466 Battered and Ashen-Faced

    Whether Mo Shuyun was a professional racer or the previous captain of Fire wasn't important anymore.

    Mo Shuyun had displayed incredible skill and capability. There was no way any of the He family team racers could defeat him.

    "Excellent... This is excellent..."

    Old Master He Dingkun's eyes were gleaming in excitement. If an expert like him were to join his team...

    The He family team would be revived. They would even be able to crush the other junior teams!

    "Oh yeah." Suddenly, the old master turned to Yun Xuan, who stood beside Lin Yan.

    He Dingkun's interest and curiosity in this boy was finally piqued.

    Yun Xuan looked young and had probably just graduated.

    "Hello, Boss..."

    Yun Xuan replied bashfully as he bowed his head.

    Lin Yan had introduced this old man as the boss of the He family team.

    "Hi. Is your name Yun Xuan?" He Dingkun smiled warmly at Yun Xuan.

    "Yes." Yun Xuan nodded.

    Lin Yan informed He Dingkun about Yun Xuan's background.

    He Dingkun wasn't surprised, as there were many young racing enthusiasts in school. After making up their minds, they would first aim to join the most prominent and famous teams. Hardly anyone would think of small teams like theirs.

    However, He Dingkun couldn't determine how good Yun Xuan was.

    Even though Yun Xuan had gotten good results when he had been a student, that didn't necessarily imply that he could make it as a professional racer.

    Before He Dingkun could ponder this any further, a ferocious rumbling sound jolted his thoughts.

    He Dingkun and the others turned in that direction. Mo Shuyun's car had reached the starting point once again after finishing the second lap. Everyone, including He Mingkai, had been left far behind in the distance.

    Mo Shuyun opened the car door and exited leisurely. He removed his helmet before he spoke to He Dingkun. "Old Master, everyone on the He family team needs to be replaced. They are all useless."

    If Mo Shuyun had said this before the race, he would definitely have been swamped with criticism. However, no one present dared to utter a word now.

    To a racer, speed was everything. Only the strong prevailed in this cutthroat industry.

    If a racer like Mo Shuyun were to join their team, their wildest dreams would come true.

    No one had expected this man to be the captain of Fire!

    To be precise, no one had expected that Lin Yan could have recruited the captain of Fire...

    After some time, all the remaining racers reached the starting point, looking battered and ashen-faced. All traces of arrogance had been wiped off their faces.

    Lin Yan grinned victoriously as she scanned their faces. "So, can we talk about reconstructing the team now?"

    He Mingkai and He Xiong were livid as they stood there quietly.

    The old master interrupted and said, "Xiaoyan, it's too late now. Let's find another time to talk with Captain Mo and Yun Xuan."

    After Mo Shuyun had proven his ability, no one doubted Lin Yan anymore. Hence, testing Yun Xuan's skills wasn't of importance anymore.

    Lin Yan glanced at Mo Shuyun and Yun Xuan.

    Mo Shuyun shrugged. "Sure, I'm fine with it. My idol will make the call!"

    Yun Xuan, who looked slightly disappointed that he hadn't raced that day, nodded obediently. "I'm fine with it..."

    He'd had no idea that Lin Yan would be able to convince the ex-captain of Fire to join their team. No wonder she had promised him confidently that he would be able to learn what he wanted...

    Lin Yan replied, "Alright! It's settled! We shall talk another day!"
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