463 Let Our Skills Talk Instead

    Lin Yan turned to Mo Shuyun. "Captain Mo, this is my grandfather, who is also the boss of the He family team."

    Mo Shuyun nodded and turned to He Dingkun. "Old Master, it's nice to meet you. I'm Mo Shuyun, the ex-captain of Fire."

    "Hi..." He Dingkun replied softly.

    Yun Xuan, who had been silent all this while, suddenly widened his eyes as he raised his head. He stared at Mo Shuyun and blurted out, "It's... it's you! The ace of Fire! I... I've watched... your competitions... You were brilliant!"


    "Ha ha! Why is he boasting? In that case, I'm the captain of ZH1!"

    "We know who the captain of Fire is. His name isn't Mo Shuyun and he doesn't look like you."

    "Miss Lin Yan, you're truly an actress. Did you find someone to act for us?"

    Fire's legacy went a long way back. It was the first team founded in the country. Hence, the He family team knew all about Fire.

    "Are you talking about the current captain? He is my apprentice... A few years ago, I was the captain of Fire indeed." When Mo Shuyun mentioned the current captain of Fire, his eyes flickered with indescribable emotion that was mingled with a hint of fury.

    "What? You groomed Fire's captain?"

    "Wow, I'm impressed. I have a secret as well... I taught Lang Mang, but you can't tell anyone."

    "Wow, how impressive. I merely... coached the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!" Qing Li hissed coldly.

    Mo Shuyun shrugged. He couldn't be bothered to bicker with them, so he passed his résumé to the old master.

    "Old Master, why don't we go to the racing track to test our skills? In the past few years, I didn't have many opportunities to race in major competitions due to certain reasons. However, I still feel that we should let our skills talk instead. I will take on the entire He family team by myself. Let's race for two laps. If anyone in the team finishes the first lap before I cross the finish line after two laps, I will leave immediately. If they don't, all these parasites will pack up and vanish instantly." Mo Shuyun smiled coldly.

    Two of the He family team members had secretly searched online for Mo Shuyun. They found his picture and began to compare the picture with the man.

    The ex-captain of Fire was very handsome and filled with vitality. Even though the man standing before them bore a slight resemblance to the man in the photo, they were sure that he wasn't him. Furthermore, that captain's name was Ryan!

    "I don't think they are the same person," one of them whispered to Qing Li.

    Qing Li took his phone and scrutinized the photo. "There is a slight resemblance, but he isn't the man in the photo. Plus, the name stated is Ryan, not Mo Shuyun. Do you really think that Lin Yan would be able to recruit the ex-captain of Fire? Why would he agree to jump ship to our team? Even a fool knows the answer to that question."

    The rest of the team members heaved a sigh of relief. Qing Li was right! They worried too much.

    No one in their right frame of mind would abandon a prestigious team to join a lousy team like theirs. Their team was in danger of dissolving at any time.

    "Old Master, what do you think of my suggestion?" Mo Shuyun smiled wryly at He Dingkun.
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