461 Who Was This Incredible Person?!

    After some serious contemplation, Lin Yan decided to abandon that thought. She did not wish to be in the limelight. Her past scandal with banned drugs might be brought up once more... Plus, she would end up embarrassing herself.

    There was no need for such drastic measures when dealing with an imposter.

    Actually, Lin Yan was more afraid that this imposter would come well-prepared. If she alarmed the media, the imposter might flee after scamming people for some money. In the end, that imposter might not even be exposed.


    Lin Yan sent the address of the He residence to Mo Shuyun and Yun Xuan before she set off in a taxi.

    Yun Xuan was already on the way, while Mo Shuyun had just set off from his house.

    Yun Xuan wasn't feeling too well and he was late because he had to make a trip to the hospital. On the other hand, Mo Shuyun was late because he had no notion of being on time...

    They had agreed to meet at 6.00 p.m, but Mo Shuyun left his house at... 6.00 p.m.

    Lin Yan reached her grandfather's place on time.

    When she stepped inside, she soon realized that the entire He family team was present, including He Mingkai and He Xiong.

    "Xiaoyan, you're here."

    Old Master He Dingkun ambled slowly towards Lin Yan.

    "Grandfather." Lin Yan greeted him and stood quietly at a corner.

    "I heard that you have found us a new captain?"

    Lin Yan found a seat. She was about to sit when He Xiong spoke up sarcastically.

    "Where is he? Let us see who this incredible person is!" He Xiong smirked coldly at Lin Yan

    "Aha!" Qing Li sneered aloud. "Miss Lin Yan, if you stop trying to bring down the He family team, we will still be able to survive. We don't need a new captain. Mingkai is capable enough."

    Lin Yan had just sat down when Yun Xuan sent her a text. 'Sister, I'm outside. Can you open the door?'

    Lin Yan rose and walked to the door.

    Everyone's eyes trailed to the door, where they saw a bashful young boy dressed casually. He stood so quietly that one might mistake him for a girl in the dark.


    Yun Xuan greeted Lin Yan softly.

    "Yun Xuan, come in," Lin Yan responded cheerily.

    Yun Xuan nodded before removing his shoes and striding carefully in.

    "Oh... Miss Lin Yan, is this the person you have found? Is this our new captain?" Qing Li shot Yun Xuan a disdainful look as he remarked coldly.

    All the team members chuckled and laughed when they heard Qing Li. The mockery and contempt in their eyes couldn't be concealed.

    They scrutinized Yun Xuan from head to toe. He looked so immature and reserved. They wouldn't even agree to have him as their backup racer, let alone their new captain.

    Yun Xuan had assumed that there would only be a handful of people present. He hadn't expected to see the entire team sitting arrogantly in their uniforms.

    Instinctively, Yun Xuan took a few steps backward and clammed up.
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