462 Idol, Im Here!

    "You... Do you know how to race? No, I mean... do you know how to drive?" Qing Li's eyes roved over Yun Xuan as he snorted aloud.

    "Yes," Yun Xuan answered without hesitation.

    "Lin Yan, are you messing with us? Did you pick a random stranger to be our captain?" He Xiong glared at Lin Yan and hissed, "Lin Yan, I'm telling you. He wouldn't even qualify as our backup racer. His disposition isn't suitable for a racer. I'm warning you to stay the hell away from the He family team. Grandfather may dote on you, but I will not condone your devil-may-care attitude. You want to destroy the He family team? Dream on!"

    "Daddy, why are you wasting your breath on her? If I were you, I would kick them out this instant!" He Mingkai replied condescendingly.

    He Lefeng frowned as he stared at Lin Yan. He had no idea how he should react.

    "Miss Lin Yan, you want this kind of guy to join us and even become our captain?" One of the navigators glanced at Lin Yan and smirked. "I think you must be out of your mind."

    "Shut up!"

    He Dingkun frowned, looking furious and grave.

    "Old Master, forgive us for being so blunt, but your granddaughter knows nothing about racing yet she wants this stranger to become our captain. Is she messing with us?" replied Qing Li.

    Before the old master could respond, someone knocked on the door.

    Lin Yan gestured at He Lefeng, who stood up to open the door.

    Mo Shuyun stood outside with a cheery smile. He ignored He Lefeng and strode leisurely in.

    "Idol, I'm here!" Mo Shuyun beamed at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan grinned a little. "Have a seat."

    "Sure." Mo Shuyun put his bag aside and surveyed the group of men swiftly. Then, he said solemnly, "Seems like the entire team is here. Let me introduce myself... I was...

    Forget it. The past isn't important. From this day onward, I will be the captain of the He family team. You can call me Captain Mo... Or perhaps Captain Yun?"

    Mo Shuyun shook his head ferociously. "Captain Shu sounds inauspicious. Let's agree on Captain Mo!"

    The entire team roared with laughter when they heard Mo Shuyun.

    "Who are you? Did you leave your brain at home?"

    "Lin Yan, you're such a joke!"

    "First, you found a teenager. Now, you found a lunatic. What kind of feud do you have with the He family team?"

    Mo Shuyun frowned in disapproval. He wasn't merely the captain. He was also one of the shareholders!

    How could they talk to a shareholder in this manner?

    He just needed to sign a contract!

    Where was the respect he deserved?

    "You, you... and you... Yeah, all of you are fired!" Mo Shuyun pointed at Qing Li and the others.

    His words caused them to erupt with laughter once again.

    "Ha ha ha! What is this moron saying? Did he just fire me?"

    "And me! I was fired too... Oh dear, I'm tearing up..."
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