Chapter 478 - Strife Within The Feng Group

    Chapter 478 - Strife Within The Feng Group

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    Chang Xin felt guilty about Qin Feng; hence, she called the students to stand up against the university authorities for firing Qin Feng.

    It was because of her that Qin Feng was dismissed. During their last visit to Marios Bar, Qin Feng had rescued her from the crutches of Gao Hai. He'd beaten him which caused Gao Hai to go into a frenzy and exercise all his power and authority over the medical college to sack Qin Feng off.

    There were times Chang Xin that went to persuade Gao Hai to retract his order, but her attempts were futile; they were fruitless because Gao Hai was very firm on his decision. Either Chang Xin offered her body to him and served him for a night, or he would not talk the matter over.

    Chang Xin was helpless. She was pushed to the edge as she had run out of ideas to help Qin Feng, so she gathered up all the students of the medical college and revolted against the university authorities.

    "Big Sister Xin Xin, do you know what that Qin Feng has been up to? I don't believe that the reason he doesn't show up is that he has lost face," Hua Yan stood near Chang Xin and whispered to her.

    "Yea, I think so too. He was thick-skinned enough to cope with this small matter," although Chang Xin said it like that, she could not convince herself.

    It had been three days since the last time Chang Xin and Hua Yan saw Qin Feng. This was because Qin Feng did not inform anybody about his trip to Acropolis City. He shut down his cell phone and even had his sim card changed. Falling into the habit of waiting for Qin Feng on the couch every night, Chang Xin and Hua Yan were disappointed when Qin Feng did not return to their home for three consecutive nights.

    "Where is he now?" Hua Yan mumbled, "Could it be that he has gone into seclusion after asking me to make him the Blood Qi Pills? But he is already a Stage 4 inner qi expert, the Blood Qi Pills won't have much effect on him."

    "I must get the university to get him back no matter what. Even if he is such a wretchedly prurient narcissist, you can't deny the fact that he is a good lecturer," Chang Xin's face was filled with determination as she continued to lead the student's march forward.


    Location: China, Yun Province, Acropolis City

    Qin Feng had no idea what Chang Xin, Hua Yan, and the students of the medical college were doing for him. He was now standing in the heart of Acropolis City watching the stream of passing people that seemed to have no end; his heart was swamped with countless emotions.

    He had finally returned.

    He had left his home for almost four months prior, but it felt like those memories were from over a million years ago in a time that he'd long forgotten. No words that have been born since ancient times until now could perfectly describe his current feelings after he stepped on the land that had nurtured him, raised him, and made him into Qin Feng.

    "How are you, Acropolis City?

    "Ling Xian, Bei Bei, Liu Wen Jing, Liu Xiao Jia, Bai Qing, Li Yu Chen... How had you all been?"

    Qin Feng was excited. He wished he could return to his women now and see how they were doing; however, he had prepared a well-laid plan. First, he had to go to the First Hospital and save Lin Bei Bei from her coma and then rush to the Sima family to put an end to their everlasting grudges.

    Standing on the side of the avenue, Qin Feng flagged down a cab and went to his first destination: the First Hospital.

    The cab driver was very chatty and enthusiastic. He seemed to have an endless list of topics in his mind that he could play at any moment to keep talking with his customers.

    "Mate, you're not from here, right? Is someone close to you in the hospital?"

    "My woman is in the hospital now," Qin Feng replied.

    "Wow! So you're going to be a father soon? You look young though; anyway, congratulations, mate!" the cab driver smoked while he was driving. He exposed his yellow teeth whenever he laughed.

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered. He quickly changed to another topic, "Acropolis City seems different from what four months ago. Many shops have closed down and some of them have changed their names!"

    "Heh, you don't say. The situation in Acropolis City these three months has been pretty stormy. Everything, almost everything, here has undergone a huge change. It's a long story, and it's even more interesting than those Wuxia novels. The difference is that it's real!" the cab driver was excited.

    "The four largest familial clans of Acropolis City used to be the Qin family, the Sima family, the Hao family, and the Zhou family. They had been living in peace without encroaching on the precincts of one another. However, three months ago, it seemed that their negotiations on deciding their territories got ugly, and all of them waged war against one another. It was a huge fight; the Hao family, the Zhou family, and the Qin family fell one after another leaving only the Sima family which is regressing day by day. They are now not even considered a third-tier familial clan... Of course, I've caught wind as well that they went into a fight not because of property right but because of the young masters. They had been competing about which of their families were richer, and they got into a fight. When they could not come to a conclusion, the whole event developed into a tangled war between the four large familial clans."

    The cab driver was very excited, and he could not stop, "Hey mate, let me tell you something. Please don't spread the news to other people. Actually, somebody slipped me the inside dope. The four large familial clans waged war against each other not because of the problem of territory, or the competition between four young masters, but because the person who caused all of this was the first hedonistic young master of Acropolis City, Qin Feng. He hooked up with the other three young masters' women, and what's more, he even slept with their women. The phrase goes that men are like the siblings, while women are like shirts. When you wear another man's shirt, what is he going to wear, then? It's so embarrassing, right? After the other three young masters discovered what Qin Feng had done, they were on fire. They combined their families' power and unleashed a full assault on the Qin family, completely wiping them out of the game. That Qin Feng, ai... he's a pest. I've caught the wind that he had slept with every beautiful woman in the Acropolis City. Thank god that my daughter is ugly; otherwise, she might have fallen into his sex-driven claws too!"

    The cab driver continued to blabber on and on without stopping. Qin Feng's face darkened.

    "Pull over now!"

    The cab driver was stunned, "Ah? Pull over now, mate? But we haven't arrived at the First Hospital yet."

    "Stop now, or I'll beat you!" Qin Feng originally thought this cab driver was an enthusiastic and good person, and he had a pretty good impression of him. However, it was gone now.


    The cab driver abruptly came to a halt, and Qin Feng just got out of the car.

    "Hey, you still haven't paid me yet, mate," the cab driver yelled.

    "You should thank the God that I haven't hit you," Qin Feng said as he stared at the driver cab. He then became a blur and vanished among the sea of people.

    Initially, Qin Feng wanted to go to the First Hospital, but listening to the cab driver's plain moonshine had driven him crazy. He was certain that the cab driver would be dead if he did not get out of the car. Qin Feng was familiar with the alleys and roads of Acropolis City. He was now not far from the First Hospital, and he could get there walking.

    "Fei Tian Bar?" Qin Feng stopped, raised his head, and looked at the majestic bar. His mouth curled into a grin, and he entered the bar.

    Fei Tian Bar had been the base for the Feng Group Qin Feng established. Before he left, he'd ordered Long Hair, Wild Wolf, and Baldie to assist Liu Wen Jing in managing the Feng Group. When Qin Feng was in Jindu, he received a notification from the system that the quest 'assist Liu Wen Jing in unifying the power of Acropolis City's underworld' had been cleared. This meant that the Feng Group had become the largest group in Acropolis City, and since he was here, of course, he had to visit his former compatriots and Liu Wen Jing.

    In the office in the deepest part of Fei Tian Bar, stood Liu Wen Jing, Long Hair, and his two brothers.

    The office was one hundred square meters wide. Inside, there was nothing notable aside from a book rack, a couch, and a working desk. It was a spacious office, but now, it was crowded full of people.

    Roughly fifty people stood behind Wild Wolf and Baldie facing Liu Wen Jing, Long Hair and four of their minions.

    "Wild Wolf, Baldie, what are you guys up to? Are you planning a rebellion in Big Brother Feng's absence?" Long Hair had sustained an injury: a large laceration caused by a machete across his arm. Blood was spurting out of it, and his face was grotesque with pain and anger. Regardless of his dire situation, he protected Liu Wen Jing's back and confronted Wild Wolf and Baldie head-on while yelling at them.

    Baldie and Wild Wolf laughed. They measured Liu Wen Jing with a meaningful expression. Liu Wen Jing was wearing a white sports suit and a fresh young vigor erupted from her. Her body was in tip-top condition, and her legs were long and white.

    "Long Hair, I'm giving you this last chance since we've braved through countless dangers together. Leave now, or join us in the Guang Lang Group. Otherwise, we'll no longer be brothers!"

    Guang Lang Group: it was obvious from the name that the group had been formed by Baldie and Wild Wolf. The Guang Lang Group now had four hundred plus members, and all of them had come from the Feng Group. Three months ago, before the fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Qin Feng had ordered Long Hair and his two brothers to destroy the Wyvern Group and the Wild Wolf Group to raise the Feng Group to be the top group in Acropolis City. They never expected that Qin Feng would not return from that fight. Both of them thought Qin Feng was dead hence the revolt.

    "Heartless bastards. There is only one word to explain our life as underworld dwellers: loyalty. If it wasn't for Big Brother Qin Feng, we might be still living in a hell of our lives jail. How could we possibly have the chance to enjoy the auspicious life we have now? Put down your weapon, and surrender now," Long Hair had pledged his full loyal to Qin Feng, and he was disappointed at Baldie and Wild Wolf's betrayal.

    "Hahaha! Qin Feng? He's dead!" Baldie and Wild Wolf burst into a great gale of laughter, "The Qin family has fallen. Either he is dead, or he has to run for the rest of his life. Do you think he still can come back to Acropolis City? Don't be so naive, Long Hair. Not only do I want to take over his Feng Group, I want his woman too! Liu Wen Jing, come to my side now. I'll serve you well every night. Better than Qin Feng! Hahaha!"

    "Pui! Shut up!" Liu Wen Jing's face blanched in from her anger. Long Hair felt he did not need to say anything further. He grabbed his machete and swung it at Baldie's shiny head.

    "Fuck you! How dare you want to kill me! Starting from now on, you are not brother anymore!"

    Growing angry, he gestured with his hand, and the fifty or so minions behind him ran forward. Long Hair had a strong build; his attacks were pretty effective, and he killed three people with just a swipe of his machete. However, they had the numerical advantage, and before Long Hair could continue with his attack, his back was hit by two minions with metal pipes.


    His bone cracked, and he yelled, "Sister-in-law, run! Run now!"

    Liu Wen Jing was stunned. She never imagined that the Feng Group would become like this under her guidance. The last memory she had with Qin Feng was when Liu Xiao Jie brought Qin Feng back to their house to introduce Qin Feng to her. The situation had been awkward, but it was also thanks to that reunion that they could solve their conflict.

    Both of them walked through the greenery outside the villa. Their surroundings had been filled with the smell of nature, and the breeze had been comfortable. Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing lightly in his arms and gifted her his Lamborghini Murcielago. Liu Wen Jing reciprocated by kissing him.

    Before they parted, the last words Qin Feng said to her were, "I'll leave the Feng Group in your hands. Please help me to take care of it."
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