478 That Was the Difference!

    Yun Xuan stopped his car a short distance away from the finish line.

    Lin Yan snapped to her senses and asked Yun Xuan, "Why did you stop?"

    The fire and passion in Yun Xuan's eyes had vanished. He seemed to have turned back into that timid, bashful boy once more. "Sister... Should I wait for Lefeng? I'm way faster than him... It's not very nice, right?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    That was the difference!

    Her apprentices used to wait before the finish line to humiliate their opponents, yet Yun Xuan was considerate of his opponent's feelings!

    "It's fine." Lin Yan sighed and replied helplessly, "He is used to being humiliated."

    "Alright then." Yun Xuan finally started his car once more.

    Three minutes later, He Lefeng finally caught up.

    "Oh, my god... How could you? You didn't display any amazing techniques just now. But why were you so fast? Was it because... my car isn't as good as yours?" A stunned He Lefeng trotted towards Lin Yan and He Dingkun, who were talking to Yun Xuan.

    "Sorry, I have no idea... I just felt that you were too slow..." Yun Xuan raised his head to explain to He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng was speechless. Was he really that slow?

    Actually, He Lefeng was right. Yun Xuan hadn't displayed any special techniques. He had merely raced normally. Perhaps he had been careful and made the right assessment, which had resulted in him taking a huge lead.

    "It's normal that you're slower than him." Mo Shuyun turned to He Lefeng. "The way you handled those obstacles on the track couldn't be compared to Yun Xuan at all. Ten of you wouldn't be able to beat Yun Xuan."

    "My way of handling the obstacles?" He Lefeng looked dumbfounded, as he thought that he had handled them well.

    "However, you really surprised me. You have huge potential." Mo Shuyun scrutinized Yun Xuan closely.

    "Thank you, Captain... Compared to you, I'm lacking so much... I hope to learn from you and improve myself," Yun Xuan replied softly.

    "This is great! Don't worry, I'll guide all of you. Yun Xuan, you have passed my test!" Mo Shuyun answered happily.

    "You really did well. None of my racers could hold a candle to you, Yun Xuan. You will be able to qualify for the intermediate competitions," opined He Dingkun.

    Yun Xuan had amazed him as well.

    "Old Master, you've underestimated Yun Xuan. Based on my judgment and the way he handled those obstacles, he will shine more than the normal racers in top teams with a period of professional training." Mo Shuyun sounded as though he thought highly of Yun Xuan.

    "F*ck... Brother Yun! How did you do that? Teach me!" He Lefeng ran over to Yun Xuan excitedly. "You're amazing!"

    "Thank you... I need to... learn more as well... I am lacking in many aspects. Let's work hard together..." replied Yun Xuan shyly.

    "Our focus currently isn't on the training. Our team is too small, as I plan to remove everyone else. I need to recruit more racers. Yun Xuan, do you know anyone with good potential?" Mo Shuyun asked.

    Yun Xuan mulled over his question and replied slowly, "I think... they are not... very good."

    "Forget it, let me handle this instead. I will look for more racers to join us. When the time comes, the training will begin," replied Mo Shuyun.
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