457 Could Something That Good Really Happen?

    "Thank you for your understanding and trust." Lin Yan nodded at Mo Shuyun.

    "I have two conditions if I join the He family team. First, I can't accept being just a member. Given my experience and skills, I qualify to be the captain of even a top prestigious team, not to mention a tiny one. Hence, I want to become the captain."

    Lin Yan nodded and accepted Mo Shuyun's request promptly.

    Just like Mo Shuyun had said, he was indeed overqualified to be the captain of such a small team given his experience and skills, especially when the He family team was undergoing a reconstruction during this period. Lin Yan would be more than glad if Mo Shuyun was willing to contribute more.

    "What is the second condition?" she asked.

    Mo Shuyun answered, "Miss Lin, I want to be a shareholder of the He family team. I don't need too much, just ten percent will do. And I don't need any salary. On top of that, I will bring investment to pump into the He family team."

    Lin Yan was completely taken aback when she heard Mo Shuyun.

    Had her ears failed her?

    Could something that good really happen?

    Did this man... have a grudge against money?

    He didn't want a salary and he had even offered to invest in their team...

    The He family team had no victories to its name and their future was bleak.

    However, Mo Shuyun wanted a share...

    "Can you tell me why?" Lin Yan peered at Mo Shuyun, intrigued and mystified.

    "Ha ha... Miss Lin, isn't it simple? If the competition with WW wasn't staged, that would imply one thing. With your skills and abilities, you qualify for the third level of the international competition.

    If I were to recruit members with potential and train them, I believe... the He family team would become one of the top teams in the country within five years. At most, it will take us seven years to qualify for the third level of the international competition. Naturally, I want a share of the profit." Mo Shuyun grinned after he answered.

    "Five years to become a top team? And seven years to qualify for the third level of the international competition?" Lin Yan repeated wistfully.

    If this was really the case, why didn't she dissolve the He family team right now? Why should she spend so much time on them?

    "Miss Lin, you don't have to doubt yourself. I trust my instincts and foresight. I'm confident that, with you, we can turn the He family team into a top team in five years and then charge into the third level of the international competition within eight years!" Mo Shuyun's eyes sparkled with determination and enthusiasm.

    Lin Yan gazed at Mo Shuyun. "Didn't you say... seven years?"

    "Seven years then!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Thus, Mo Shuyun became a member of the He family team.

    The two of them agreed to meet at her grandfather's place tomorrow evening. She wanted to introduce the real boss of the team to Mo Shuyun, as well as to show him around.

    Lin Yan sent an invitation to Yun Xuan as well.

    After she got back to Cloud Manor, Yun Xuan replied.

    'Sister... Will there be... a lot of people there?'

    Lin Yan glanced at the text and replied, 'There should be five to six people, including you.'

    Yun Xuan typed, 'Alright then... I'll be there on time... Thank you, Sister.'

    Mo Shuyun and Yun Xuan were as different as day and night. Mo Shuyun had been a racer for years and had proven his capability. Yun Xuan, on the other hand, was like an unpolished piece of jade that had just been unearthed. His love and devotion to racing were pure, but he lacked confidence.
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