441 A Secret Between Boss and Me

    "I have no idea who that assh*le is! How dare she impersonate you? Did she dig up her ancestors' graves? How could she be so brazen as to do such a thing? Did she think that she could change into anything like a chameleon changes color?"

    Upon seeing how livid and upset Qi Shaoyuan was, Lin Yan couldn't help but sigh. This was one devoted fan!

    "No way! I have to expose her! I'm going to get the media to rip that repulsive face apart! How dare she pass herself off as Yeva? I will curse her grandfather to be criticized every time he plays chess, her mother to buy things at exorbitant prices, and her father to be looked down upon by old ladies when he line-dances! Her mom would find out as well!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    He was really vicious.

    "Hmmm... Cool down..."

    Lin Yan watched Qi Shaoyuan as she thought to herself. It sounded as if someone was impersonating him instead of her.

    "Boss, I'm feeling calm right now," replied Qi Shaoyuan.

    If this was his calm state, then what would he be like if he wasn't calm...

    "My identity is a secret between the two of us. You can't tell anyone..." Lin Yan reminded him gently.

    Qi Shaoyuan suddenly slumped lifelessly against the back of the chair.

    "This... is a secret between you and me. Oh, my god! I have a secret with Boss!"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. Why did it sound weird when he worded it that way?

    "Boss, rest assured. I will never tell another soul... But that imposter... What should we do about her?" Qi Shaoyuan gulped a mouthful of coffee before he spoke.

    Lin Yan questioned Qi Shaoyuan about the background of this imposter. However, he had no answers either.

    Qi Shaoyuan told her that he had first heard the news from Wei Xufeng. Shortly afterward, he had received an invitation as well. However, he had no clue about the imposter's identity or background.

    By the time they left the cafe, it was already evening.

    Lin Yan didn't mull over this matter. Anyway, she would be attending the dinner with Pei Yutang and ZH1 in a few days.

    She took a taxi to her grandfather's place.

    After Lin Yan had beaten the WW team, the He family team had managed to attract some investors. However, they had just lost to another team in a competition a few days ago.

    Lin Yan knocked on the door when she reached it.

    He Lefeng, who opened the door, was delighted to see Lin Yan. "Sister Yan! You are finally here!"

    He Lefeng had called Lin Yan a couple of times in the past few days. However, she had been too busy to answer.

    Lin Yan narrowed her eyes in puzzlement as she strode in.

    There were about a dozen people in the living room. They were the racers and navigators.

    However, each of them looked gloomy and sullen as they sat there.

    "Xiaoyan, you're here."

    Old Master He Dingkun came to welcome her eagerly.

    Lin Yan bowed her head slightly before He Dingkun.

    "Why didn't you inform us that you were coming? Have you eaten?" He Dingkun glanced at Lin Yan.

    "Grandfather, I had dinner... What happened to the team?"

    Lin Yan noticed the strange atmosphere as she asked this question.

    After all, the He family team had defeated WW. Hence, their fame and popularity had swollen and attracted new investors. Things should be looking good instead.
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