474 Formidable Pair

    Mo Shuyun paused as he contemplated this. "Certainly, this depends on your decision, Old Master. After all, you're the boss of the team. Will you be able to give me a definite answer?"

    "Of course you can!" He Dingkun answered hurriedly, "With your skills and capability, in combination with my connections and years of experience, we will make a formidable pair!"

    Mo Shuyun chuckled softly at the way the old master had praised himself.

    "Oh, right. In that case, it's settled, Old Master. I will be a shareholder with a total of 20 percent of the shares. In the future, I can consider increasing my investment or roping in some friends. However, I do have a condition. All the current members have to go. You should be aware of the circumstances as well, Old Master," said Mo Shuyun.

    "What did you say?" He Xiong bellowed at Mo Shuyun.

    Mo Shuyun chuckled in amusement as he turned to He Xiong. "I've heard everything from Miss Lin Yan. Your son is the captain of the He family team, while you are the manager.

    However, the facts have shown how unsuitable both of you are for the roles. I'm a straightforward person by nature, so I hope you don't mind my bluntness. I don't mean to insult you."

    He Dingkun's expression froze a little. After all, He Xiong was his son and He Mingkai was his grandson...

    However, he knew that Mo Shuyun was right to point out their problems. Mingkai's skills certainly wouldn't have helped him qualify to be a captain.

    As for He Xiong, he naturally had gotten his son to manage the He family team.

    "Grandfather, since Mo Shuyun has decided to join us, he should be the manager and captain. After all, he is very experienced and skilled," Lin Yan chimed in.

    "Lin Yan!" He Mingkai stared at Lin Yan as he hissed, "You're a traitor! Are you trying to destroy the He family team?"

    "You horrible wretch! I knew that you were up to no good!" He Xiong lashed out angrily too.

    Mo Shuyun merely shrugged as he said, "If you insist on saying that, I can forgo joining the team as captain. Of course, I won't harm your team by investing either."

    "Shut up, you two!"

    He Dingkun's eyebrows were furrowed tightly as he heard them.

    How could Lin Yan intend to harm their team?

    She had recruited the ex-captain of a prestigious team. Not only would he be joining without getting a salary, but he would be investing as well! This was such a great blessing!

    He Dingkun thought quietly to himself as he mulled this over.

    He Mingkai and He Xiong had objected so vehemently because they perceived Mo Shuyun's presence as a threat. Naturally, they wouldn't let him usurp their positions in the team.

    He Dingkun was well aware of how selfish they were.

    "Mingkai, you will listen to Mo Shuyun from this day onwards. He Xiong, you will be in charge of the logistics in the future." He Dingkun concluded firmly.



    "Didn't I make myself clear enough?" He Dingkun grabbed his walking stick and slammed it against the floor.
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