449 Recruitmen

    In the afternoon, Lin Yan went to the headquarters of D1, a prestigious veteran team in the country.

    D1 was very well-known and established in the country, even more so than ZH1.

    Lin Yan had found out that there were many racers with potential in D1. Surprisingly, many young racers who had quit racing had stayed on to become coaches.

    She signed up as part of a tour so that she would have a chance to meet those young racers. She slyly tried to convince some of them to lure them over to her team.

    However, her strategy and method weren't very successful. Almost every person who was targeted by Lin Yan looked at her as though they were sympathizing with a retarded person.

    In the end, Lin Yan had to slip away and go back home.

    Although she was unsuccessful, she didn't feel dejected. After all, she had predicted that. If it had been so easy to poach good racers from these top teams, it would have been ridiculous.

    Besides the problems of the low status and reputation of the He family team in the industry, Lin Yan and the team couldn't afford to pay much. Hence, she had hoped to lure them over by drawing them with a glorious picture of their future. That was why they had thought that she was mentally unsound.

    If Lin Yan were to reveal her identity as Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper, those top teams would jump ship willingly with all their fortune and beg her to take them in.

    She didn't give up after her first attempt. The next day, she went to another team but was unsuccessful once more. She received pity for being treated as a lunatic.

    After two days of unsuccessful attempts, Lin Yan could only sit down to revise her strategy.

    Indeed, she had no power or ability to convince anyone. She had to change her strategy.

    Perhaps, she shouldn't target prominent teams. She could try new, rising teams instead...

    On the third day...

    Lin Yan went to the headquarters of Fire.

    She had planned to pretend to be a visitor once again to check out their team. Alas, Fire didn't allow any tours, so she couldn't even enter!

    Just as she was about to leave, she caught a glimpse of a shy-looking young boy outside the entrance who was stealing furtive glances at her.

    The boy sized up Lin Yan from head to toe as she noticed him.

    Then, Lin Yan's eyes landed on the boy's face and their eyes met.

    The boy swiftly bent his head and averted his gaze in a fluster.

    He looked like he was about 20 years old. He must have just graduated from school.

    "You... Are you an... employee here?" Lin Yan was about to leave when the boy spluttered aloud.

    Lin Yan's eyes trailed to the boy as she shook her head. "I am not."

    "Oh... Then, are you an applicant?" The boy looked curious.

    "An applicant?"

    Lin Yan smiled at the boy. "Are you here to apply for a job?"

    "Yeah." The boy nodded. "But I was rejected..."

    "What job did you apply for?" asked Lin Yan.

    "I came here... to be a racer..." answered the boy shyly.

    "A racer?" Lin Yan was startled.

    This boy was here to apply for the position of a racer?

    Judging from the boy's demeanor, he seemed unsuitable.

    If he hadn't said so, Lin Yan would have assumed that he was here to apply for a normal job.

    Although Fire wasn't a prestigious or renowned new team yet, they still had strict requirements. Without skills or potential, Fire wouldn't recruit anyone easily.
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