476 Why Are You So Biased?

    "Captain, I'm fine with your suggestion." He Lefeng nodded.

    "Me too," Yun Xuan replied softly.

    Lin Yan glanced at Yun Xuan, who stood next to her.

    If Mo Shuyun hadn't mentioned his name, she would have forgotten all about him.

    This boy hardly drew people's attention. If he hadn't been quite good-looking, he would have been camouflaged if he was thrown into a crowd.

    "Alright, go ahead. I would like to witness our young friend Yun Xuan's skills as well." He Dingkun smiled.

    Yun Xuan seemed slightly nervous when he heard He Dingkun.

    Lin Yan patted Yun Xuan's shoulders to reassure him.

    All of them left the house without another word and made their way to the training ground.

    Mo Shuyun quipped, "You can choose your car and make the necessary preparations you need to. Once you're ready, let me know."

    "Captain Mo, are you going with us?" He Lefeng asked timidly.

    "Why should I? Of course, I will be watching the two of you." Mo Shuyun sighed softly. This boy didn't seem too bright.

    "Alright! Captain, I will do my best!" He Lefeng turned around swiftly.

    "He has a good attitude." After He Lefeng left, Mo Shuyun nodded in approval.

    He was most afraid of guys like He Mingkai, who were untalented yet really arrogant. If they couldn't be humble and recognize their weaknesses, they would never be able to improve.

    Although Lin Yan had informed him about bad He Lefeng was, at least he had the right attitude. He was aware of his shortcomings, so he had room for improvement.

    "Yun Xuan, why aren't you choosing a car?" Lin Yan asked when she noticed that Yun Xuan still stood on the spot.

    "Sister..." Yun Xuan glanced at Lin Yan and answered shyly, "When we came here previously, I observed all the cars. Other than He Mingkai's cars, the rest are all the same... So I'm fine with any car."

    Lin Yan nodded, secretly impressed by how observant Yun Xuan was. He had already memorized everything on his first visit to the training ground.

    After 10 minutes, Yun Xuan and He Lefeng were both ready.

    He Lefeng used He Mingkai's car, while Yun Xuan chose a random one.

    "Are you both ready?" He Dingkun asked aloud.

    "Grandfather, I'm ready!" yelled He Lefeng.

    "Yes," Yun Xuan answered.

    "Hold on." Lin Yan strode forward and opened the door of Yun Xuan's car to sit in the passenger seat.

    "I'll follow you," said Lin Yan.

    "Oh... Okay... Sister, I'm afraid that you will puke... if I go too fast," Yun Xuan warned her softly.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She wouldn't even puke if she were to take a speedboat, rocket, or spaceship, let alone a racing car.

    "No worries," replied Lin Yan airily.

    "Sister, should I go slower then?" Yun Xuan probed softly.

    "Don't do that." Lin Yan shook her head furiously. "Do what you usually do and don't slow down. However, don't force yourself to accelerate beyond your usual speed either. I want to see your usual standards. Do you understand me?"

    "Alright... Sister, I got it," Yun Xuan answered meekly.

    "Sister Yan, how could you do that?"

    He Lefeng, who got jealous, wound down his window. Indignant, he yelled, "Sister Yan, you should be in my car! I'm your cousin, you know!

    Why are you so biased? How can I race with him with you beside him? Come over to my car! Didn't we have a pleasant partnership previously?"
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