486 Lacking Intelligence

    Qi Shaoyuan peered at Lin Yan in shock before he scrutinized Pei Yutang from head to toe.

    "Son..." Qi Shaoyuan swallowed his saliva in shock. This son... was way too tall. Was he a giant baby?

    "It's nice to meet you. Young Master is so handsome. Little Young Master, what's your name?" Qi Shaoyuan beamed at Pei Yutang.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Lin Yan was merely joking. Who would have thought that Qi Shaoyuan would take it so seriously?

    "Young Master, please excuse us. I have something to discuss with your mom. I will get you a gift later." Qi Shaoyuan grinned as he implored Pei Yutang.

    "What is wrong with you? Have you ever seen such a tall young master?" Pei Yutang gestured violently at Qi Shaoyuan's nose before he pointed at himself.


    After Pei Yutang left, Qi Shaoyuan looked rather awkward.

    "Boss, you scared me for a moment. I really thought... that he was your son!" Qi Shaoyuan heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    How could he accept the fact that his boss had such a grown-up son? How could he not know that she was married with a kid? He was her devoted fan!

    "I was just joking. He is my friend." Lin Yan grinned in amusement.

    Qi Shaoyuan exhaled aloud. "Boss, I'm not dumb. It's just that I trust you wholeheartedly. Boss, I will believe anything you say..."

    Lin Yan thought to herself as she gazed at him. He wasn't dumb, he just lacked intelligence.

    "Boss, that imposter is really arrogant. How dare she arrange such a procession!" Qi Shaoyuan eyed the vehicle with fury. He gritted his teeth and hissed, "Boss, do you have any idea that all the guests must come with a gift? She is obsessed with money!"

    "Have you prepared the gift?" Lin Yan asked hastily.

    "I bought it." Qi Shaoyuan nodded and replied, "That fool Wei Xufeng forced me to buy it, so I had to."

    "What did you get?" Lin Yan frowned in response.

    "Boss, calm down. You will know when the dinner begins later." Qi Shaoyuan chuckled.

    Lin Yan was relieved when she heard Qi Shaoyuan. She was worried that he might have gotten an expensive gift.

    "Boss, look at how the K1 team is kissing up to that imposter. How gross..." Qi Shaoyuan hissed.

    The vehicle finally stopped when Lin Yan was about to speak.

    Everyone's eyes darted to the vehicle with bated breath. Excitement and anticipation lingered in the air.

    The first bodyguard opened the car door.

    Lin Shuya, who was wearing a formal dress, exited with Han Yixuan.

    "Miss Lin Shuya, I've seen you on TV often. You are even more beautiful in real life." One of the captains gazed at Lin Shuya.

    Lin Shuya smiled at him sweetly. "Captain Zhen, you flatter me. I've always watched your competitions as well."
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