484 They Had Brown-Nosed Her

    It was evident that Yeva would be in that vehicle even without Pei Yutang saying it. However, those bodyguards were an insult to Yeva!

    She was the best bodyguard anyone could have. She could fight ten at the same time, so she should be the one protecting someone else. Why would she need bodyguards to protect herself?

    This arrangement seemed to be overboard.

    Other than those bodyguards, even the K1 team seemed to be protecting Yeva. The way they brown-nosed her was so deliberate...


    Wei Xufeng leaped to his feet immediately when he saw the vehicle. A plethora of emotions was evident on his face.

    "Are you nervous?"

    Wei Xufeng's eyes trailed to Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan seemed to be a little distracted as he was peering at Lin Yan. He only snapped back to reality after Wei Xufeng yelled for the third time.

    "What happened?" Qi Shaoyuan snapped impatiently.

    "We are going to meet Boss soon. Are you nervous?" asked Wei Xufeng.

    Qi Shaoyuan gave a dry chuckle. "What is there to be nervous about? I'm not nervous at all."

    Wei Xufeng was a little shocked, as Qi Shaoyuan seemed different. He had never acted like this every time he had mentioned Yeva's name to him, let alone now that they would be meeting Yeva soon.

    "Please make some space and don't block the way."

    The K1 team members got out of their cars and informed the guests.

    Everyone instantly moved backward at their instruction. Soon, they had made space for the vehicle to pass by.

    K1 held a prestigious, revered position in the country. Even teams like WW and ZH1 had to retreat into the shadows. Although they belonged to the same league, there was still a drastic difference between them.

    Hardly any team could compete with K1. There were one or two teams who could, but they had hardly entered any competitions in the past few years. Hence, K1 currently ranked first.

    There were three teams under K1 and more than twenty of their members were present today, including the three captains.

    "It's such a rare sight to see the three captains of K1 standing together," Pei Yutang whispered to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan glanced swiftly at Pei Yutang and muttered, "I don't know them..."

    Pei Yutang, who was taken aback by her answer, spluttered in disbelief, "Sister-in-law, are you kidding? K1 ranks number one in the country. They are practically superpowers. You don't know them?"

    Lin Yan fell silent for a moment. "I don't..."

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    "Sister-in-law, if I hadn't witnessed your racing skills with my own eyes, I would never have believed that you can race! How can your knowledge be so woefully limited?"

    Pei Yutang rattled on, "Sister-in-law, never mind. When I have the time, I can tell you more about the different teams and their backgrounds. Actually, there are two more teams who are stronger than K1, but there hasn't been any movement from them recently. God knows what they are up to..."

    Lin Yan didn't have the heart to reject Pei Yutang's passion. However, she just wasn't very interested in local teams.
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