479 They Would Shine One Day

    He Dingkun felt more relieved after he heard Mo Shuyun.

    The He family team would be undergoing a major transformation, as the original members would be replaced.

    Recruitment of racers and navigators was indeed of paramount importance, as there was only a handful of them left.

    "Shuyun... Regarding the salaries..."

    Old Master He Dingkun's eyes fell upon Mo Shuyun once more. He found it hard to speak of this, yet he knew that he must. He was too aware of the team's current situation.

    Although the members they had weren't good and were indeed loafers, just as Mo Shuyun had labeled them, they didn't command high salaries. Hence, the He family team had continued to keep them.

    If Mo Shuyun were to recruit good racers, money would be a huge headache.

    The He family team wouldn't be able to afford to pay salaries even for ordinary racers.

    Mo Shuyun heard He Dingkun and chuckled loudly. "Old Master, realistically speaking, it would be hard to attract good racers even if you offered them a generous salary. I don't think we will manage to find any."


    He Dingkun was taken aback. If Mo Shuyun were right, then what should they do?

    He certainly understood Mo Shuyun, as he knew that it was hard to recruit racers based on their team's reputation.

    "We shall use potential." Mo Shuyun pondered for a moment before answering.

    Good racers would only join the He family team if they had potential.

    "I believe that... if the He family team has Captain, we can attract racers with potential..."

    Yun Xuan, who stood at a corner, spoke up softly.

    Mo Shuyun merely chuckled in response.

    Frankly speaking, he had faith in the He family team's potential. That was why he was willing to join them as captain and had even offered to invest.

    Mo Shuyun believed that as long as Lin Yan was around, the He family team would be able to shine one day.


    After leaving the house, Lin Yan received Pei Yutang's text.

    Wishing Big Brother and Big Sister-In-Law Eternal Bliss and Happiness had typed, 'Sister-in-law! Where is the gift? Have you prepared it? Time is running out!'

    Lin Yan fell into a reverie as she stared at the text.

    She crafted a reply after some time.

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed, 'I'm currently searching...'

    Wishing Big Brother and Big Sister-In-Law Eternal Bliss and Happiness replied quickly, 'Then I shall leave it to you, sister-in-law! The gift must be huge and significant! It must also be stylish, unique, and extravagant!'

    Lin Yan frowned as she chided him quietly.

    However, she would still try her best to satisfy Pei Yutang's request.

    Lin Yan walked into a shop called Century Watch Shop.

    The boss was a middle-aged man who was busy cleaning a vintage watch as he sat on a chair.


    Lin Yan glanced at the boss and smiled.

    He looked at Lin Yan and replied, "Welcome. What do you need?"

    "I want a clock. A gigantic one," said Lin Yan.

    "We have it."

    The boss rose and walked to a wall full of huge clocks. "These are all vintage. Miss, what is this clock for?"

    Lin Yan grinned. "It's a gift."
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