Chapter 475 - Rank 6 Hedonist Mortal Quest

    Chapter 475 - Rank 6 Hedonist Mortal Quest

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    The Yin Yang Elders did not take Qin Feng's warning to heart. As a matter of fact, they even rebuked Qin Feng's naivety and artlessness. They were the Yin Yang Elders, the custodians of the notorious Poison Sect, and they'd lived side by side with poison from the moment they were born. There was no way in hell Qin Feng's poison could affect them.

    But, rules were rules; they had to abide by the rules no matter what. Besides, the Yin Yang Elders were in no hurry, so they waited the full minute as prescribed.

    As they waited, they gave Qin Feng a disdain yet haughty look. The chances that they would be poisoned by Qin Feng's poison never existed. In their minds, they were thinking about whether they should apply the "Death of Soul" or "Half-Step Death" on Qin Feng.

    Ten seconds passed, and the Yin Yang Elders still held a grin on their faces.

    Twenty seconds passed, and both of them were still standing.

    However, at the thirtieth second, Yin Elder raised his brows as he murmured, "Something is wrong. My inner qi is disordered!"

    "Me too. I thought I was hallucinating, so I did not care about it," Yang Elder chimed in worriedly.

    "This is bad. We've been poisoned!" Yin Elder suddenly shrieked. Then, he continued, "This is the sovereign class poison of our Poison Sect: the King of Poison! How? How is that possible?!"

    The Yin Yang Elders realized that they had been poisoned, and to their surprise, the poison was none other than the most potent poison of the Poison Sect: the King of Poison. According to hearsay, the King of Poison was made by the ancestor of the Poison Sect, Ouyang Feng, when he first established the Poison Sect. He collected five deadly poisons from around the world, fused them together and formed a new type of poison that was crowned as the deadliest poison that ever existed. Aside from the people of the Poison Sect, no other people could cure the poison.

    As the Poison Sect continued to flourish, they had lost the major parts of the formulation for the King of Poison. The Yin Yang Elders had only studied texts about the poison, but they could not remake it.

    Hence, they were greatly astonished when Qin Feng used the sovereign-level poison.

    "This is bad. The poison has entered our blood vessels. We have to rush back to sect leader and have him dispel the poison; otherwise, we're doomed!" Without waiting for Qin Feng to continue his assault, the Yin Elder played his eyes at the Yang Elder, and both of them quickly jumped into the air and completely vanished amongst the pool of stygian blackness.

    Qin Feng's Hyper Intuition wore off the moment the Yin Yang Elders escaped. He wanted to chase after them and stall them long enough for the poison to do its work and claim their lives; however, everything seemed impossible now since his Hyper Intuition had worn off. He was no longer able to catch up to their speed.

    Everything that had happened tonight could be compared to a Hollywood blockbuster movie. It had its own ups and downs, quirky twists, full of elements of surprise, and the entire cast had become more ostentatious one after another; hence, the Ma family members needed more time to digest what had happened. Initially, they all thought that the Su family could not escape their doom because the Four Talents were on the side of the Ma Family. Then, Qin Feng showed up, chased away the Four Talents effortlessly, and dashed their hopes. After which, their hopes were lit again, and they had regained their haughty manners and slighted Qin Feng following the arrival of the Yin Yang Elders. Their hopes were short-lived, however, when the Yin Yang Elders suddenly said they had been poisoned by some kind of sovereign level poison from the Poison Sect, and they would certainly die if they did not rush back to their sect immediately.

    The Ma family members could not help but wonder if the truth of the matter was that the Yin Yang Elder could not defeat Qin Feng, so they simply found an excuse and escaped? They had no idea, and they had no spare time to think.

    Locking Su Xia Tian in his arms, Qin Feng returned to the parlor and flashed a bright warm smile at the Ma family members.

    However, right now, Qin Feng's smile could only be described as the wicked image of a demon from the Ma family members' perspective. His smile sent a thread of chill and panic tickling its way up their spines, and the goosebumps on their flesh wouldn't settle.

    "Where should we continue, elder?" Qin Feng locked his attention at Ma Long.

    Ma Long almost pissed his pants. He stuttered, "I--I forgot."

    "Forgot? No point in keeping you alive, then."

    As Qin Feng raised his hand, Ma Long quickly yelled, "Wait! I-- I remembered... Young master said you want to purchase the Ma family's medical corporation for two million yuan."

    "Two million? I thought is twenty million. Well, since you've said it, two million it is, then," Qin Feng said so to enraged Ma Long.

    Ma Long's mouth quivered. The feeling of regret for starting trouble with the Su family was overwhelming.

    "Xia Tian, give that geezer your bank account details; then, sign the contract. We have to get back quickly; or else, we'll miss the supper made by Qiu Yue," Qin Feng said casually as if buying and selling a medical corporation that was worth billions was something negligible to him.

    "You have gone too far, brat! You want to purchase the Ma family's medical corporation for only two million? Kill everybody here if you can? I don't believe that you can actually do it!" Ma Tao jumped out from nowhere, huffing and puffing at Qin Feng.

    "Dad, don't fear this brat. What could he do to us if we refuse to sell our medical corporation? Could he really kill all of us?" Ma Tao said as he looked at Ma Long.

    Ma Long's expression changed slightly as he felt that his son's reasoning was good. It was never in the cards that Qin Feng had the nerve to kill all of them.

    A surge of gallantry instantly took over Ma Long's mind. As he opened his mouth to have a verbal showdown with Qin Feng, Qin Feng flicked his hand. A white ray of light flashed through the air and in the next second shattered Ma Long's deathbed struggle. Blood spurted out from Ma Tao's neck, and his head was nowhere in sight.


    Ma Tao's headless corpse collapsed into a pool of blood. The parlor instantly reeked with the stench of sanguine fluid. Everybody was shocked.

    Dead? Is he dead?

    Of course, he is dead. He lost his head: how could he be still alive?

    A dead silence prevailed and reigned over the parlor so that even the sound of a dropping pin could be heard clearly. Su Xia Tian was stunned as well. She stared dazedly at Qin Feng as if today was the first day she had ever met Qin Feng. Never once had she figured that Qin Feng was so powerful that he could kill a person with just a raise of his hand. Such deed could only be achieved by God.

    "Elder Ma, my patience has limits. Hurry up and give me your account number," Qin Feng looked at Ma Long and he looked very serene. He wasn't fluttered in the least by the fact he had killed a person.

    He failed to pull himself together, Ma Long was swamped with the fact that Qin Feng had effortlessly killed his son, a Stage 2 inner qi expert. Earlier on, he had the urge to unleash the power of the whole Ma family on Qin Feng. He forfeited such an idiotic idea, however, after Qin Feng killed Ma Tao.

    "Okay, okay!" Ma Long did not hesitate and gave Qin Feng his account number after he came back to his senses.

    Su Xia Tian pulled out her cell phone and transferred two million over to the account given by Ma Long.

    "I've transferred the money to you, geezer. Hurry up and prepare the contract!" Su Xia Tian yelled.

    Ma Long was too lazy to check his bank account as he ordered his servant to prepare the contract for them. He had lost all his hope since he was now in this plight. He only wanted to secure his own life. He would take the two million and pass the remainder of his life in seclusion. As for the rest of his family, he could only wish them good luck.

    Very soon, the contract was drawn up. Using his past working experience with the Royal Group, Qin Feng quickly glanced through the contract and asked Su Xia Tian to sign it.

    Then, he returned the contract to Ma Long. Ma Long's hand was trembling; his heart ached. As soon as he signed, the value of the Ma family's medical corporation that was worth billions became only two million. He then gazed at Qin Feng with his eyes brimming with expectancy, only to see Qin Feng's cold stare. Since he had no other way to turn the thing around, Ma Long could do nothing but sign.

    "Young Master, please have a look," Ma Long passed the contract with sedulous care. Qin Feng skimmed through the contract again and tossed it to Su Xia Tian.

    The dust had settled since the contract was signed.

    The Ma family's medical corporation of Sky City was now under the Su family. The Su family who had been deadlocked in developing their pharmaceutical industry had now become the most prominent pharmaceutical family in Sky City; meanwhile, the Ma family who used to be the vanguard of the pharmaceutical industry of Sky City had totally collapsed and would fade into history.

    This was the fight between aristocratic families. Beset with a crisis, one would lose the whole game if a careless move was made. Qin Feng knew this rule clearly and deeply.


    "Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for destroying the Ma family of Sky City and purchasing the Ma family's medical corporation! The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 5,000 Hedonist Points and a book of Arcane Martial Art."


    The system beeped in QIn Feng's mind. Qin Feng then looked at his Hedonist Points and realized that he had 11,260 Hedonist Points now.


    "The Hedonist Sovereign system has released a 'development' quest: Host Qin Feng has to become a Rank 6 Hedonist Mortal.

    "Quest time limit: three months.

    "If Host Qin Feng clears the quest, the system will reward Host Qin Feng with 30,000 Hedonist Points, a Sky Divination Spirit Stone, and the 'Time Portal' will be initiated. If the quest is failed, 60,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted, the Elysium of Heroes will be closed and never able to be reopened again.

    "Reminder: Host Qin Feng can automatically become a Rank 6 Hedonist Mortal after spending 100,000 Hedonist Points. Host Qin Feng has spent 61,470 Hedonist Points, and Host Qin Feng still needs to spend another 38,530 Hedonist Points in three months time to complete the quest."


    While Qin Feng was overwhelmed with good vibes after clearing the Ma family's quest, the system released a new quest to him.

    This time, the penalty was harsh. If the Elysium of Heroes was closed, then the system would certainly reclaim Ximen Chui Xue. Ximen Chui Xue was Qin Feng's ace, and he needed him when facing a tough opponent, so how could he allow the system to retract Ximen Chui Xue?

    The 'development' quest did, however, compensate him handsomely. Asides from 30,000 Hedonist Points, he would get a Sky Divination Spirit Stone and the Time Portal. These two rewards sounded superb, and Qin Feng was kind of looking forward to them.

    As Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian exited the Ma family mansion, nobody in the Ma family dared to stop them from leaving. It seemed that they were completely stunned by Qin Feng, and they had accepted their fate. The Ma family was doomed.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, how are you be so powerful? I'm very curious how can you kill people with just a raise of your hand. Can you teach me, please? So that I can kill all those who refuse to play with me!" Su Xia Tian was jumping around Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered, Who has the heart and guts to play with this she-demon? I guess she would annihilate mankind if I teach her the Wind Blade Technique.


    As both of them arrived at the BMW, Qin Feng could not hold it anymore and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Earlier on, Qin Feng had been internally injured by the Yin Yang Elders even with the protection of the Sacred Azure Battle Armor. After all, Yin Yang Elders were Stage 7 inner qi masters.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, what happened?" Su Xia Tian was shocked. She remained frozen on the spot, and her eyes almost bulged out from their sockets.

    "I'm fine. Quick, let's go home now," Qin Feng opened the door weakly and got into it. Finally, the fatigue and injuries he had been forcibly ignoring had caught up to him.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng... Wu, wu, are you alright? Please don't scare me, I don't want you to die; please don't die!" After she finally collected her thoughts, Su Xia Tian quickly got into the car and pulled Qin Feng into her arms. She did not seem to be affected by the fact that her face was smeared with Qin Feng's blood. With her eyes filled with tears, she called out Qin Feng's name worriedly.
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