455 She Conned Another One

    In no time, realization hit Mo Shuyun hard and his eyes widened in shock. "That... racer who beat WW... was you?"

    "I did race with WW previously. And won," Lin Yan replied nonchalantly.

    Meeting One's Match had been screened after the competition between the He family team and WW. Hence, Mo Shuyun had never heard of Lin Yan.

    After falling in love with Meeting One's Match, he understood more about Lin Pianruo by reading the novel. He would never have imagined that the racer from the He family, Lin Yan, would be the actress in the movie.

    So the actress that he liked... was a member of the He family team? And she had even beaten the entire WW team?

    This was really incredible!

    Everything that had happened today seemed like a joke to Mo Shuyun.

    First, he had been fired by his team. Then, Lin Yan, the actress who had portrayed Lin Pianruo, had found him and invited him to join her team...

    On top of that, he knew that Lin Yan was the racer who had defeated the WW team.

    "Idol, what's the situation over at your team right now? Can you tell me in detail? If you want to invite me to join your team, I need to know everything about it before I make a decision," Mo Shuyun said solemnly.

    Lin Yan did not object to his request.

    They settled in a nearby cafe to have tea.

    Lin Yan had no intention of hiding the He family team's situation from Mo Shuyun. She told him everything, including how she planned to reconstruct the whole team.

    "So... if I join the team, there will only be two racers?" Mo Shuyun peered at Lin Yan intently as he fell into a daze.

    Mo Shuyun fully approved of Lin Yan's strategy and her method of handling matters.

    He had watched the competition between the He family team and the WW team.

    The glaring disparity between the two teams' skills aside, there was hardly any member in the He family team who could qualify as a professional racer. In fact, they hardly had any accomplishments that befit even a beginner team.

    If they didn't reconstruct or evolve, it would be an absolute waste of resources, money, and effort.

    "I have a cousin who is also part of the team, but his skills..."

    Lin Yan looked helpless at the mention of He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng's skills were really dreadful even for an amateur.

    If he wanted to have a lifelong career as a racer, he would never make it with this status quo.

    Unless Lin Yan devised a specific training for He Lefeng... However, it would depend on his innate potential as well.

    "As long as we work hard to build this team, I don't mind helping train the others... However, if the team were to start from scratch and replace every existing member, we wouldn't be able to compete due to an insufficient number of members. Even if we managed to find people, they would have to undergo a period of training. At the very least, they would have to build rapport with each other, especially on the track," opined Mo Shuyun thoughtfully.

    Before Lin Yan could speak, he added, "Miss Lin Yan, if you really want to reconstruct the whole team, I can help you recruit racers."

    Lin Yan didn't object to his proposal.

    Mo Shuyun was a professional racer, so he was very familiar with the local racing scene. If he was willing to help, he would definitely be more efficient than her.
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