Chapter 476 - No Wonder You Have No Friends

    Chapter 476 - No Wonder You Have No Friends

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Thanks to the Sacred Azure Battle Armor, Qin Feng only sustained minor injuries. He was only kind of helpless when Su Xia Tian said he was dying.

    "Xia Tian, please stop wagging my arm. I'm fine, and now, I'm really dying!" Qin Feng grumbled.

    Hearing this, Su Xia Tian immediately released him. She still had a worried look as she asked, "Big Brother Qin Feng, please don't scare me. What happened to you? You looked fine just now, why did you suddenly vomit blood?"

    There wasn't anybody who had the nerve to fiddle with Su Xia Tian, given her title as the First She-Demon of Sky City. She had never experienced any sort of injuries before, much less bleeding. Hence, she did not know what to do, and she was scared when Qin Feng vomited blood. On the other hand, Qin Feng's heart melted seeing Su Xia Tian so worried about him.

    "Cough! Cough! Don't worry, I'm fine." Qin Feng coughed and reassured Su Xia Tian that he was fine. Hearing this, Su Xia Tian frowned, and the next thing she did stunned Qin Feng. She pulled him close and locked him in her arms.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, please rest in Xia Tian's arms for a while. When I was small, Elder Sister hugged me to sleep whenever I was ill. And the next day, when I woke up, I had completely recovered!"

    Su Xia Tian and Su Qiu Yue had a harrowing childhood. Their parents had passed away when they were still toddlers who had just begun to walk the earth. To make the matter worse, it had been their second uncle who had planned all this. He was responsible for the death of their parents. In the Su family, only their grandpa cared for them while the rest of their family members treated them as if they were the plagues of God. They found any excuses they could in the world not to pick up the responsibility of taking care of the twins. Living under such awful, heart-rending, and harsh bleakness in childhood, it could be considered the work of God that Su Xia Tian to retain her open and frank disposition and that Su Qiu Yue had grown into an ingenious and calm woman.

    "Cough! Cough!" Qin Feng suddenly coughed. Su Xia Tian was terrified, and she tightened her embrace.

    Qin Feng's head was buried in Su Xia Tian's boobs, and his mouth was glued in her deep, seemingly of unknown depth cleavage. He was helpless. He coughed not because of his injuries, but because he was almost suffocating inside Su Xia Tian's boobs.

    "Xia Tian, I can't breath. If you don't release me now, I'll be dead soon," Qin Feng yelled.

    Hearing this, Su Xia Tian immediately released him. The image of Qin Feng vomiting blood had cast a huge shadow in her heart, and she was extremely frightened now. She quickly undid her blazer and continue to lock Qin Feng in her arms.

    "Is that better, Big Brother Qin Feng? You can breathe now since I removed my blazer."

    Indeed, Qin Feng could breathe much better now. All he could breathe in was the smell of milk. It fiddled with his nostrils and almost sent him to Neverland.

    "I still can't breathe well." Qin Feng said sternly. There was no way in hell he would give up such a great opportunity to get fresh with Su Xia Tian.

    Su Xia Tian grit her teeth and undid all the buttons of her white shirt and pressed Qin Feng into her smooth, almost flawless flesh. She asked, "How about now?"

    For a brief moment, Qin Feng felt like he was in seventh heaven. Su Xia Tian was indeed the easiest target he had ever encountered, such unconcerned and adorkable. He laughed at his good fortune for coming across such a nice woman.

    "I still need a bit more air. Your bra is not breathable."

    Qin Feng hoped against hopes that Su Xia Tian would not smell the rat behind his words. As Su Xia Tian stretched her hands to unclasp her bra, a thought suddenly flashed through her mind and caused her to stop.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, you're such a pervert. Wouldn't I be naked if I undid my bra?" Su Xia Tian looked at Qin Feng with her face flushed. She then added, "The main problem is that I'm on my period now, and my boobs are sensitive. I'll let you have a bite at my boobs once my period has stopped, so until then, Big Brother Qin Feng, be patient."

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered as he was helpless that Su Xia Tian had seen through his intention. However, how could she say such things so blatantly?

    "Aiya... I feel better now. Let's get moving, Xia Tian," Since Su Xia Tian had blown up his disguise and quelled his intent to continue to stick his head in Su Xia Tian's boobs, he straightened up his body, tilted his head forty-five degrees and looked out the window, pretending that everything that happened just now was just an illusion.

    Su Xia Tian quickly dressed. She was unmoved by the thing happened just now since her grandpa had betrothed her to Qin Feng. That was the reason who she acted so openly without any slightest hesitation or scruples in front of Qin Feng. If it was another man, Su Xia Tian would gouge out their eyes if they leered at her even for a moment.

    The car was ignited and darted forward like an arrow released from its bow. It soon arrived in front of the Su family's gate.

    "Where have you two been, Xia Tian? I would have had to go out to search for you two if you two hadn't come back soon," Su Qiu Yue had been waiting for both of them outside the gate. When she saw them, she quickly walked forward to welcome them.

    "Let's get in the room now, Elder Sister. I have a super-duper great news to tell you and grandpa!" Su Xia Tian excitedly pulled Su Qiu Yue and hotfooted into the house.

    Su Qiu Yue was stunned by Su Xia Tian. She dazedly followed Su Xia Tian and said, "Slow down, Xia Tian. You might fall down... How can you behave like a child while you are already a grown-up?" Su Qiu Yue lectured Su Xia Tian along the way which Su Xia Tian ignored. As they arrived at the parlor, Su Xia Tian yelled at the top of her lung, "Grandpa, come out now! Your granddaughter is getting bullied!"

    Before Su Xia Tian's voice died away, Su Hao Nan had ghosted up upon them, "Who the hell has the nerve to bully my precious granddaughter? Where is the man you're talking about, Xia Tian?"

    "Grandpa, elder sister, I have great news for you two. I'm scared that you'll stumble on your feet when you heard the news, so have a seat first," Su Xia Tian hurried her grandpa and her elder sister to have their seats. Su Hao Nan was in complete bewilderment at the sight. Wasn't Xia Tian said she was being mistreated? Why did it seem like it was she who was bullying others?

    "Who bullied you, Xia Tian? Did Qin Feng just stand aside and watch you getting bullied without helping you?" Su Hao Nan asked worriedly.

    "Please let me talk first, grandpa. Today, Big Brother Qin Feng took me to the Ma family--"

    "What?! You two went to the Ma family? Just you two?" Before Su Xia Tian could finish her sentence, Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan jumped from their seats and shouted at her.

    The relationship between the Su family and the Ma family was tense, filled with gunfire that could explode into a bloody mess at any time, any moment, and for any reason. Hence, Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian's action today seemed as though they were looking for death.

    "Aiya! Can't you, damn geezer, just stay quiet? Sit down now!" Su Xia Tian began to sweat all over her head as she hopped between Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan and tickling Qin Feng.

    "What did you call me, Xia Tian? How dare you call me a damn geezer?" Su Hao Nan was incensed. Covering her mouth immediately, Su Xia Tian pooh at the ground, "Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! I'm sorry, grandpa. I was just used to calling the patriarch of the Ma family damn geezer, so I can't change it now. Aiya, can you guys please stay quiet for a moment and kiss... Ah, listen to me?"

    Qin Feng was having a great time looking at the fussy Su Xia Tian. After calming down themselves, Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan then sat quietly by the table to hear what Su Xia Tian was going to disclose.

    "Where was I just now... Oh yeah, we crashed the Ma family. Did you know that Ma family made an alliance with the Four Talents and the Poison Sect to destroy us!"

    "What? Poison Sect? The two freaks who killed Second and Third four months ago? So they've returned? How did you two return here safely? Don't tell me that you sold our medical corporation?" Su Hao Nan jumped.

    Su Xia Tian quickly halted him, "You're so brilliant, grandpa, Big Brother Qin Feng and me has sold the medical corporation for two million!"

    Su Hao Nan almost fainted after he heard what Xia Tian had said. On the other hand, Su Qiu Yue was restless as well. Her face was veiled with astonishment as she could not fathom how Xia Tian and Qin Feng could have sold their medical corporation and for only two million.

    Seeing that Su Xia Tian was digging herself into a deeper hole, he went forward, pulled Su Xia Tian into his arms, and covered her mouth to prevent her from saying anything further.

    "Wu, wu! Big Brother Qin Feng... Wu, wu, wu!" Su Xia Tian kept struggling in Qin Feng's arms which he ignored. He turned to Su Hao Nan and said, "Elder, please forget what Xia Tian has said. What am I going to tell you next is the true story... Yes, we went to the Ma family tonight, and yes, we did realize that the Ma family has colluded with the Four Talents and the Poison Sect. Then, I scared the Four Talents away, chased the great elders of the Poison Sect away, and with two million yuan, purchased the Ma family's medical corporation. So now, the Ma family has been cut out from the game."

    Qin Feng effortlessly and clearly finished the whole thing. After he released Su Xia Tian, Su Xia Tian turned around and showered Qin Feng's pecs with her pinky fist as she grumbled, "You're bad, Qin Feng. How could not allow me to tell them?"

    "How were you going to tell them? Isn't it all the same?"

    "I would have switched our positions if I were to tell the story, hehe. So it would be me, the she-demon, who laid waste to those bastards. He, he, he!"

    Su Xia Tian was embarrassed after she laid bare her thought. Su Hao Nan and Su Qiu Yue were still immersed in Qin Feng's story as both of them bore the same thought.

    Is it true? Is it not actually a dream fantasized by Qin Feng and Xia Tian?

    "Oh yeah, this is the contract signed by that damn geezer. I've signed my name as well, on behalf of the Su family!" Su Xia Tian snappily pulled the contract out from her pocket.

    Su Qiu Yue quickly took the contract. After she meticulously ran through the contract, her eyes were gleaming with amazement as she yelled at Su Hao Nan, "Grandpa, this is a genuine contract, and it has been enter into force... Xia Tian and Qin Feng purchased the Ma family's medical corporation with two million yuan, and now, it is our property!"

    Su Xia Tian could not be believed but Su Qiu Yue could. She was calm, savvy, serious, and down to earth. If she confirmed the truthiness of the story, then Su Hao Nan had to believe them.

    Su Qiu Yue was curious and shot a question at Qin Feng, "Qin Feng, you could not defeat the Yin Yang Elders last time, right? How did you defeat them this time, then?"

    "Aiya! I almost forget. Elder sister, Qin Feng is injured. He vomited a few liters of blood by the time he walked out from the Ma family's ancient mansion, and he dyed my BMW pink!" Su Xia Tian began exaggerating the story again. Qin Feng was helpless.

    "A few liters?" Su Qiu Yue's mouth quivered. A human would die after he vomited a liter of blood, so how could Qin Feng still be fine if he really vomited a few liters of blood? She then asked again, "Xia Tian, didn't your BMW originally come in pink?"

    "Oh yeah! But that's not important. Anyway, Big Brother Qin Feng has actually been injured, and he has vomited a few liters of blood," Suddenly, something crossed Su Xia Tian's mind and she quickly added, "If wasn't for my hugs, and the fact that I let him rest in my... Wu, wu, wu!"

    "Ahem! Ahem! Xia Tian, I'm fine. Really," Qin Feng almost stumbled to his feet. He quickly covered Su Xia Tian's mouth to prevent her from saying anything more.

    With her eyes filled with curiosity, Su Qiu Yue looked at Qin Feng as she felt what her little sister was going to say was very important. She still had many things to ask Qin Feng, but with Su Xia Tian messing around, and the fact that they probably would not be able to settle the thing fast with her around, Su Qiu Yue quickly dropped the thought.

    "Qin Feng, are you injured?" Su Qiu Yue's gaze turned soft as she looked at Qin Feng. Qin Feng replied to her question with a nod of his head.

    "Qiu Yue, quickly prepare a room for Qin Feng to rest in. Then, cook some herbs for him. Xia Tian, go back to your room now and don't disturb your Big Brother Qin Feng," Elder Su had given his orders, so although she was reluctant, Su Xia Tian could not do anything and went away crestfallen.

    Qin Feng and the other two sighed a long relief after Su Xia Tian had gone away. They could finally understand why Su Xia Tian had no friends.
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