472 What Has It Got to Do With You?

    Lin Yan stared at the text with trembling hands.

    She read the text several more times to try to digest the content.

    How could she possibly have sent such a cute text?

    She didn't believe it!

    Pei Yucheng replied gently, "I'll free up some time this weekend."

    Lin Yan was crying inside, but she had to put up a brave front. "Ahh... Sure! Okay... That's great!"

    Damn it!

    Had she buried her real thoughts and feelings deep in her heart all along?


    With a heavy heart, Lin Yan set off for her grandfather's place. Mo Shuyun and Yun Xuan had just arrived at the same time.

    He Dingkun came to welcome them.

    "You're early today."

    Lin Yan got out of the taxi and saw Mo Shuyun and He Dingkun chatting away.

    "Idol, it's a blessing for me to join the He family team. I can see you every day now."

    Mo Shuyun's eyes darted to Lin Yan as he grinned.


    Yun Xuan greeted Lin Yan.

    "Xiaoyan, everyone is here. Let's head inside," the old master said.

    Lin Yan trailed after them as they walked ahead.

    The rest of the team wasn't here. Only He Xiong, his son, and He Lefeng were present.

    He Xiong's eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw Mo Shuyun.

    They had never dreamed that Lin Yan would be able to find such an expert at such short notice. He had even agreed to join the He family team.

    The race that night had already demonstrated his abilities. No matter how indignant He Mingkai and He Xiong felt, they couldn't form a retort.

    "Captain Mo, it's nice to meet you!"

    He Lefeng rose swiftly when he saw Mo Shuyun and greeted him cheerfully.

    "This is my cousin, He Lefeng." Lin Yan introduced them with a smile.

    Mo Shuyun nodded as he glanced at He Lefeng. "Hi, Miss Lin Yan has mentioned you often. She said that your skills are horrible."

    An awkward silence fell after Mo Shuyun spoke. Lin Yan was speechless.

    Mo Shuyun was way too blunt...

    Even though He Lefeng's skills were really dreadful, he was humble and polite.

    He might have many shortcomings, but his positive traits shouldn't be overlooked.

    He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan awkwardly before he turned to face Mo Shuyun and said bravely, "Sister Yan is right. I suck at racing. If this team hadn't belonged to my family, I wouldn't have qualified as a racer. I want to learn more from you, Captain Mo."

    Mo Shuyun chuckled softly. "Lefeng, you have to buck up then. I have to shoulder the huge responsibility of being your captain. I have told Miss Lin that I will train you personally, but if you can't meet my expectations, I won't let you compete."

    He Lefeng's eyes lit up at Mo Shuyun's words. "Captain... you want to train me personally? That's great. Captain, I will work hard!"

    "Captain?" He Mingkai sneered in contempt. "I'm the captain of the He family team. Even if you do join the team, you will only be the vice-captain."

    "Huh? Vice-captain?"

    Mo Shuyun turned to Lin Yan with a bewildered look. "Idol, who is this rascal? Is he related to you?"
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