443 Lost Any Prestige and Dignity

    "That's enough! If you want to leave the team, then just leave! Sister Yan doesn't owe any of you anything! Even if it was a fake competition, it has nothing to do with you!" He Lefeng was shaking with anger as he bellowed at everyone.

    So what if it had been a fake competition? It had nothing to do with them!

    They were lacking in skill, which was why no other teams wanted to recruit them. How could they blame it on others?

    "Xiaofeng, what exactly is going on?" Lin Yan glanced at He Lefeng.

    She knew that the competition with WW hadn't been staged. If she had to collude with WW in order to beat their team, she might as well retire from racing for good. This was not humiliating just for her, but also for the racers themselves.

    Naturally, Lin Yan had no wish to explain herself to the He family team members.

    "Sister Yan... Actually... there were some doubts about the competition. Logically speaking, our team shouldn't have been able to beat WW. WW had many supporters who caused a commotion over this matter. Hence, the authorities have begun to investigate." He Lefeng explained patiently to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan pondered quietly to herself.

    Actually, she wasn't surprised to hear that. She herself wouldn't believe that a lowly team could beat a top team on the track.

    After all, no one knew her identity.

    Sister Ling had initially wanted to use her victory to salvage her image. However, after some serious contemplation, Lin Yan had decided against it.

    "Sister Yan, someone has circulated the video of the competition. Many people have analyzed the video and... said that... you were putting on a show... That was not racing..." He Lefeng replied gingerly.

    Lin Yan remained quiet.

    Indeed, she had never treated the WW racers as her opponents. It had been merely a show.

    "Hence, even the authorities concluded that you don't have any racing skills. You merely practiced for a racing performance in order to beat WW. To put it bluntly, you have colluded with WW and ZH1 to stage a fake competition." He Lefeng sighed heavily.

    If he hadn't witnessed Lin Yan's racing skills, even he would have doubted the results.

    WW was one of the top teams in the country. Even though they weren't the best, they were highly revered. Lin Yan, on the other hand, was an unknown person who wasn't even a racer. How could she beat the entire team?

    "Many experts speculated that you came to an agreement with WW and ZH1 to have this fake competition. They said that you wanted to boost your popularity as a celebrity with this competition..."

    Lin Yan remained indifferent as she listened to He Lefeng.

    "What was most infuriating was that the entire WW team refused to comment on the accusation. It seemed as though they admitted to it. Now, we are being hit with criticism. Because of this incident, two of the investors have pulled out. The last one is hesitant and wants to withdraw as well..." He Lefeng continued.

    "I understand."

    Lin Yan nodded her head.

    She had expected WW to remain mum regarding this matter.

    A prestigious team like WW had lost to a lowly, unknown team. As a result, they had lost any prestige and dignity they had possessed.
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