468 Who Said That I Dont Know How to Date?

    "Do you understand what I just said, Miss Lin?" Pei Yucheng asked gently.

    Lin Yan's cheeks had already turned crimson. How she wished she could dig a hole to bury herself! She naturally nodded ferociously.

    She understood!Stop mocking her lack of EQ in dating!

    How could this man always say such mushy words without even feeling bashful?

    Indeed, he was undoubtedly the boss!

    Pei Yucheng stopped teasing and said, "Go and rest early."

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief as she quipped, "Okay, I will!"

    Pei Yucheng took a step forward and gave her a gentle peck on the forehead. "Goodnight."

    Lin Yan uttered, "Goodnight..."

    After Pei Yucheng entered his bedroom, Lin Yan remained rooted to the spot.

    Ever since Pei Yucheng had lost control on the first day she had moved in, the rest of their days together had been peaceful and quiet.

    She had gradually discovered that, as long as she didn't cross the line, Pei Yucheng would be very patient and gentle.

    They were usually preoccupied with their own work, so this lifestyle had resulted in a harmonious relationship.

    After their previous encounters, Lin Yan had understood how dangerous Pei Yucheng could be. Therefore, she didn't dare drop her guard despite how amicable he seemed.

    This was also why she hadn't managed to help Xing Chen with the favor...

    After Lin Yan returned to her room, she began to rack her brains once more.

    She suddenly received a WeChat notification that informed her that she had been added to a group chat.

    It was Xing Chen. She had given both her WeChat and QQ account to Xing Chen, but she had told him to contact her via WeChat.

    Of course, there was a reason for that. She really couldn't stomach Xing Chen's nickname. It made her cringe.

    There was one other person in the group chat.

    His nickname was 'Welcoming the New Year in Happiness!'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied with several ellipses.

    'Welcoming the New Year in Happiness!' replied, 'Sister-in-law! I'm Qin Huan! Sister-in-law, I love your nickname. It's so elegant and classy!'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    There was a story of suffering behind this nickname, but she did not wish to recall it.

    Xing Chen typed, 'Miss Lin, are there any updates regarding that matter?'

    Lin Yan sighed to herself as she composed a reply. 'I still haven't managed to find an appropriate time. I have no idea how to make Mr. Pei happy...'

    Xing Chen typed, 'I understand. It's alright. Anyway, I've been waiting for years.'

    'Welcoming the New Year in Happiness!' replied, 'Sister-in-law! How could there have been no opportunity? There should be plenty! How about after you hold his hand? Or perhaps, you can get Brother Yu to lift you up or carry you! You could also try sitting with Brother Yu to admire the stars and talk about life and philosophy...'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She replied dully, 'There is no opportunity like that. Thank you!'

    She had a very polite and distant relationship with Pei Yucheng. He merely kissed her on the forehead every morning and night.

    Qin Huan recorded a voice message for her. He sounded as though his heart was aching. "How can it be, Sister-in-law? Aren't the two of you progressing too slowly? Which era is this? You have dated him for so long after all! If you don't know how, we can teach you!"

    To preserve her dignity and pride, Lin Yan replied defiantly, "Who said I don't know how to date! I have dated someone before! I have experience!"
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