473 Holding the Team Back

    "Related to me?" Lin Yan paused for a moment. "Not really."

    "Did you just call me a rascal?"

    He Xiong looked mutinous while He Mingkai sprang to his feet, looking furious.

    "Sorry, that was a slip of the tongue." Mo Shuyun studied He Mingkai and grinned. "You're not a rascal. You can't even qualify as a rascal. At least a rascal wouldn't hold the team back. However, you and the rest of the members have been holding the team back."

    "Dad, this person is way too rude and arrogant. How can we let him be our captain?" He Xiong turned around and addressed He Dingkun coldly.

    "Grandfather! Daddy is right! So what if he is really good? If he really joins us, our team will collapse!" He Mingkai wailed aloud.

    Before He Dingkun could respond, Lin Yan cut across, "The He family team will collapse because of the two of you."

    He Mingkai and He Xiong flew into a rage upon hearing Lin Yan's comments. "Who are you to speak here!"

    "If she isn't supposed to speak, do the two of you have the right then?" Mo Shuyun eyed He Xiong with a disdainful look.

    He Xiong spat viciously, "Who do you think you are? You're not even part of the team yet. Even if you were, I would still be in charge of you!"

    "Is that how you're supposed to talk to a shareholder?" Mo Shuyun gazed at He Xiong as though he was a moron.


    Other than He Xiong, He Dingkun was also taken aback.

    "You want shares?" He Dingkun stared at Mo Shuyun, flabbergasted.

    Mo Shuyun chuckled softly. "Old Master, I've already discussed this with your granddaughter. Other than being the captain, I will be one of the shareholders too. I just need 20 percent."

    Lin Yan shot a puzzled look at Mo Shuyun.

    Hadn't he offered to take 10 percent? When had it changed to 20 percent?

    "I don't need a salary as a captain. I will manage all the affairs of the team, including the members and training. I will be investing in the team as well," quipped Mo Shuyun.

    He Dingkun's eyes darted to Lin Yan with a skeptical, quizzical look.

    Even if Mo Shuyun had no idea about the current situation that the He family team was in, he would be able to find out easily if he investigated.

    They were on the brink of being dissolved and were currently facing immense pressure from the public. An upcoming storm was brewing because of the accusations of the fake competition as well.

    When the time came, it would be hard to tell if the He family team would be able to survive the ordeal. Mo Shuyun was the experienced, capable captain of a prestigious team. Why would he invest in them?

    He Dingkun found this unbelievable.

    "Grandfather, I've indeed discussed this with Mo Shuyun." Lin Yan turned to He Dingkun and replied solemnly.

    "Our situation isn't optimistic at all. Are you sure you want to invest and be a shareholder?" He Dingkun uttered in disbelief.

    "Old Master, don't worry too much. I won't blame anyone for my decision. If I manage to earn profits, it will be great. But if I don't, I won't regret it either. I want to invest because I can see the potential of the team."
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