488 Her Fan Indeed

    "Hmmm... She is quite pretty."

    Qi Shaoyuan muttered under his breath as he sized the girl up.

    After he caught a sharp glance from Lin Yan, Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly. "Although she looks okay, she can't be compared to our Boss at all! This imposter has shamed our Boss!"

    Lin Yan was rendered speechless by his excellent ingratiating skills. He was her fan indeed...


    Han Yixuan gave her a fleeting smile before he walked over to the girl. "This is the famous Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva. It's the first time she has ever revealed her face in public. Just as we have agreed, please uphold the terms in the contract as well as the verbal promises. No photo-taking of any kind. Thank you for your cooperation."

    Everyone present nodded in agreement, as they understood the terms very well.

    They were well aware of Yeva's style and of the fact that she had never appeared in public. No one would dare to reveal her identity. They certainly would be courting death if they did so.

    "Mr. Han Yixuan, please rest assured. We know what we should or shouldn't do. What you're worried about won't happen." The captain of WW spoke up gravely on the guests' behalf.

    Han Yixuan nodded after he heard him.

    To everyone's surprise, a legendary figure like Yeva was whispering to Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya as though there was some sort of secret between them.

    "Boss... I had no idea she was so close to Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan..."

    Wei Xufeng was slightly shocked. Soon, jealousy consumed him.

    In what way did Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan deserve to behave so intimately with his boss, Yeva?

    If Lin Shuya could do that, why couldn't he?

    If he were to compare their status in the industry or family background, he wouldn't pale in comparison.

    However, Wei Xufeng calmed down pretty soon.

    Boss wasn't this sort of person...

    She would never cozy up to someone just because of their wealth or status. Otherwise, she wouldn't have rejected influential people such as Gong Mingze so outright!

    Even though Wei Xufeng wasn't very familiar with her news abroad, he was still aware of the news about the Gong family due to their supreme status and wealth in the country.

    Wei Xufeng shook his head to dispel all those thoughts. He should be contented just to watch Boss from afar. She seemed to be within an arm's reach now...

    "Hi, you must be Wei Xufeng."

    Wei Xufeng was deep in thought when the girl suddenly stood before him. Her domineering aura seemed to have melted a little as she gave him a faint smile.


    Wei Xufeng raised his head and stared at his goddess in a daze. When the girl's eyes landed on him with a smile, his mind went blank.

    He couldn't believe what was happening.

    Boss had initiated a conversation with him?

    "Shuya mentioned you several times. She said that you're my loyal fan." The girl smiled at him.

    Wei Xufeng nodded ferociously. "Boss... I am!"

    He turned to give Lin Shuya a grateful smile.
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