465 He Was Indeed an Exper

    This was the He family team's training ground, so Mo Shuyun naturally wouldn't have his own car. He randomly selected one of the remaining cars.

    "I hope all of you are prepared for your final competition as members of the He family team."

    Mo Shuyun opened the door and raised a leg to enter. Before he did so, he turned to the racers and remarked coldly.

    All the He family team members merely guffawed with laughter.

    No one else was more familiar with their training ground than them. Even if this person was the previous captain of Fire, there was no way he could beat all of them.

    When no one retorted, Mo Shuyun got bored and simply entered his car.

    Seconds later, the engines of dozens of cars came to life.

    He Mingkai's car was the first to shoot past the starting point. Behind him was Mo Shuyun.

    In the blink of an eye, all the racers whizzed ahead.

    He Mingkai's car was fast, but it was easily overtaken by Mo Shuyun's car.

    Mo Shuyun deliberately slowed down as he positioned his car ahead of He Mingkai. It seemed as if he was waiting for He Mingkai.

    Just as He Mingkai was about to reach Mo Shuyun, Mo Shuyun increased his speed rapidly and displayed an amazing technique that resulted in He Lefeng's car being left behind.

    He Xiong's expression was ugly right now.

    No matter how thick the He family team was, they had instantly comprehended that Lin Yan had indeed brought an expert.

    However, no one could understand why such an expert would be willing to join the He family team.

    If they were in his shoes and they possessed such amazing skills, they would never have stayed, no matter how much the He family team was willing to offer.

    The He family team was practically hopeless, so they would basically be burning their youth and career away. How could they put their future at stake?

    A team like theirs had a bleak future with no promise of glory or money. It couldn't even be compared to a rising team, let alone a prestigious team.


    He Dingkun marched slowly over to Lin Yan, his voice trembling slightly in shock. "Mo Shuyun... Was he really a professional racer? Was he Fire's captain?"

    Lin Yan bowed her head in response. "Yes, Grandfather."

    He Dingkun was still in disbelief even when Lin Yan repeated herself.

    Logically speaking, why would a professional racer, and the ex-captain of Fire to boot, be willing to join the He family team? The very thought was absurd.

    To be frank, it was as though a billionaire had given up his wealth to be a beggar because he would rather beg for food. This idea was basically preposterous!

    However, the facts were right before his eyes. Even if Mo Shuyun wasn't the captain of Fire, his prodigious skills and control were unbelievable.

    Especially considering that this was the He family team's training ground. The members had spent a huge amount of time training here and knew every crook and cranny. Nonetheless, Mo Shuyun still managed to overtake every single one of them and leave them in the dust.
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