442 Fake Competition?

    Before He Dingkun could answer, He Lefeng scuttled over to them, looking worried. "Sister Yan. The team is... fine... Nothing happened. Don't worry."

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. If nothing had happened indeed, why would he have that expression on his face?

    "He Lefeng, the team is about to be dissolved. How could you lie?" One of the navigators spoke up sharply.

    For no apparent reason, Lin Yan noticed that every team member was hostile to her. The expression on their faces contained loathing and contempt.

    "Yeah, you should tell her the truth. There is no need to conceal the facts. Anyway, if she could do such a thing, why would she be afraid to know?"

    Lin Yan was confused by their accusations. Had something happened to the He family team again? Had this been somewhat caused by her?

    "Shut up!"

    He Lefeng frowned, looking displeased. "This has nothing to do with Sister Yan. If it wasn't for her, the team would have been dissolved a long time ago."

    "Even if that happens, our conscience is clear. Our team has been blamed for her wrongdoings! What a disgrace!"

    "You!" He Lefeng hissed angrily. However, he was at a loss. He had no idea how he should answer all of them.

    "Xiaofeng, what happened?" Lin Yan's eyes trailed to He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng deliberated and sighed heavily. He finally spoke after a long while with a helpless look on his face. "Sister Yan, it's because of the competition between us and WW..."

    Lin Yan couldn't fathom what was going on. Wasn't that competition over? They had already won!

    "Ha! Lin Yan, how dare you have the cheek to bring it up! If you hadn't arranged a fake competition, we wouldn't have to bear the brunt now! ZH1 and WW had nothing to lose either!" Qing Li, who had been silent all this while, lashed out at Lin Yan coldly.

    He Dingkun furrowed his eyebrows at Qing Li's response. "Alright, stop this. I will think of a way out."

    "Think of a way out?" Qing Li's eyes trailed to He Dingkun. "Old Master, how can you solve this? Lin Yan is your granddaughter. There is no doubt that you will side with her. Furthermore, racing isn't her profession, so this wouldn't affect her at all. But what about us? We have been accused of organizing a fake competition! If the team gets dissolved, who would dare to hire us?"

    The rest of the team members grunted in agreement.

    "Old Master, Qing Li is right! If your granddaughter hadn't colluded with another party to organize this fake competition, our team would never have been in this dire state!"

    "Exactly! If we had known this would happen, we should have dissolved the team. Now, she has ruined our careers!"

    "Lin Yan, you're Old Master's granddaughter and a member of the team. How could you do this to your grandfather and the team? Did a dog chew up your conscience?"
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