Chapter 480 - The Best Memories We Had

    Chapter 480 - The Best Memories We Had

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Suddenly, a silhouette of a human came into Qin Feng's mind. That person was the first minion Qin Feng gained in Acropolis City.

    Qin Feng's memories drifted back to the time when he battled Uncle Feng at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. After he'd broken through into Stage 2 inner qi in the midst of the battle, he defeated Uncle Feng and killed both him and Hao Yun which indirectly incited the war between the Qin family and the Hao family. At that time, Zhang Biao stepped forward without batting an eye to be Qin Feng's whipping boy. After that, Qin Feng bought the Super Smoke Bomb from the system to help Zhang Biao escape.

    He had no idea where Zhang Biao where and how was he handling himself now.

    When Qin Feng exited the room, the minions of the Guang Lang Group had already gone. When his gaze swept across the bar stand and he saw Long Hair and Liu Wen Jing, he was stunned.

    "Fuck! What are you doing, Long Hair?" Qin Feng leaped to Liu Wen Jing's side, grabbed her and dodged Long Hair, who was lunging at her.

    Long Hair was acting weird. His shirt was nowhere in sight, and he was on the verge of removing his belt. If it wasn't for Qin Feng arriving in the nick of time, he would have already pounced at Liu Wen Jing.

    "Argh... Argh, argh, argh! Young Master Qin, please kill me! I can't stop myself from pouncing on sister-in-law! I'm not a human; I'm worse than a beast! Quick, Young Master Qin, give me a quick one!" Long Hair yelled as if he was torn apart by something inside his body. Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing were flabbergasted, their faces were flooded with confusion.

    "What are you doing, Long Hair? Why would you suddenly want to get fresh with your sister-in-law? You're not that kind of person," asked Qin Feng.

    Suddenly, Long Hair drew a dagger from his waist and repeatedly stabbed his thigh.


    Blood gushed out his thigh in a torrent and almost splashed Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing. Before that, Qin Feng was angry, but now, he was certain that Long Hair was possessed.

    But how the hell was he possessed? There was no sign of it.

    "What happened to this guy?" Qin Feng asked Liu Wen Jing.

    Lying in Qin Feng's arms, Liu Wen Jing gawked at Long Hair and slowly shook her head, "I know no more than you, Qin Feng. He was perfectly fine a minute ago, and he never showed any sign of affection to me before. He's never cross the line, and he was the only one stayed by my side when the Feng Group was overthrown by Baldie and Wild Wolf. He's not that kind of person that would take advantage of the fairer sex..." Then, footage rammed into her memories as she continued, "Oh yeah, he took a red pill just now. I wonder if that is what made him go crazy?"

    Qin Feng knew it was the Blood Qi Pill the moment Liu Wen Jing told him about the pill.

    Could it be the Blood Qi Pill has an adverse effect on an ordinary person?

    The last bit of suspicion in Qin Feng's heart was gone as he was certain that Long Hair would not be so dumb to violate Liu Wen Jing in front of him, "Long Hair, how do you feel?"

    "Young Master Qin... I--I'm so useless. I--I want a woman now. Any woman would do!" Long Hair could not hold the burning desire anymore. The beast within him almost broke out of its cage, and he was sure that he would explode if he wasn't given a woman now. He then added, "Even a sow is good enough!"

    Qin Feng's mouth went crooked. He never expected that the Blood Qi Pill would induce such effect if an ordinary person consumed it. The effect was even more potent than a box of viagra!

    "Go, go, go. Go find yourself a woman. There should be many women who want to sleep with you," Qin Feng gestured with his hand to shoo Long Hair away.

    "Thank you Young Master Qin... I'll definitely come back to you to ask for your apology once I vent off my desire!" Long Hair turned into a breeze of wind and vanished after he got the nod from Qin Feng.

    "Holy goodness! He has broken into Stage 2 inner qi! Seems like he's pretty suitable to practice martial arts," Qin Feng was flabbergasted at Long Hair's fantastic development.

    "Qin Feng, what is Stage 2 inner qi?" asked Liu Wen Jing curiously with her face flushed and eyes blazing.

    Liu Wen Jing's question had sparked Qin Feng of an idea. He had ten of the Blood Qi Pills left, and he could give them to each of his women. After they had broken through to Stage 1 inner qi, they wouldn't be left unarmed when they were troubled by delinquents.

    "Jing Jing, take these two with you. One is for you, and one is for Xiao Jia. After you've consumed the pill, don't be nervous when you felt a gush of qi surging in your body. That is normal," Qin Feng handed two Blood Qi Pills to Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing studied the Blood Qi Pill for a long time, but she could not see what was special about the two pills in her hand aside from their uniquely thorough red color.

    "Qi? What is that, and what is the use of it? And... will we react the same way Long Hair did after we take the pills?"

    A bright pink yet again rose onto Liu Wen Jing's cheeks as she began to ponder if Qin Feng had given her some drug to arouse her sexually.

    He's still the same. Such a pervert.

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered. He quickly explained himself, "Please don't misunderstand me, Jing Jing. This really is a very precious pill. To put it more bluntly, it can transcend an ordinary person into a powerful entity. Didn't you realize that Long Hair's movements have become much agiler and faster? It's all thank to the pill; it's heightened his ability. Why the pill aroused his sexual desire, I can only guess that is a personal reason. Everybody should experience a different effect."

    Liu Wen Jing was relieved after Qin Feng explained it to her. Besides, Liu Wen Jing believed that if Qin Feng really wanted her body, he would not have to go through so much trouble. All he needed to do was bring her to a romantic area and beguile her into consenting.

    Amazed by the effect of Blood Qi Pills in her hand, Liu Wen Jing exclaimed, "That's amazing! By consuming this pill, anyone would be Superman!"

    "That's right! And when I mean 'powerful entity,' it would definitely stronger than the 'powerful entity' you've imagined. It's hard to put into words. You and Xiao Jia will understand that once you've taken the Blood Qi Pills and stepped into the world of martial artists," Qin Feng explained patiently to Liu Wen Jing.

    "This pill... it must cost a town right?" Liu Wen Jing carefully secured the Blood Qi Pills in her palm as she was afraid of losing it.

    "Yes, you're right. It's pretty expensive. One of these cost about 5,000,000 yuan or more, but I feel it's worth it if I give the Blood Qi Pills to you and Xiao Jia," Qin Feng said proudly. Once again, he'd entered his girl-teasing mode.

    "What? 5,000,000 yuan? It's so expensive! That means two of these cost 10,000,000 yuan... I can't take these, Qin Feng. It's too expensive. Besides, Xiao Jia and I should no need these pills," Liu Wen Jing became wired.

    She had subconsciously treated Qin Feng as her family, and she felt bad spending a heap of Qin Feng's money. It was especially tough for Liu Wen Jing who managed her house industriously and thriftily.

    "I couldn't care less about it. It's just numbers. Keep them for yourself; if not, I'll get angry., Qin Feng said in a serious tone.

    Having no other ways to dissuade Qin Feng, Liu Wen Jing carefully slipped the Blood Qi Pills into her pocket after she remembered that she had received a 5,000,000 yuan racing car from him already.

    "Everybody was so damn worried about you after your disappearance. Xiao Jia has been mumbling about why you have not visited her for such a long time. Why don't we go back now and give her a surprise?" suggested Liu Wen Jing.

    Qin Feng pulled the overly excited Liu Wen Jing into his arms and said sternly, "I still have an important task to handle. I'll go visit Xiao Jia next time after I get my job done."

    Hearing this, the feeling of loss and disappointment gushed out and overwhelmed Liu Wen Jing, and he asked, "Are you gonna leave now? Where are you going? Will you really come to visit us?"

    Qin Feng could feel that Liu Wen Jing had become even more attached to him after his return. He caressed her mellow and smooth as jade neck and beamed, "I'll be staying a little longer in Acropolis City, so I'll visit you two after I get myself free from my job... Long Hair has become much stronger now, and I believe that with him at your side, you should be able to reform the Feng Group."

    Long Hair had catapulted into a Stage 2 inner qi expert after he consumed the Blood Qi Pills. As such, it was more than enough for him to reform the Feng Group.

    Qin Feng then continued, "Remember to take the Blood Qi Pill with Xiao Jia when you get home. By that time, you two should have become much stronger than you are now. It would ease my worries a little."

    "Okay, take care of yourself though. Xiao Jia and I will be waiting for you at our house," Liu Wen Jing was reluctant to let Qin Feng go after they'd just reunited for a short amount of time.

    Clearly, Qin Feng had sensed that Liu Wen Jing was reluctant to part with him, so he did not leave too soon. Besides, Liu Wen Jing had just gone through the internal strife of the Feng Group falling apart, so he had to stay for a little while longer to comfort her. Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing in his embrace, fondled her soft and delicate body, and looked back upon the great and sweet memories they had made together.

    Both of them chatted for a long time. Starting from the day they met each other at the Fei Tian Bar, only then did they realize that they'd gone through a lot of things together. Every moment and every trial that they had gone through together had become the unforgettable memories for them both.

    Qin Feng was thrilled when he talked about how Liu Wen Jing formed the Wen Group just to browbeat everybody to fight with the Feng Group. Furthermore, only now did Liu Wen Jing realize that those who joined her Wen Group had no other objective but to get their hands on her body. It was after Qin Feng had beaten them that Liu Wen Jing was able to protect her chastity. Liu Wen Jing was touched, so she pressed her body harder against Qin Feng's arm and disregarded the fact that her boobs were distorted as the pressed against Qin Feng's arm.

    Liu Wen Jing then talked about the automobile show beside Lotus Lake. The downfall of the Wen Group was the toughest time for Liu Wen Jing. She had run out of money to pay for her and sister's tuition. Due to this very reason, she picked up a part-time job as the automobile exhibition's showgirl. Little did she know that she would encounter a rogue who would secretly take a picture up her dress. Then, Qin Feng appeared again and saved her from the sticky situation.

    At that time, Liu Wen Jing still held a grudge against Qin Feng because she could not forgive Qin Feng for betraying the Wen Group. Hence, in order to teach him a lesson, she purposely led him to the Normal University and pretended to be very close to him. All of that was to summon her suitors to attack Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, do you still remember the Lover's Bridge at the Normal University?" Liu Wen Jing asked as she looked at Qin Feng with her starry eyes.

    "Of course, I do. The Lover's Bridge has a saying that once a man holds a woman's hand and walks over the bridge, they will become a couple in the end," Qin Feng nodded.

    "We've walked over the Lover's Bridge, and now, we're really together. It seems that the myth is true," Liu Wen Jing felt that they had transitioned through time and returned to that day on the Lover's Bridge when the wind was mild and the sun was bright.

    "Then, you'll be my concubine for life!" Qin Feng offered Liu Wen Jing a seductive and wicked grin.

    Liu Wen Jing's smile froze. She pinched hard at Qin Feng's thigh, "Nonsense. I'll be your lover for life. Why would I be your concubine?"

    "Sorry, my tongue slipped. You said it yourself. You'll be my lover for life!" Qin Feng had not gone steady with Liu Wen Jing before. Now, they had finally made their relationship clear.

    "Aiya... how can you trick me!" Liu Wen Jing understood fully that she had fallen into Qin Feng's trap.
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