448 Poaching Racers Personally

    She wouldn't deny that her family team was really lousy. She was fine with anyone else saying that. But how dare Pei Yutang have the audacity to say that as well...

    As Lin Yan recounted the results of the competitions within the last two months, Pei Yutang's smile froze. He turned rigid when Lin Yan added that his team had lost to the He family team.

    It finally dawned on Pei Yutang that his team was indeed quite lousy. They had even lost to the He family team.

    But why would Lin Yan bring this up? To Pei Yutang, this was an utter disgrace. She seemed to be nailing him to the humiliation pillar!

    "Big Sister-In-Law, listen to me first. Actually, we lost to the He family team... because I didn't race personally!" Pei Yutang sounded indignant.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She had no time to listen to Pei Yutang's rambling. She hurried him out of the room before calling God Z.

    She posed the same question to him as well. ZH1 was one of the top teams in the country and God Z was an expert in matters regarding the racing industry in the country. Hence, she wanted to seek his advice.

    God Z answered readily initially. However, when he realized that Lin Yan wanted to recruit racers for her family team, he clammed up.

    Potential and skills aside, no ordinary racer would choose to join a team like the He family. No matter how high the remuneration was, it didn't seem very possible. The racer in question would be putting his own career at risk.

    After Lin Yan ended the call, she appeared helpless.

    God Z was right. Why would a good racer choose to enter the He family team? At most, they would only be able to get lousy racers whose skills were on par with their current ones.

    Lin Yan had to research more news on the racing industry on the internet. She wanted to know more about the rankings and look for retired racers who had quit due to hidden reasons.

    However, hours later, other than finding out the addresses of these teams, she didn't manage to find any useful information.

    Lin Yan decided to try her luck by approaching racers with potential in top teams. She had time to spare, as the private dinner was in a few days.

    She certainly had something to offer if she were to poach them.

    The top prestigious teams in the country could only provide a high salary and fame that was limited to this country. At most, they would only be able to take part in the third level of the international competition. It seemed as though they had secured a ticket to an international competition.

    What Lin Yan could offer was what the rest of the teams couldn't.

    She had the confidence and ability to groom and train those professional racers to qualify for actual professional competitions.

    That didn't just mean giving them the opportunity to marvel at how impressive those competitions were and then crashing out of the third level of the international competition and returning to the country with their heads hung low.

    Lin Yan wanted them to win the third level, then the second level, and finally conquer the first level of the international competition!

    Of course, it also depended on the racers she would be able to poach. If their skills were like those of the current He family racers, Lin Yan would never be able to change anything.
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