454 Are You Interested?

    Mo Shuyun was taken aback by Lin Yan's question. His expression only contained puzzlement.

    She wanted to talk about his team?

    However, Mo Shuyun seemed to be enlightened in a matter of seconds.

    Recently, many actresses had been vying to land the role of Yeva in the international movie Legend. Hence, they had been contacting prestigious teams in the country and expressing their interest in knowing more about racing. It would appear unprofessional of them if they knew nothing about racing.

    Hence, Mo Shuyun assumed that Lin Yan was referring to that when she mentioned racing.

    "Sure. If you want to learn about racing in a systematic way, I can help!" Mo Shuyun replied eagerly.


    Lin Yan was perplexed when she heard Mo Shuyun.

    Learn about racing in a systematic way?

    When had she mentioned that she wanted to learn from Mo Shuyun? She had said that she wanted to talk about racing and his team. This had nothing to do with learning about racing whatsoever.

    Lin Yan smiled when she realized that Mo Shuyun was mistaken. "I think there has been a misunderstanding. I have no intention of learning more about racing."

    "What do you mean, Miss Lin?" asked Mo Shuyun.

    "Actually, you're a racer and I belong to a team. We are currently reconstructing the entire team and we lack experienced and capable racers... Therefore, I wanted to ask if you're interested in joining my team."

    Mo Shuyun finally understood what Lin Yan meant.

    However, he didn't express any enthusiasm about joining a new team. Instead, he replied, "Oh, I see... But I just left my team..."

    "That is a pity." Lin Yan shook her head in disappointment.

    "Miss Lin, may I ask what the name of your team is?" Mo Shuyun asked softly.

    "He family team. A small team that belongs to the junior level," Lin Yan explained.

    "He family team..."

    Surprise flickered in Mo Shuyun's eyes. "Oh... Is that the team that defeated WW?"

    "Yeah." Lin Yan nodded.

    After Lin Yan confirmed his guess, Mo Shuyun seemed not to believe it. "Miss Lin, are you the boss of the team?"

    Mo Shuyun was a professional racer, so he had naturally heard about the fiasco with WW.

    ZH1 had slyly schemed to get them to compete with WW in their place.

    Who would have expected that WW would be crushed by the He family team instead?

    Actually, everyone had assumed that WW would win as they'd watched the first part of the competition. All the WW racers had taken the lead by a huge margin right from the start.

    However, something shocking had happened during the second part of the competition.

    A racer from the He family team had caught up with all the WW racers and eventually overtaken the captain of the WW team. The racer had helped her team secure victory, while WW had become a laughing stock.

    Mo Shuyun had been following the news regarding the investigation conducted by the authorities on the He family team. It seemed that someone had reported them and used the videos of the competition to back up their claims.

    However, he had no clue about the truth.

    Something struck him suddenly as he recalled the race.

    "Hold on..."
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