440 You Really Dote On Your Fans!

    After the ZH1 team members left, Qi Shaoyuan called.

    Lin Yan didn't give it much thought before she answered.

    The moment she picked up, Qi Shaoyuan's excited voice spilled over instantly. "Goddess! Idol! You really picked up! Oh, my god... Is this a dream?"

    Even though Qi Shaoyuan had Lin Yan's contact number, he hadn't dared to contact her.

    To Qi Shaoyuan, Lin Yan seemed unreal. As a top-notch racer, she should only appear at international competitions. A devoted fan like him would be sitting and cheering for her on the stands. Being able to talk to his idol over the phone was practically beyond his wildest dreams.

    "Boss, is this really you? Am I dreaming?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Boss, say something!"

    "Do you want to... calm down?" quipped Lin Yan.

    "Okay! Boss, don't hang up! Wait for me!"

    Indeed, he fell silent.

    After Qi Shaoyuan inhaled several times, his voice resurfaced once more. "Boss! Boss! Can I meet you? I have something urgent and important to report to you!"

    Lin Yan glanced at the desserts and drinks on the table, which had been left untouched.

    "I'm at Espresso Cafe. I'll treat you to coffee..." Lin Yan paused as she surveyed the desserts. "And cake..."

    "Wow! Really? If this is indeed a dream, I hope that I never wake up! Boss, wait for me! I'll be there in the blink of an eye!"

    Qi Shaoyuan had done her a huge favor. Hence, she would 'borrow' all this to repay him...

    He hung up and raced to the cafe as fast as his legs could carry him.


    Qi Shaoyuan's face lit up like the face of a child who had just been presented with candy when he saw Lin Yan.

    "Have a seat." Lin Yan gestured to an empty chair.

    "Boss, you've spent so much... Why did you order so much food at this fancy place? Boss, you really dote on your fans!"

    "Oh right... Errr... Thank you for helping me out the other day." Lin Yan smiled at Qi Shaoyuan.

    If Qi Shaoyuan hadn't helped her, she would have been exposed.

    "Boss, don't mention it! I'm your most loyal and devoted fan! I know you very well, and you dislike revealing your identity. You also don't like to give interviews. Besides, I didn't do much last time! There is nothing worth mentioning!" replied Qi Shaoyuan eagerly.

    Qi Shaoyuan was completely different when he was with Lin Yan. From a mature and smart man with a vicious tongue, he turned into a child who seemed lost and helpless.

    "Oh yeah, Boss! I have to tell you something!"

    His excitement vanished instantly and was replaced by fury. "Boss! Did you know that an assh*le had the nerve to impersonate you?"

    Lin Yan jerked in response when she heard him.

    Qi Shaoyuan had informed her that he had something urgent to report to her. To think that this was also about the imposter.

    Lin Yan unconsciously scanned Qi Shaoyuan from head to toe.

    At their first meeting, Lin Yan had assumed that Qi Shaoyuan was an ordinary office worker. However, she had met both him and Wei Xufeng at the VIP stands.

    She was afraid that he wasn't that simple after all.
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