447 A Pain That Reverberated in His Hear

    "Errr... Sister-in-law, why are you asking about this?" Pei Yutang asked with a grin.

    "I plan to recruit racers who have good potential for the team." She had no intention of hiding it from Pei Yutang, so she answered honestly.

    Pei Yutang fell silent as he frowned at Lin Yan. "Sister-in-law, are you serious?"

    She wanted to recruit racers who had good potential...

    This wasn't even the point! Lin Yan had also said that they had to be inexpensive!

    If someone other than Lin Yan had asked, Pei Yutang would probably have rolled onto the floor laughing. This was a good joke indeed.

    The He family team had never won any competitions and ranked the lowest amongst all the teams. Even if someone was interested in joining the team, they wouldn't be any good. If they were really good, they would definitely cost Lin Yan a ton.

    Ordinary racers commanded quite a good sum of money these days.

    "Be serious," Lin Yan quipped sternly.

    "Alright, Sister-in-law." Pei Yutang stifled his laughter and adjusted his expression to look more solemn. "No."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Sister-in-law, if there was really such a person, you'd have to tell me. I would need to poach them!" opined Pei Yutang.

    What a joke! His own team was barely surviving too. Where were all the good ones? He needed them too!

    Before Lin Yan could answer, Pei Yutang stared intently at her. His eyes gleamed brightly as he yelled, "Sister Yan! No, I mean, sister-in-law! Daddy! Come to my team!"

    Lin Yan shot him a sharp glare. "I decline."

    "Sister-in-law, there is no future for the He family team. I will pay you three times more... no, make it five. Come over to my team!" said Pei Yutang hurriedly.

    If Lin Yan hadn't brought up this topic, Pei Yutang would have forgotten that there was an amazing racer right within his reach. If only he could poach her!

    Lin Yan pressed her palm against her forehead and silently regretted asking Pei Yutang.

    Pei Yutang's own team wasn't necessarily better than the He family team. If they were to have a race, they might be evenly-matched.

    However, Pei Yutang's team couldn't be compared to theirs. At least, Pei Yutang didn't need to worry about funding or looking for investors. He certainly wouldn't have to worry about disbanding his team.

    The skills of Pei Yutang's team and the He family team should be on par.

    Most of the other teams would be fighting to beat their opponents.

    As for Pei Yutang and the He family team, they would be competing to see who ranked last.

    Lin Yan would rather die than enter Pei Yutang's team.

    "Sister-in-law, it might be wiser to dissolve your family team. It was you who single-handedly defeated WW. It had absolutely nothing to do with them. Don't you feel aggrieved staying with your family team when you have such lousy racers?"

    Soon, Lin Yan's rebuttal struck Pei Yutang, making him feel pain that reverberated in his heart.

    Lin Yan eyed Pei Yutang and quipped, "Your team took part in 12 competitions within the last two months and lost every single race, whereas my team took part in 12 competitions as well and lost 10. I even excluded the competition with WW. Unless I'm wrong, your team lost to my family team. I watched that race too. It was really exciting."
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