456 I Trust You

    "Does that mean that you agreed to join the He family team?"

    Lin Yan peered at Mo Shuyun quietly as she waited for his answer.

    Mo Shuyun nodded and smiled. "Of course, I agree. However, if the He family team doesn't evolve and keeps all the existing members, then I will definitely not join. If there are plans for a revamp, that's another story... Besides, Queen Lin Pianruo is my boss..."

    Lin Yan interrupted Mo Shuyun at this point. "I'm just a member of the He family team. I have my job, so I won't be able to compete at every competition..."

    "Miss Lin, before I join, can I ask you a question? I hope that you can answer me honestly." Mo Shuyun glanced at Lin Yan intently.

    "What do you want to ask?" replied Lin Yan.

    Mo Shuyun marshaled his thoughts for some time before he said, "Previously, I watched the competition between the He family and WW. I know it was between the two teams, but in reality, you were the one who defeated the entire WW team. I saw the video and it really resembled a performance..."

    "It's alright, just continue." Lin Yan chuckled softly.

    Mo Shuyun nodded and trudged on, "In my experience, there are only two possibilities."

    He paused for a second. "The first possibility is that you have colluded with WW or ZH1. For some reason, all of you agreed to stage that competition..."

    "The second possibility is that..." Mo Shuyun studied Lin Yan's expression. "Your skills and ability were what resulted in the defeat of WW. Their skills are way below yours, which was why you finished them off with your skills in what resembled a flamboyant performance."

    "So what do you think?" Lin Yan grinned at him.

    "I... am unsure..."

    Mo Shuyun shook his head, looking baffled.

    Lin Yan was a celebrity and an actress. WW was one of the top teams in the country. Furthermore, their captain had performed well at the third level of the international competition.

    Logically speaking, the video served as evidence that the chance that it had been a staged competition was high.

    However, no matter how hard Mo Shuyun tried, he couldn't comprehend why.

    WW and ZH1 were rivals. There was no way WW would deliberately lose to the team that had been sent by ZH1 to challenge them. Not unless ZH1 had some sort of leverage against WW.

    "Miss Lin, can you tell me if the competition between the He family team and the WW team was fake?" Mo Shuyun pressed on.

    Lin Yan smirked before she answered, "Is WW really that powerful? Why would everyone assume that the competition was staged simply because they lost?"

    Mo Shuyun's eyes flickered at Lin Yan's response.

    Lin Yan didn't explicitly say so, but she had heavily implied something.

    To her, WW was really weak...

    Mo Shuyun was even more intrigued by the girl standing before him. Was she really just an actress?

    "Miss Lin, I trust you."

    Mo Shuyun sipped some tea before nodding at Lin Yan. "I know both WW and ZH1 well. Firstly, WW doesn't lack money. Secondly, they have a long-lasting feud. This is the main reason it's impossible that either one of them would lose to the other on purpose. It's just illogical."
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