477 I Refuse

    Lin Yan was rendered speechless when she heard what He Lefeng had said.

    A pleasant partnership?

    When she had been He Lefeng's navigator, he had almost driven her to an early grave. How dare he claim that they'd had a pleasant partnership and that he should be the one enjoying her company instead?

    "I refuse." Lin Yan rejected him outright. "I already know your standards. Don't worry, I won't say a word even though I'm sitting next to Yun Xuan. I just want to monitor his performance."

    He Lefeng looked devastated when Lin Yan rejected him heartlessly. He could only close his window after mumbling something inaudible.

    "Do you need to familiarize yourself with the car?" Lin Yan turned to Yun Xuan.

    Yun Xuan scanned the car briefly for a few seconds before he quipped, "Sister, there is no need. I'm familiar with this type of cars, as I always used them in school."

    "Do your best then," Lin Yan replied with a nod.

    When the Old Master gave the command, both He Lefeng and Yun Xuan's cars sped away at the same time.

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to Yun Xuan at intervals.

    Initially, she didn't detect anything different about Yun Xuan. However, as time went by, Yun Xuan seemed different.

    There were passion and energy blazing in his eyes as he overtook He Lefeng's car. There was also a triumphant tiny grin on his face.

    "He is too weak." A tiny smile flitted across Yun Xuan's mouth as he muttered softly.


    Yun Xuan had finished his first lap by the time these words left his lips.

    He Lefeng was chasing after him frantically.

    His car was even better than Yun Xuan's, so he shouldn't lose to him.

    On the other hand, it was understandable that He Lefeng couldn't overtake Yun Xuan.

    Yun Xuan managed to maneuver his way around the obstacles and tight corners of the training ground skillfully. He also performed a good assessment of the risks.

    If he didn't manage to do this properly, he would be slower by his opponent by a second. A few seconds would make a huge difference and cause a racer to fail to catch up. He Lefeng was in that situation right now, as he couldn't even see the exhaust fumes of Yun Xuan's car.

    After meeting several obstacles and turning corners, He Lefeng was at least slowed down by five seconds. These five seconds made an alarming difference.

    Lin Yan sized up Yun Xuan closely.

    The fire in Yun Xuan's eyes was more apparent now, and he seemed to have cast everything away. In his eyes, nothing else but the racing track mattered. He had demonstrated excellent technique at every tight corner, as though he had been training at this particular track for ages. However, this was actually his first time here.

    This boy, Yun Xuan, somehow reminded Lin Yan of her apprentice, Death Knight.

    He resembled Death Knight on the track... as well as his style.

    The only difference was that Death Knight wasn't quiet or obedient at all. Other than his coach, Yeva, he wouldn't listen to anyone. He didn't even care about Yeva's other apprentices. Amongst all of Yeva's apprentices, he was the least liked.
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