481 Send Us a Red Packet!

    "Oh yeah, Sister-in-law..."

    Pei Yutang recalled something and halted in his tracks. He turned around to face Lin Yan once more.

    "What happened?" asked Lin Yan.

    "Yeva will be racing with the best team in the country tomorrow. Do you want to watch?" Pei Yutang asked.

    Lin Yan nodded promptly. "Sure I do."

    "Okay, let's go together tomorrow." Pei Yutang bade her goodbye.

    A few minutes later, God Z contacted Lin Yan.

    He informed her that Yeva would appear tomorrow morning at a racing track located on the outskirts of the capital city. She would have a friendly race with the best team in the country.

    Lin Yan accepted God Z's invitation readily, as she had also agreed to go with Pei Yutang.

    She really wanted to see who that imposter was.

    The fact that she had the nerve to challenge the best team in the country implied how good that racer was. If she hadn't been confident enough, she wouldn't have accepted the challenge.

    Lin Yan was also looking forward to the private dinner.

    Mo Shuyun created a group chat and added Lin Yan, Yun Xuan, and He Lefeng.

    Cold-Blooded Guy typed, 'Hello!'

    Wind-Chasing General typed, 'Cold-blooded guy? Should I call myself sunshine boy instead? What kind of old-fashioned name is that?'

    Cold-Blooded Guy replied, 'I'm Mo Shuyun!'

    Wind-Chasing General replied hastily, 'Captain Mo, it's you! Ha ha... Your nickname is cool... I'm He Lefeng!'

    Cold-Blooded Guy retorted, 'Your nickname isn't any better than mine!'

    Yun Xuan was speechless...

    Racing Expert typed, 'Who changed my name?'

    Lin Yan glanced at her own nickname. When had she changed it to Racing Expert?

    Cold-Blooded Guy replied, 'Idol, I changed it! Do you like it?'

    Lin Yan instantly changed it back to her original name.

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed angrily, 'Don't you dare change my name!'

    This was meant to ensure her survival! How could she change it?

    Cold-Blooded Guy replied, 'Alright, got it!'

    Yun Xuan was speechless...

    Cold-Blooded Guy typed again, 'Tomorrow, I will be bringing two racers to the training ground. He Lefeng and Yun Xuan, you can all train together to build some rapport.'

    Yun Xuan replied, 'Got it, Captain.'

    Wind-Chasing General typed, 'You managed to find two racers already? How are they?'

    Cold-Blooded Guy replied, 'Definitely better than you.'

    Wind-Chasing General was speechless...

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed, 'I'm not free tomorrow. Sorry to trouble you, Captain Mo.'

    Cold-Blooded Guy replied, 'No problem, idol! I don't need your help at the moment. You can pop by for a visit when you have time. We can compete once we have the numbers.'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied, 'Thank you! And most importantly...'

    Cold-Blooded Guy typed swiftly, 'What's that, idol?'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied, 'As the admin of the chat, you should send us a red packet! It's for good luck!'

    Cold-Blooded Guy was speechless...


    The next day...

    Lin Yan woke up bright and early and was annoyed when she turned on her phone.

    There were thousands of notifications.

    Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng had chatted the entire night. It seemed as though they had just ended the chat half an hour ago.

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun typed, 'Aren't all of you supposed to start training today?'

    No one replied, even though she waited for some time.

    She had a feeling they wouldn't be able to wake up that day.
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