451 I Dont Care About Money

    "You don't care about the money and you only want to learn?" Lin Yan watched Yun Xuan, her eyes flickering in excitement.

    "Errr... I... I don't care about money..." The boy paused. "But... I want to learn more... so that I can surpass and challenge myself..."

    "Excellent!" Lin Yan patted Yun Xuan's shoulders and spoke in a wise, understanding manner. "Our team values people like you, who focus only on challenging themselves! You don't focus on the money! You're still really young and you can never have enough money. You should focus on improving yourself and learning more while you're young!"

    Yun Xuan stared at Lin Yan. "Yeah..."

    "So, do you want to join my team?" Lin Yan stopped beating around the bush.

    "Sister, can you tell me the name of your team?" Yun Xuan looked interested.

    "My team is currently... undergoing a huge revamp. It's the He family team. Have you heard of us?" asked Lin Yan.

    "He family team?" Yun Xuan frowned as he contemplated it. "I have never heard of it..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    It wasn't surprising that a neglected, minor team like theirs, which had never participated in any major competitions, was unfamiliar to many people. To make things worse, they had hardly won any competitions.

    Even though Lin Yan had helped clinch a victory against WW, who was one of the most prestigious teams in the country, that had been a qualifying competition. Therefore, it was normal that Yun Xuan did not know.

    Lin Yan glanced at Yun Xuan and explained, "I know our team can't be compared to the rising team that you have set your eyes on. However, if you join us, you can learn many techniques and gain a lot of knowledge."

    If Yun Xuan wanted honor, fame or money, Lin Yan wouldn't be able to satisfy him. However, if he wanted to learn and improve himself, it wouldn't be hard for Lin Yan to help him with that.

    "I have read through your résumé and I want to give you a suggestion. Based on your current situation, the wisest choice for you would be to join a small team. Of course, there will be some tests after you decide to apply. If you don't fulfill the basic requirements, not even a small team would want you." Lin Yan gazed at Yun Xuan as she expounded.

    She continued without giving Yun Xuan the chance to cut across. "Of course, if you pass the test and prove your ability, I can promise that you will get what you want if you join us. If you don't, you can leave at any time."

    Yun Xuan's eyes gleamed as he hesitated.

    He knew that Lin Yan's words made sense.

    He had approached many well-known teams. ZH1 and Lin Yan had given him the same advice, while the rest had rejected him outright.

    Although Yun Xuan did not wish to join a small team, he reckoned that it was the only option left.

    He believed that he would waste his youth and passion in a small team. Based on his experience, he thought that he wouldn't be able to learn anything. That was why he was hesitant about joining a small team.

    "Sister, actually, I'm not an amateur... Therefore, I think that small teams, or perhaps even average teams, wouldn't be able to teach me anything new." Yun Xuan deliberated for some time before he blurted this out.
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