487 Wicked People Will Meet Their Own Kind

    "Captain Shen, you possess such good racing skills and you are so well-known in this industry," Lin Shuya added.

    Captain Shen beamed brightly at her. "Thank you, Miss Lin Shuya, for your compliment."

    "You must be Miss Lin Shuya's fiancée, Mr. Han Yixuan. Both of you are so good-looking. What an ideal, perfect couple..."

    "Miss Lin Shuya, despite your relentless effort to invite the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, to our country, Mr. Han Yixuan has also played a significant part. Without the both of you, how would we have been able to invite such a distinguished, rare guest? It has been hard for you!" WW's captain smiled at Han Yixuan.

    Han Yixuan gave him a flitting smile as he said, "I've always been interested in racing. The Race Track's Grim Reaper is my favorite racer and I've always liked her apprentices, such as Lang Mang and Death Knight... They are my idols. It's both my and Shuya's honor to be able to invite Yeva here today."

    "Tsk... How fake can they be? No wonder they could only find an imposter." Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly beside Lin Yan.

    Actually, Lin Yan reckoned that Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan wouldn't have deliberately invited an imposter. They wouldn't have dared to do that. Thus, it was likely that they had been duped.

    Of course, Lin Yan couldn't care less about it. She just thought that wicked people met their own kind.

    "Mr. Han Yixuan, you are not only a famous actor, but you're also the heir to the Han conglomerate. Besides, you're a fan of Yeva. It is only natural that you would be able to invite Yeva."

    Qi Shaoyuan snorted once more.

    Lin Yan turned and gazed at him curiously. "What's wrong?"

    "Boss, ignore their b*ll**... Even when Si Mingze tried to invite you, you didn't accept. How could Han Yixuan be compared to Si Mingze? He couldn't even shine his shoes for him." Qi Shaoyuan sneered in disdain.

    "Si Mingze?"

    Lin Yan tried her best to recall this person but she didn't manage to.

    Way too many people had tried to invite her to events.

    "Boss... Don't tell me you forgot about Si Mingze? He is the boss of an international conglomerate. He challenged Pei Yucheng from JM corporation before. Pei Yucheng is also another weird man..."

    Lin Yan didn't concentrate on listening to Qi Shaoyuan, as a woman had gotten out of the car.

    "The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva..."

    Someone shrieked Yeva's name, drawing everyone's attention to the vehicle.

    The woman was clad in her trademark silver uniform. Her hair was waist-long, and the expression in her eyes was icy and aloof. Her aura was overbearing even from a distance away. She looked so forbidding that no one dared to go near her.

    "Yeva... Boss..."

    Wei Xufeng's mouth was slightly open as he gazed at the woman. He seemed to be holding his breath, for fear that it might disrupt everything.

    That aloof, cold-looking girl was the goddess that he had idolized... The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!
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