452 They Treat Her As a Lunatic

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled upwards as she listened to Yun Xuan. "If I had deemed that you're an amateur, I wouldn't have invited you to join my team. Besides..."

    Lin Yan paused as she studied Yun Xuan. "No matter what kind of racer you are, even if you had taken part in an international competition previously, you would still be able to learn if you joined us. You may think that I'm talking big... but I want to reiterate a point. After joining the team, if you feel that you can't learn anything, you may leave at any time. I will add this clause to the contract."

    Lin Yan had already spared no effort to persuade Yun Xuan. If he continued to look down on small teams, then she could only give up.

    Yun Xuan finally nodded as he pondered her words. "Alright, if what you said is true, I'm willing to join your team... Besides learning, I will try my best to bring glory to the team as well... This is my promise to you... Sister, before I join, can I take a look at your team first?"

    "Certainly!" Lin Yan peered at Yun Xuan and replied cheerfully, "Let's exchange numbers. I'll inform you about the address and time again."

    Lin Yan bade Yun Xuan farewell after that.

    She had rather high expectations of Yun Xuan. His understanding and devotion to racing had impressed Lin Yan. Hopefully, he would fare equally well in the practical part too.


    Lin Yan was rather surprised when she first went there.

    She had accidentally recruited Yun Xuan into their car team. Although he might not even qualify for an average team, she considered herself lucky to have met him.

    She still had time, so she journeyed to the next destination.

    After an hour, she arrived at the headquarters of a prominent team in the capital city, KNT.

    KNT was one of the first teams that had been established in the country. It was considered one of the top teams. However, due to current cash flow problems, things had been looking bleak for them. They had failed to qualify for the third level of the international competition in the past four years.

    After evaluating her strategies seriously, Lin Yan realized that it was hard for her to recruit good racers this way. Those people merely treated her as a lunatic.

    If she failed to recruit anyone, she would need to try something else.

    Of course, she would most likely consider the possibility of revealing her identity as Yeva to a select group of people if the circumstances arose.

    "Get lost!"

    Lin Yan had just arrived when she heard a loud roar outside the entrance.

    Instinctively, her eyes trailed to the commotion.

    A good-looking man was being shoved outward.

    He had a head of brown hair and he was wearing the KNT uniform.

    He appeared rather flippant, and his smile was nonchalant and mocking. He didn't seem to care that he had been kicked out.

    "Mo Shuyun, your contract has expired! From this second, you are no longer a part of KNT!" A strict-looking middle-aged man lashed out at him.

    "Oh really? That's wonderful." Mo Shuyun sneered as he stared at the man. "Ever since you robbed me of my glory, position, and honor last year and gave it to someone else, I have been planning to just rot my days away. Nothing else matters."
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