444 The Summit of the World Is Wherever I Am

    The rumors of a staged competition gave an advantage to the WW team.

    In addition, the He family team had lost the subsequent competitions. Thus, it seemed as though the rumors were true.

    WW neither admitted to the accusation nor denied it. That was their approach to the rumors.

    "I was right. How could she manage to beat the entire WW team? Even a fool won't believe that. She colluded with them to stage this competition because she wanted to boost her own popularity, but she has dragged us down as well!" one of the navigators replied aloud.

    "If Miss Lin Yan was that capable, why would she be a celebrity?" Qing Li remarked coldly.

    Lin Yan ignored their remarks, as she wasn't bothered. Arguing with racers and navigators like them wasn't worth her time and effort.

    The most pressing issue was to solve the problem right now. No one would believe her, no matter what she said.

    If someone says that you can't make it, you don't have to argue with them.

    What you need to do is prove them wrong.

    That is what's important.

    "Sister Yan, the authorities haven't made any official announcements yet. If they really do, our team will be finished..." He Lefeng drawled.

    "Grandfather, do you have any other upcoming competitions?" Lin Yan turned to He Dingkun.

    He Dingkun nodded and replied, "There are a few more."

    The He family team belonged to the beginner level. Hence, the competitions that they entered were also the easiest.

    "Our team can't afford to lose," Lin Yan replied softly after some time.

    Based on the team's results, even if they were cleared of the accusation, the investors would pull out if they continued to lose.

    "Sister Yan, we also want to win, but... we are not as good as our opponents. Even though we have similar equipment, it's hard to win..." He Lefeng sighed heavily.

    Lin Yan was aware of the skills and abilities of the team. Indeed, it was difficult for them to win.

    However, the He family team needed to make changes.

    Otherwise... they were bound to dissolve.

    If they were lacking in skill, then they would have to improve and adapt!

    They had to replace all the racers who weren't good enough!

    The team needed new blood.

    Lin Yan had a plan in mind.

    It was late at night, so only Lin Yan, He Lefeng, and He Dingkun were left.

    "Sister Yan, what are you talking about? You want to replace all the members of the team?" He Lefeng was shocked.

    "If the members of the team are not good enough, they will continue to lose, no matter how reputable the team is. What is the use of crashing out of the track every single time?" asked Lin Yan.

    Actually, He Lefeng and He Dingkun were well aware of this fact.

    But where could they find so many capable and skilled racers?

    Funding issues aside, how would they be able to attract those skilled racers to a small, unknown team like theirs?

    Lin Yan contemplated before she replied slowly, "No one would say no to standing at the summit of the world."

    "The summit?"

    The old master and He Lefeng were both confused. They couldn't fathom what Lin Yan meant at all.

    "Sister Yan, where is the summit? Don't tell me it's us..." He Lefeng seemed awkward.

    If the He family team was standing at the summit, then the world would be a tragic sight.

    "The summit of the world is wherever I am," Lin Yan declared, looking stoic.
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