445 A Brand New Start!

    After Lin Yan left, He Dingkun sighed and peered at He Lefeng. "Xiaofeng, don't tell Sister Yan anything that happens to the team. It will only add to her troubles. She has a lot on her mind as well."

    He Dingkun had decided to brush off Lin Yan's suggestion to change the team members.

    If he were a young racer with potential, he wouldn't join an unknown team whose future seemed bleak. That would be tantamount to burying his talent and youth.

    "Grandfather, should we..." He Lefeng hesitated as he frowned.

    At the moment, the old master turned solemn and grave. He had quit smoking years ago, but he suddenly lit up a cigarette.

    "Xiaofeng... Racing has always been my dream, but it has now become an obsession. After all these years, I still remember the losses and defeats that we have experienced. I'm not getting any younger, and after holding on to this dream for decades... Perhaps, I was wrong."

    He Lefeng felt despondent and helpless as he watched his grandfather ambling away forlornly.

    He knew how important racing was to his grandfather.

    He had held on dearly to his dream and ambition and paid a huge price for it. Racing was something that his grandfather couldn't live without.

    It wasn't the accusation of the fake competition that had crushed Grandfather. It was despair and hopelessness.

    He Lefeng could still distinctly remember his grandfather casting away his pride to beg the authorities and investors... all for the sake of the family team.

    However, if this path was meant to be filled with despair and gloom, they might as well bury everything now.

    He was already a grown man. Perhaps, he wasn't supposed to hold on to his dreams anymore.


    At Cloud Manor...

    Lin Yan was in her room, which was dark. The only light that illuminated the room was the one coming from her laptop.

    Excited shrieks and cheers were heard.

    She was watching a video of the career of the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva.

    "She won! This unknown new racer has won and incredibly beaten the king of the first level of the international competition! She has defeated GD! A new champion has emerged! It is Yeva!"

    Several pictures of Yeva on the racing track appeared simultaneously on the screen.

    They were soon followed by Yeva's first defeat at the summit of the international competition...

    "This racer has broken countless records! She has led her team, WZ, to the final race of the summit of the international competition. She has defeated GD and been crowned the new victor!"

    Seconds later, Yeva was with her team once more, as she had ended the reign of the previous champion on the track.

    The images on the screen flashed across her eyes once more.

    Her trophy had been taken away. Yeva stood below the stands, trembling slightly.

    Then, she fell into the abyss.

    She had once sworn that she would hold the trophy in her hands at the summit of the international competition.

    After being banned, her heart and passion had been sealed away.

    However, she still felt regret in her heart and she had never forgotten about it.

    Lin Yan switched off her laptop.

    She would never give up on the He family team. It was too important to her grandfather.

    However, she knew that she couldn't possibly compete personally at every race.

    In that case, perhaps she could select... new team members.

    Just like she had for her team, WZ.
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