450 Activating the Persuasion Mode

    Even an average team would have second thoughts about accepting a boy like him, who had never competed in an actual competition and was unknown in the racing industry. Furthermore, Fire was a rising team that had been climbing up the rankings in the country.

    "Have you competed in a race before?"

    Lin Yan probed softly as she peered at the boy.


    The boy nodded bashfully. "I took part in some friendly races... We were just fellow racing fans who learned together..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Those weren't proper competitions.

    "Are you here to apply for a job?"

    The boy surveyed Lin Yan curiously. She hadn't answered when he'd asked her the first time.

    "I'm not." Lin Yan smiled warmly at him. "I'm here to recruit racers."


    The boy widened his eyes in surprise as he gawked at Lin Yan.

    "Are you one of the staff members of Fire who is in charge of recruitment?" asked the boy.

    "I have nothing to do with Fire. I'm from another team," answered Lin Yan.

    "Another team... Which team is that?" The boy looked interested.


    Lin Yan had no idea how she should bring up the name of the He family team.

    "Can I take a look at your résumé?" She cut across curtly as she avoided the question.

    "Sure." The boy opened his bag and took out some documents before passing them to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan perused his résumé to get to know him better.

    His name was Yun Xuan and he had just graduated. He loved racing and had joined a team as a part-time racer out of interest.

    However, he was a student, so he didn't have good equipment. He had mostly rented or borrowed equipment. The competitions he had participated in were friendly competitions with amateur teams.

    As for Yun Xuan's results, he had finished first in all 16 competitions.

    In his résumé, he had included his own understanding of racing. He had also written about navigators and the knowledge and techniques required.

    However, using this to be accepted by Fire was a long shot. In fact, it was nearly impossible.

    Any average team these days would only accept racers who had amassed a certain level of achievements.

    Lin Yan spoke after she mulled this over quietly. "If you want to be accepted by a prestigious team, you have to prove yourself first."

    This rule applied to international teams as well.

    "Then... what should I do?" Yun Xuan glanced at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan replied in a heartbeat, "Join a small team first. Build your reputation and train well. If you really have the capability, good teams will come to poach you."

    "A small team..."

    Yun Xuan looked slightly hesitant. "But... I don't really want to join a small team. It's not about the money. It's just that they are usually too weak... and I won't be able to learn anything..."

    Lin Yan sized up Yun Xuan with curiosity.

    So this boy wanted to join a prominent team with the intention to learn?

    Top teams paid their racers well and recruited racers who could help them win competitions. They didn't spend money on racers so that they could learn and improve, unless someone displayed astonishing potential, which was a rare occurrence.
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