Chapter 477 - Student Parade

    Chapter 477 - Student Parade

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Su Qiu Yue dragged Qin Feng to her room while Elder Su and Su Xia Tian went to their respective rooms to rest for the night.

    As they entered her room, Su Qiu Yue lay Qin Feng on her bed and began to help him take off his shoes and shirt, "Are you badly hurt, Qin Feng? Did you really fend off the Yin Yang Elders?"

    Su Qiu Yue's warm and gentle attitude teased Qin Feng's heart. He could deeply feel her care for him. He gave in to his desire and pulled Su Qiu Yue onto the bed and locked her tightly in his embrace.

    "Qin Feng, I dare you not to do anything to me," Qin Feng's movement alarmed her, reminding her of the heated moment they had early that morning.

    However, Qin Feng just locked her tightly in his arms without doing anything. He then said, "Qiu Yue, the Ma family is no longer a threat to us now. We should make use of their medical corporation not only to find our feet but to gain a firm foothold in the pharmaceutical industry."

    Su Qiu Yue never thought Qin Feng wanted to talk about the future of the Su family's medical corporation. She thought the lecher want to do something bad to her again.

    "We're amateurs in the pharmaceutical industry. However, with the Ma family's medical corporation in our hands, we basically have the green light for us to venture into the pharmaceutical industry. First, we can combine both corporations and establish two factories: the Su family-owned factory and the Ma family-owned factory. Then, the Su family-owned factory will be in charge of developing and researching the original formula. Once the final product is complete, we'll have the Ma family's owned factory do mass production and marketing." Su Qiu Yue was insightful. She pointed out all the critical points in a few sentences.

    Qin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. He thought how easy his life would be if all of his women were as capable and beautiful as Su Qiu Yue. The reason why Qin Feng was so concerned about the development of the Su family's medical corporation was that he wanted to clear the quest regarding the Liang family in Jindu.

    According to the system, Qin Feng had to destroy the Liang family of Jindu. As luck would have it, the Liang family happened to be an aristocratic family rooted and raised in the pharmaceutical industry. If he could defeat the Liang family's medical corporation, it basically meant that he had destroyed them.

    The Liang family was an aristocratic family in Jindu, a large familial at a scale which no small familial clan similar to the Ma family could compare with. Hence, Qin Feng deeply believed that the same trick would not work as effectively as it had against the Ma family if his target was the Liang family. The notion of storming straight into the Liang family's territory and facing his own demise wasn't something he welcomed. Well, at least not at the moment.

    "Well-planned! Just follow your plan. I have ameliorated the formula for the Golden Sore Medicine and the whitening powder, just follow my formula. After the final product is ready, make both of the products popular. I want them to be the top-selling products on the racks of every shop across the nation. Can you do it?" Qin Feng asked Su Qiu Yue seriously.

    Su Qiu Yue was spellbound by Qin Feng's charisma. She nodded her head bashfully, "I'll do my best."

    "Thank you for your hard work, Qii Yue!" Qin Feng squeezed Su Qiu Yue tightly in his arms and began to fervently kiss her neck.

    Su Qiu Yue's body was balmy, and her skin was soft as if it could turn into water.

    Su Qiu Yue went weak and a heady, strange sensation that she had become pretty familiar with since this morning began to run wildly across her body from her head to her toes.

    As Qin Feng groped at her large boobs, Su Qiu Yue moaned faintly, "Stop!"

    Even though Qin Feng was reluctant to release her, but he had to do it anyway.

    "Go back to your room and rest," Su Qiu Yue lowered her head and said.

    "I'm returning to my room now, Qiu Yue. I'm leaving tomorrow for Acropolis City. I still have a lot of things to tend to there," Qin Feng could not fathom Su Qiu Yue's feeling towards him.

    Qin Feng was kind of shocked when Su Qiu Yue voluntarily offered herself to him. He thought he had won her heart; however, when he wanted her today, she rejected him.

    "I'll send some Chinese medicine to help you recover your blood qi later," Su Qiu Yue had calmed herself very soon after she got out of Qin Feng's arms.

    Actually, she had accepted Qin Feng as her man, but she was not happy that Qin Feng used a nasty trick just to get her body. Hence, she wanted to punish him.

    Qin Feng returned to his room, took a bath, and watched TV from his bed when Su Qiu Yue came into his room with a pot in her hand. It was clear enough that Su Qiu Yue had just taken her bath. Her body was shrouded in a white bathrobe with both her mellow shoulders and long legs exposed to the air. They were so white that they shined brilliantly in Qin Feng's eyes.

    "Please have it while it's hot. Find me in my room if you have anything to talk to me about. I'm leaving now," Su Qiu Yue retreated from his room after she delivered the pot of medicine.

    Extending his arm, Qin Feng halted her by pulling her soft and delicate arm. He looked at her lecherously and said, "Qiu Yue, why don't you stay with me tonight? It'll be easier for me to find you as well."

    Qin Feng was stripped to the waist, and his muscular upper torso was bare to Su Qiu Yue's eyes. Her face flushed red as she exclaimed inwardly.

    Damn! He is so hot!

    "I think I'll pass. I don't want to stay overnight in your room because I have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. Please rest soon after you have your medicine... Stop all your fantasizing," Su Qiu Yue remembered at the very last minute that she had to punish Qin Feng a bit by ignoring him.

    "Okay, then!" Qin Feng released Su Qiu Yue and smiled at her with two Blood Qi Pills in his palm, "Qiu Yue, these two Blood Qi pills are for you. Even though the Blood Qi Pill are of no use to you since you've broken into Stage 4 inner qi, they can still improve your inner qi and will definitely speed up your cultivation. I still have a lot here, so these two are for you."

    Qin Feng was a master of seducing. He gifted the Blood Qi Pills to Su Qiu Yue with hidden intentions. He thought Su Qiu Yue would have been so touched that she would beg him to keep her for a night. However, the reality struck him hard like a truck.

    "Shameless!" While Qin Feng was fantasizing about multiple postures that he wanted to try with Su Qiu Yue in her mind, Su Qiu Yue gave him a cold stare. She huffed, turned her body and left.

    "Aiyo hey, why are the beautiful lately are so capricious. She did not even want my Blood Qi Pill." Qin Feng still did not know Hua Yan had mixed Angel Grass in the formula of Blood Qi Pill; otherwise, he would be able to understand Su Qiu Yue's unpredictable mind.

    Su Qiu Yue left without turning back. Since his wish to do something bad with Su Qiu Yue was shattered, Qin Feng then went ahead to sleep. Then, an adorable little head suddenly snuck into his room through the door.

    "Big Brother Qin Feng, Elder Sister and grandpa are not at here right?" Su Xia Tian grinned at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng eye's glowed because Su Xia Tian came to his room in her sling nightgown, and from the rondure of her boobs, Qin Feng knew she was not wearing a bra.

    "Yea, they are not here. Come in," Qin Feng smiled.

    Hearing this, Su Xia Tian quickly dashed into his room and rammed onto his bed. She clung to his arms and asked earnestly, "Big Brother Qin Feng, how are your injuries? Do you feel any better now?"

    "Yea, I felt better now."

    "Ah? You've recovered? I planned to sleep with you tonight so that you'll feel better tomorrow. Then, there is nothing for me to do now. I'll return to my room first... " Su Xia Tian began to crawl out of Qin Feng's bed as she spoke.

    Qin Feng quickly covered his stomach with his hand and yelped in pain, "Ah! My stomach hurts again."

    Su Xia Tian stopped and returned to Qin Feng, pulled open the coverlet, snuggled into it, and hugged Qin Feng tightly in her arms, "Then I'll hug you to sleep tonight, but I warn you not to do anything tonight. My period still isn't over yet."

    "Okay. Remember not to tell elder. He doesn't want you to bother me," Qin Feng reluctantly settled for it.

    "Don't worry, I won't tell grandpa, even Elder Sister," Su Xia Tian smiled gleefully.


    At Jindu University, a revolution was in the air.

    On the third day since Qin Feng was fired from the university, the strike of students from the medical college had reached its climax.

    Two hundred students of the medical college boycotted their classes. They had made a declaration: they refused to return or resume their classes as long as Qin Feng did not return to the university.

    Inside the campus, the sight of two hundred striking students was impressive. The people at the front held the banner while the people at the back held flags and yelled as they marched toward the chancellor's department.

    "Bring back Professor Qin Feng!"

    "The students from the medical college would not return to class unless the university authorities give us a reasonable reason for firing the handsome, knowledgeable, promising Professor Qin Feng!"

    "We want Gao Hai to step down! He has abused his power and framed our Professor Qin Feng! He's not fit to be the vice-chancellor of medical college!"


    Countless propaganda and voices echoed in the campus. The sound of two hundred students was extremely loud and followed them wherever they went.

    "Why are you still here, Liu Jie? Have you forgotten that your father has brought a group of your brothers and sisters to catch you yesterday? Why haven't you learned your lesson and stepped out of this?"

    Amongst the parade, somebody pushed Liu Jie, trying to get him away.

    These students had given the university authorities a huge headache. In order to put an end to their strike, the university authorities contacted the students' parents, and some of the students had left with their parents.

    But how could Liu Jie remove himself from the team? His big brother might have beaten him to death if he ever found out.

    "How about you, Ma Chao? Your situation is not as good as me either. Your dad brought his gun to school yesterday to hunt you! All of the students did not dare to come out as they were afraid they might get caught in the crossfire! Do you know you how much of a scene you have caused on the university forum and that your popularity has almost grown to the level of Big Brother's?"

    Liu Jie replied to Ma Chao with a fierce glare. Both of them exchanged glances and suddenly laughed.

    An invisible tacit agreement had begun to take shape amongst the two hundred students.

    All of them had persuaded their other friends from other colleges to listen to their parents and stay in the house while they defended their team spirit to the death and vowed to force the university to get Qin Feng back.

    "Please, I'm the most pitiful here. My dad has cut off all relationship with me. I have no house to return now, and I have to sleep with my friend at his house," another student groaned.

    Liu Jie and Ma Chao were touched. Both of them yelled at the same time, "Xiao Bai, come to my house. I'll give you my bed!"

    Xiao Bai hesitated, and he said, "No, I can't ... My friend has a lot of love movies in his house. I cut off my relationship with my dad because of this thing!"

    As Xiao Bei finished speaking, a pained scream wafted from within the parade. Liu Jie and Ma Chao felt better after they treated Xiao Bai to a feast of punches.

    All of them played along while continuing to march forward. Quite a number of students from other colleges looked at them. When they saw the students from the medical college were so united, their faces were filled with admiration.

    Yan Wu Shuang was not on the team. Perhaps the Dragon Door had assigned a new task for her. Hua Yan and Qiao Shi Shi were standing at the most front of the parade, leading their friends to march forward. What was the most surprising was that the leader of the parade was none other than Director Chang Xin. It was her who called this parade, and because of her participation, the students of the medical college would press forward with such resolution.
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