464 They Are Too Weak

    "Alright." He Dingkun finally caved in and agreed.

    The Old Master actually had some misgivings about the identity of Mo Shuyun. He knew that Lin Yan wouldn't lie to him. He was just afraid that Lin Yan had met a swindler.

    Naturally, He Dingkun had heard of Fire, but he didn't understand much about them.

    Regardless of this man's background, he had no reason to reject his suggestion.

    "Of course we can have a race. If you lose, you will have to crawl out." He Mingkai scoffed and turned to Lin Yan. "And you shall crawl and leave with him. Don't let me see you here ever again. Otherwise, you shall bear the consequences."

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled up. "Sure."

    If the He family team insisted on being humiliated, she would gladly do it.

    Mo Shuyun was indeed the previous captain of Fire, who had been nicknamed 'Ryan The Little King'. He had displayed how ferocious he could be on the racing track.

    It was a pity that racing hadn't been that popular at the time in the country. Mo Shuyun had left some time later due to personal matters. After two years, he had returned to Fire, but his return had been met with hostility. He rarely had the chance to compete, and Lin Yan had no idea why.

    Nevertheless, she was certain that Mo Shuyun could beat the entire He family team with his eyes closed.

    "I... I think I..."

    Suddenly, Yun Xuan stammered softly, "I... can... try as well..."

    "Let's go together." Lin Yan smiled warmly at him.

    "Okay!" Yun Xuan nodded in excitement.

    At the mention of racing, Yun Xuan seemed to have come alive instantly. His eyes blazed with enthusiasm and energy.

    Minutes later, they reached a racing track in the suburban district that the He family team had rented. The racing cars were all parked inside.

    The sky was already turning dark, but this didn't matter to a professional racer. They were able to race in all sorts of weather.

    "Captain... I... I can... race on your behalf... I can beat them..."

    Suddenly, Yun Xuan's gaze landed on Mo Shuyun as he spluttered softly. "I... Yesterday night... I watched... many of the He family team's videos... They are... too weak..."


    One of the racers erupted with rage as he brandished his fist at Yun Xuan.

    Before he could move, Lin Yan, who was standing next to him, intercepted his fist.

    Lin Yan possessed extraordinary strength. Regardless of how hard that racer tried to struggle, he couldn't shake Lin Yan's grip off his arm.

    "Keep your rudeness to yourself!" Lin Yan hissed menacingly at the racer before she relinquished her grip.

    Damn it! This woman was tiny and looked so dainty. Why was she so strong?

    "You found two pieces of trash and you are trying to pass them off as experts. Let's see you fail later!" That racer yelled angrily as he rubbed his wrists. He then spun around in a huff and entered his car.

    "Don't be so nervous." Mo Shuyun's eyes trailed to Yun Xuan before he grinned. "After I kick them out, I will test you personally. If you are not up to my standards, you will have to leave as well. Be mentally prepared."

    "Got it." Yun Xuan nodded with a solemn look on his face.
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