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    Lin Yan soon realized that Yun Xuan seemed to be afraid of strangers and was very shy.

    Usually, it was rare to see such a shy, introverted racer. The personality of a racer would be evident through the way he raced. If he had a hot temper, he would usually be more rash and violent on the track. If he was the steady and mature type, he would usually choose a more steady approach on the track.

    In the span of Lin Yan's career, she couldn't seem to recall meeting a racer like Yun Xuan. Hence, her curiosity and expectations were piqued.

    Lin Yan called her grandfather, who answered shortly, "Xiaoyan, why did you call me so late at night?"

    "Grandfather, I'll drop by your place tomorrow for dinner," Lin Yan informed him.

    "Sure, you should come back more often."

    "Grandfather, I will bring two racers along with me. One of them will be the captain of our team," Lin Yan said firmly.

    Silence was heard from the other end.

    He Dingkun had assumed that Lin Yan would be just dropping by to visit. It had never occurred to him that she had found new racers and would be bringing them to meet him.

    "Captain? Is this some kind of a joke? Are you getting some random rascal to be our captain?" Before Grandfather could answer, He Xiong's yells were heard.

    Lin Yan glanced at her watch. They should be just finishing up dinner, which was why He Xiong had overheard her conversation with her grandfather.

    Of course, Lin Yan didn't take his words to heart.

    She wondered how Mo Shuyun would feel if a supervisor of a small team branded him as a rascal.

    Although Lin Yan's knowledge of the racing scene in the country was woefully limited, she knew that a racer like Mo Shuyun would be considered an amazing expert and whiz if he were placed in a team like theirs, despite not being well-known amongst the most prominent teams.

    "Alright, Xiaoyan. I got it. Bring them over tomorrow..." He Dingkun finally responded.

    "Sure. Goodnight, Grandfather." Lin Yan ended the call.

    Minutes later, Pei Yutang rushed into her room, looking panicked.

    "Sister-in-law! Where were you the entire day? You didn't even reply to my texts!" Pei Yutang hurriedly spluttered.

    "The entire day?" Lin Yan hadn't really checked her phone that day, as she had been busy talking with Yun Xuan and Mo Shuyun.

    "I called you three times and sent you dozens of texts... You didn't reply at all..." Pei Yutang looked aggrieved.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She stared at Pei Yutang as she replied helplessly, "What was so urgent?"

    Excitement flashed past Pei Yutang's eyes as he hastily replied, "This is a huge, important matter! It's about a gift!"

    "Gift?" Lin Yan was stumped. "What gift are you talking about?"

    "A gift for Yeva when we meet her for the first time!" Yeva exclaimed excitedly as he settled down beside Lin Yan. "Sister-in-law, we are going to meet a legendary goddess in two days! We can't possibly go empty-handed! That would be too rude... What should we buy for her? It needs to be expensive but not too crude... I wanted to give her money, but it doesn't seem appropriate... I was thinking of a racing car, but in hindsight..."
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