"

    "Okay, fine," Once again, Qin Feng accepted their suggestion. He did not use his hand or leg, he used his head instead.




    The Yin Yang Elders spat a mouthful of blood. They were not damaged by Qin Feng's attack, but Qin Feng's shamelessness had caused an internal damage to their body!

    "Shameless weasel, put us down... You're just wasting your time and energy. Let's settle our old scores with a showdown once and for all. Whoever loses has to listen to the winner and forever stay away from the Su family!" Qin Feng was too tenacious, and the Yin Yang Elders knew they could not take him down by any physical means. Hence, they were attempting another approach, "Do you have the guts to pick up the challenge?"

    "Proceed. Say your what is on your mind," Qin Feng asked.

    "How about poison? The Yang Elder and I don't have any knowledge about poison, so you've earned yourself some luck, lad," Yin Elder said.

    The Yin Yang Elders were the great elders of Poison Sect, and poison was their specialties. Qin Feng kind of admired the Yin Elder's boldness when he said that the Yang Elder and he did not know how to use poison in dead earnest with no sense of decency.

    "How can you be so shameless given that you're so old? Does your family know about that? Say it. How do you want to compete, then?"

    The Yin Elder was thrilled in his heart seeing that Qin Feng did not reject his proposal. Both he and the Yang Elder were full-fledged poison users. Qin Feng was destined to lose the moment he picked up the battle.

    "It's simple. I'll use a poison of mine on you, and if you remain fine after a minute, you'll earn a point for yourself. Then, you'll use your poison on me, and if I remain unaffected by your poison for the next minute, I'll earn myself a point as well. Whoever succumbs to their opponent's poison first loses, and the loser has to leave the Su family alone!" explained Yin Elder.

    The reason Qin Feng accepted Yin Elder's challenge was that he had obtained the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica and the Five Poison Sting after he'd rescued Lin Qing Yuan with acupuncture and successfully completed the unlimited quest: glorify the Chinese medicine a step forward.

    The Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica had graced him with the ability to identify every single herb and plant on the earth, so Qin Feng surmised that the Five Poison Sting should be something superb as well. It was just that he did not have a chance to use it, and now, it seemed to him that his chance had arrived.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, don't listen to those two freaking geezers. It was them who brainwashed second uncle and third uncle to poison grandpa. They are extremely good at using poison!" Su Xia Tian clutched tightly to Qin Feng as she refused to let Qin Feng compete with the Yin Yang Elders.

    The Yin Yang Elders were greatly incensed. Qin Feng had almost taken the bait, how would they allow a little girl to ruin their well-cherished plan?

    "Qin Feng, do you have the guts to pick up the challenge? Are you still a man? How could you allow a woman to make a decision on your behalf? What a spineless man!" The Yin Yang Elders attempted the harsh way by bashing Qin Feng with critical remarks to goad Qin Feng to take the bait. However, their acting skills were too poor, Qin Feng had to do everything within his power to refrain from laughing.

    "Yin Yang Freaks, can you swear that you really don't know how to use poison?" Qin Feng's facade was an innocent expression as he looked at the Yin Yang Elders.

    The Yin Yang Elders' mouths quivered vigorously when they heard the name "Yin Yang Freaks;" however, they could not help it and said, "Of course. We never tell lies. We really don't know how to use poison!"

    "Okay, I'll believe you this time. Then, let's do this!" The Yin Yang Elders grinned from ear to ear when Qin Feng took the challenge.

    "Okay! Let's start now. We'll use our poison first!" The Yin Yang Elders were thrilled as they began to search for the strongest poison they currently had with them.

    "Sure, we can start now, but I want to go first; otherwise, I won't compete with you guys," Qin Feng said.

    "Fine, then. Yang Elder, you first," Yin Elder ordered Yang Elder.

    "Why me? Why not you?" Yang Elder was not happy with Yin Elder's decision.

    Yin Elder stared at Yang Elder as he whispered to him, "What are you afraid of, Yang Elder? We live side by side with poison since we're young and we're practically immune to all kind of poisons. Besides, that brat doesn't know how to use poison well. Quick, don't be a pussy!"

    Before the Yang Elder came forward, Qin Feng then said again, "I must use my poison on you two. Both of you. At the same time."

    Hearing this, Both Yin Elder and Yang Elder were not happy. They countered, "Why should we listen to you?"

    Qin Feng then spoke in dead earnest, "Because you two have the numerical advantage. Let's say if one of you has succumbed to my poison while the other is not affected, then does it count as my win or my loss?"

    "So you mean we have to use both of our poisons on you at the same time?" Yin Elder shot his own question.

    "Of course," Qin Feng agreed to it readily.

    The Yin Yang Elders looked over to each other and nodded simultaneously. Both of them were masters of poison, and if they used both of their poisons at the same time on Qin Feng, they were sure that Qin Feng would certainly die.

    "Okay, then you go first," Yin Elder said.

    "Stand still. If you dare to attack me when I'm using my poison, I'll let you two experience the taste of flying through the air for a night!"

    The Hyper Intuition was disappearing soon, so he had to use the Five Poison Sting on them quickly.

    Since the Yin Yang Elder had promised to settle their long-held standoff through the competition, they would not ambush Qin Feng. Moreover, they had ambushed him earlier, and the effect was saddening.

    Qin Feng then slowly walked towards the two. The Yin Yang Elders stood with their hands clasped behind their backs.

    Qin Feng flicked his hand and a thick, long dark needle appeared in his hand. He then thrust the needle into the Yin Yang Elders' chests.

    "Done?" The Yin Yang Elders felt as though their chests were stung by a mosquito, and by the time they lifted their heads, Qin Feng was already done.

    "Done!" Qin Feng said with a warm grin at them.

    "Haha! Then, it's our turn now!" The Yin Yang Elders guffawed uproariously as they looked down on Qin Feng. To them, the way Qin Feng used his poison was like child's play.

    "Wait! Didn't we agree earlier that we would give each other a minute? It's still hasn't been a minute yet. Maybe you two will die from poison later," Qin Feng waved his hand and looked gravely at the Yin Yang Elders.
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