Chapter 479 - The Hell of Death

    Chapter 479 - The Hell of Death

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "I'll leave the Feng Group in your hands. Help me take care of it."

    Four months had passed, and Qin Feng's words were still in her ears as if he was beside her.

    Liu Wen Jing had promised Qin Feng.

    I can't allow the Feng Group to perish!

    She knew the situation now was very dire, but she had no way to escape.

    "You bunch of bastards. Get the ** out of here now, or I'll kill you all!"

    Holding a machete in her hand, Liu Wen Jing threw herself into the skirmish. The adrenaline rush had sparked her memories of the night Qin Feng fought alongside with her and the Wen Group in the garden behind the pedestrian street. Qin Feng was a great asset, and with Liu Wen Jing's bravery that knew no bound, they confronted and destroyed hundreds of members of the Wild Wolf Group.


    Liu Wen Jing's attack was too sudden, and before her target could react, he was already cut down. Then, she raised the machete again and brandished it at Baldie's head.


    The falling machete was blocked by a metal pipe wielded by Baldie whose expression was distorted into a villainous expression. He shoved the metal pipe at Liu Wen Jing's stomach granting her a one-way ticket to the floor. Liu Wen Jing was a woman, and it was tough for a woman to defend against a fully charged attack from a grown man. She cringed and writhed about on the floor in agony.

    "Sister-in-law... Run now! Run for your life!" Similar to Liu Wen Jing, Long Hair was pinned to the ground as well. When he saw Liu Wen Jing was getting beat down, he struggled with all his might to free himself but to no avail. His opponent had the numerical advantage, and one kick from every one of the group of ten people was all it took to keep him down on the floor.

    "Baldie, Wild Wolf... Please, I beg you for the old time's sake, spare sister-in-law. You guys cannot lay your hands on her. By doing that, how is there any difference between you and a beast?"

    Laying in a pool of blood, Long Hair had no more energy to continue fighting and could only beseech Baldie and Wild Wolf bitterly. Liu Wen Jing arched her body and lay on the ground while the four minions that were standing behind threw away their weapons, seemingly surrendering to the Guang Lang Group. This battle was destined to end before it even started.

    "Haha! Those who resist against the Guang Lang Group are digging their own graves," Baldie laughed, "Tsk, tsk. What a fine woman; you're just like one of the Seven Fairies. I have always wanted to take you to bed every night when Qin Feng was here. And now, God finally heard my plea and granted my wish. All you need to do is just enjoy the whole process, sister-in-law. Hahaha!"

    After he was done talking, Baldie threw himself at Liu Wen Jing. Baldie was thrilled in his heart when he thought that he was about to sleep with Qin Feng's woman as the proverb read, feast on dumplings during the festival and play with your sister-in-law.

    "Get away! Don't touch me!" Liu Wen Jing screamed as her last resort.

    How was there any possibility that Baldie would listen to her? As his filthy claws were going to land on Liu Wen Jing's shoulder, a streak of white light flashed through the air, and his arm flew away into the center of the crowd before he could regain his senses.

    The assault of wind blades was fast. It was so fast that even after his palm had been severed from the rest of his body, he still could not feel the pain, and his blood would not flow.

    "Holy moly. A hand? Whose hand is this?" The severed palm with the fingers still twitching raised a hubbub among the crowd.

    Baldie was shocked. He stared in disbelief at his severed arm, "Hey? Where is my hand? How come my hand is gone?"


    Blood began to spurt out from where his arm was severed.

    A wisp of pain spread from his wrist, coursing through every end of his nerves in his body until it reached the top of his head. It was unbearable. There was nothing Baldie could do to ease the pain aside from covering his severed arm and rolling back and forth on the floor.

    "Argh! Hurts... It hurts! Where is my hand?!"

    "Baldie, what happened? Who? Who did that?"

    Wild Wolf was stunned, and the fifty plus minions of the Guang Lang Group were stunned. Nobody knew what happened and how Baldie's hand was gone in just a mere second.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    An eerily silence hung in the area. Then, an ominous wind blew past. All they could see were streaks of white light as bright as the lightning but filled with the cold aura of death.


    The wind blades had made contact with their victim and people screamed.

    Pfft! Pfft!

    The room was filled with the sound of blades slashing through human flesh and howling.

    Somebody had their face slashed; somebody had their nose cut off, and somebody had lost their ears. These were the less severe cases. There were people who had their limbs chopped off while some even lost their heads.

    It was hell. The people of the Guang Lang Group who were very confident had fallen into the uttermost depth of hell. Their blood was scattered in all directions, and the wind blades shredded the group of people into a disorderly pile of limbs and dead bodies. There were only dreary cries and screams in the room, yet nobody knew what was going on.

    Liu Wen Jing and Long Hair were flabbergasted. They arched their bodies to take a defensive stance on the floor to reduce the area of contact for the white rays of light since losing an arm or a leg was the last thing they wanted. After they observed for a few minutes, they realized that the white rays of light seemed to have eyes as they only target the people of Wild Wolf Gang. A few traitors beside them had been shredded to pieces while Liu Wen Jing and Long Hair still remained unscathed.

    The whistle of the wind that was more horrible than the laugh of a demon finally came to an end. The white rays of light disintegrated, and dead silence hung in the room. Stagnation surrounded the remaining survivors as they refused to utter a syllable even if they were pained to death. They had never been so frightened since they were born.

    "Baldie, Wild Wolf, how dare you two try to overthrow me!" A chilly voice echoed and stunned the remaining people to their cores.

    Baldie and Wild Wolf were slightly stunned before a shocking expression crawled over their faces. The voice was somebody they were very familiar with.

    It was the voice of Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng? Has he returned?!

    "Qin Feng? Is that you?" Liu Wen Jing yelled enthusiastically. She crawled up from the floor and craned her neck looking over to the door. In the doorway, stood a strong man in a fine suit. He was Qin Feng.

    With a light hop on his feet, Qin Feng closed the gap between Liu Wen Jing and him in a second and arrived at her side. Liu Wen Jing was shocked by how strong Qin Feng had become.

    Has he transcended into a deity?

    "Jing Jing, are you alright?" Qin Feng pulled Liu Wen Jing into his arms and transmitted his inner qi into her body easing Liu Wen Jing 's pain.

    "Qin Feng, it's really you! You have returned!" Liu Wen Jing had just undergone the trial of death, and when she thought she would never be to see Qin Feng again, he appeared. The only thing she could do now was hug Qin Feng tightly as no words could describe her current feelings.

    "Where have you been, Qin Feng? I've been so worried about you!"

    Qin Feng's heart wrenched. He caressed Liu Wen Jing's silky hair to comfort her. He did not dare to think of the consequence if he had been late even a minute as the consequence was too ghastly to contemplate.

    "I'm fine, don't worry. Go outside first, I have to settle something here first."

    Qin Feng then hugged Liu Wen Jing in his arms and retreated to the office. The office reeked of the smell of blood, and Qin Feng feared that it would nauseate Liu Wen Jing.

    "Be careful, Qin Feng," Liu Wen Jing clawed at Qin Feng's arm. She was unwilling to tear herself away from Qin Feng since she had just reunited with him.

    "Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm just going to help you take some revenge... They were digging their own graves for laying their filthy claws on my woman!" Qin Feng was dominating. Even though Liu Wen Jing had not given him an answer yet, she did not refute when Qin Feng hugged her and called her his woman.

    Instead, her heart was warmed, "Okay. I'll be waiting for you here... Oh yeah. Please spare Long Hair and don't kill him. He's on our side."

    "Okay," Qin Feng left Liu Wen Jing to rest at the bar and returned to the office.

    Sanguinary: that was the only word to describe the current situation inside the room. It reeked of the stench of blood. The people of the Guang Lang Group still had not returned to their senses. None of them had forecasted that Qin Feng would survive that battle much less expect he would become stronger than last time.

    "Long Hair, come over here," Qin Feng ordered after he glanced at Long Hair who was laying in his own blood.

    Qin Feng's call had snapped Long Hair out of his confusion. He dragged his body up and went to Qin Feng's side.

    "Welcome back, Young Master Qin. It must have been tough days for you," Long Hair said respectfully.

    Qin Feng was satisfied with Long Hair. Qin Feng had regarded Long Hair as his own brother after Long Hair had stepped forward to bear the guilt of killing Zhou Kai last time.

    Qin Feng waved his hand, and a blood red pill appeared in his palm. He extended it to Long Hair and said, "Go out now. Protect your sister-in-law at all cost and take this."

    Long Hair was an ordinary person, so he did not know what it was or how much the thing was worth. He gladly accepted the gift from Qin Feng and retreated from the room.

    There were only Qin Feng and fifty or so people from the Guang Lang Group in the room.

    Qin Feng was relaxed unlike the people of the Guang Lang Group. They were scared; fear had overtaken them, and they quivered.

    "Feast on dumplings during the festival and play with your sister-in-law... This is one of my favorite lines. However, to play with your sister-in-law, first, you must be strong, or else, you will be dead before touching your sister-in-law," Qin Feng scoffed.

    "Young Master Qin, it's my fault. Please spare..." Baldie kowtowed for mercy. It was just before he could finish his sentence that a white ray of light flashed.


    Baldie's head flew into the sky and blood splattered all around.


    It was too terrifying. The people in of the Guang Lang and Wild Wolf Group screamed. With their fifty or so people and more than a hundred pair of eyes, none of them could fathom what Qin Feng had done. All of them thought Qin Feng was not human anymore, he was a demon who returned from the Netherworld to seek his revenge.

    "Guang Lang Group? A combination of Baldie and Wild Wolf? What a lousy name. I don't like it."

    Qin Feng raised his hand and sent a streak of white light towards Wild Wolf bifurcating him.


    It was too gory. Some of them vomited. The mixture of the stench of blood and vomit was disgusting. The situation in the room was even more gruesome than hell.

    "Please spare us, Young Master Qin... We've been blinded and brainwashed by Baldie and Wild Wolf. We swear we won't do this anymore!"

    "Please spare us, Young Master Qin!"

    The remaining minions began to beg Qin Feng for mercy. They regretted everything, and if they were given a chance to go back to the drawing board, they would surely not betray Qin Feng. He was baleful and even more ruthless than a demon.

    Qin Feng's gaze swept across the people and sighed, "You guys should know the rules well: you have to bear the unbearable if you live your life as an underworld dweller. It's essential to make the right choices... Get lost now. Don't let me see you all in Acropolis City ever again."

    Human life was not something he would consider since Qin Feng had transcended to Stage 4 inner qi. He would kill a person without batting an eye; however, he was too kind. These bunch of wax-nose people's pleas hit his soft spot.

    Hearing this, they were relieved as they helped each other to exit from the room. Those who lost their limbs had to roll out of the room. All of them did not want to return to Acropolis City again for the rest of their lives.

    The room became empty again. Although Qin Feng did not show it, he was upsetted. Long Hair and his two brothers had followed him for almost half a year; Baldie and Wild Wolf had fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits for the Feng Group. However, they'd betrayed him and this was the truth just like Han Ying Ying and Xu Ruo Rou. Until now, Qin Feng still had no idea how to face those two women.
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