485 My Brother Is Not Dead Yet!

    "Sister-in-law, look at that guy wearing a shirt with a detestable expression. He is the captain of the third team in K1. The guy with the yellow hair is the captain of the second team. Lastly, the not bad-looking girl, the one who looks aloof, is the captain of the first team!" Pei Yutang happily rattled on.

    Lin Yan surveyed the K1 team briefly before grunting in response. "Got it."

    "Sister-in-law, the captain of the first team is really scary! I reckon she is even better than you! She is one of the few female racers in the country!" Pei Yutang yelped excitedly.

    Lin Yan turned to glare at Pei Yutang with a hint of annoyance. "Why do you keep comparing me with..."

    "Sister-in-law, of course I have to compare you with her. Firstly, there aren't many female racers. Coincidentally, you're also a female with extraordinary racing skills. Who should I compare her with then if I don't use you?" Pei Yutang explained.

    "Why don't you use Yeva?" quipped Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was startled when he heard Lin Yan. "What? Yeva? Sister-in-law, are you serious? How can the light of a firefly compete to the light of the moon? They are worlds apart! There is no way they can be compared. Even though Yeva is also female, this is no longer an issue about gender!"

    Lin Yan turned her head askew to study Pei Yutang.

    So the female captain of K1 couldn't hold a candle to the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, in any way...

    But that captain was better than her.

    What a warped logic!

    "Boss... I mean, Madam Lin Yan."

    Qi Shaoyuan strolled towards Lin Yan with a bright smile before Pei Yutang could continue.

    "What's up?"

    Pei Yutang frowned in annoyance as he blocked Lin Yan from Qi Shaoyuan, who was attempting to get closer.

    "Why are you blocking me?" Qi Shaoyuan sized up Pei Yutang in bewilderment.

    "You have such a lewd smile on your face. What is the matter? Say it and stop getting closer!" Pei Yutang snapped.

    What a joke. Lin Yan was his sister-in-law, yet this man was approaching her with a perverted smile. Pei Yutang deduced that this had to be Lin Yan's admirer. Big Brother wasn't around, so he had the responsibility and duty to block all these men. This was the best way he could pander to Big Brother...

    "I'm Boss'... Ahem, I'm a friend of Madam Lin Yan," Qi Shaoyuan answered promptly.

    "A friend?" Qi Shaoyuan cast him a long calculating look. "Then you shouldn't get any closer. Go away."

    "Go away."

    Lin Yan massaged her temples as she glanced at Pei Yutang.

    Pei Yutang stared at Qi Shaoyuan solemnly. "Did you hear that? Madam Lin Yan is asking you to go away."

    "I'm talking about you."

    Lin Yan prodded Pei Yutang's back.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    "Could you not be like this? My brother is not dead yet..." Pei Yutang looked indignant.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    "Miss Lin Yan... this silly... I mean, this boy... Is he your friend?" Qi Shaoyuan asked curiously.

    "He is my son." Lin Yan managed a tiny smile.
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