475 Both Of Them Were So Differen

    He Mingkai and He Xiong clammed up despite the grievances they had in their chests. They didn't dare to voice their objections upon seeing how angry the old master was.

    "Mingkai, since you're Old Master's grandson, I can allow you to stay. However, my training is very tough and vigorous.

    If you can't meet my expectations or you're dragging the team down, I don't care who you are, I will kick you out. I hope there are no hard feelings. I'm just very blunt." Mo Shuyun grinned brightly at him.

    He Mingkai sneered coldly. "You want to train me?"

    "If it wasn't for Old Master and Miss Lin Yan, I wouldn't consent to training a piece of trash like you." Mo Shuyun chuckled softly.

    "Did you just call my son a piece of trash?" He Xiong's veins were throbbing against his forehead.

    "Oh, sorry. He is not trash. He just lacks the right skills and is too full of himself and overly arrogant," Mo Shuyun corrected himself.

    "Brother Kai, Captain Mo is more than qualified to train us... If it wasn't for Sister Yan and Grandfather, I reckon that no amount of money would persuade a captain like Captain Mo to train us..." He Lefeng spluttered softly as he stole a glance at He Mingkai.

    "Look at him... Just look at how sensible he is! What a humble boy! The two of you share the same surname... Why would you be so different?" Mo Shuyun studied He Lefeng and remarked, "Your dad has taught you well."

    He Xiong glared furiously at Mo Shuyun. Was he implying that he had failed as a father because he hadn't educated He Mingkai properly?

    "Old Master, forgive me for my bluntness, but I mean no harm. I want the best for the He family team. Thus, I won't allow anyone to stay due to connections. Old Master, please try to understand," Mo Shuyun told He Dingkun gravely.

    He Dingkun nodded and replied, "I understand. Actually, you're right. The He family team shouldn't have allowed that to happen."

    "Old Master has spoken. I believe everyone has heard him. He Mingkai, He Xiong, please carry on with your duties. It's time for the higher management to discuss now, so it's inappropriate for you to stay," Mo Shuyun said grimly.

    "Higher management? What kind of discussion is that?" He Xiong hissed coldly.

    "Leave us first." He Dingkun cut across curtly.

    Since He Dingkun had spoken, He Mingkai and He Xiong couldn't protest anymore. They dragged their feet as they left unwillingly.

    When they were gone, He Dingkun prepared a contract for Mo Shuyun. Mo Shuyun signed it and decided to leave the miscellaneous terms of the contract for a later date.

    "Idol, Old Master, shall we let Yun Xuan and Lefeng have a friendly match?" Mo Shuyun asked politely.

    The old master was aware of He Lefeng's skills, but he wasn't sure about Yun Xuan. The boy did seem reticent and bashful, so he didn't seem to be suitable to be a racer.

    Of course, they would only know after they witnessed his racing skills.

    "Do you mean now?" asked He Lefeng.

    "Of course. Or do you want to do it next year?" replied Mo Shuyun brusquely.

    He Lefeng was speechless...
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