489 He Can Learn From Her, But No Money Should Be Involved!

    He turned to give Lin Shuya a grateful smile.

    It had never occurred to Wei Xufeng that Lin Shuya would mention him to Yeva.

    "Shuya, thank you." Wei Xufeng seemed a little overwhelmed as he thanked Lin Shuya.

    Lin Shuya smiled sweetly as she glanced at Wei Xufeng. "Xufeng, you don't have to thank me. I know how much you idolize Madam Yeva. Before she retired, you went to every single one of her competitions and even canceled your appointments! That was why I reckoned that Madam Yeva should know your name. She would be pleased to have a fan like you!"


    The girl, who stood beside Wei Xufeng, smiled at Lin Shuya. "Shuya, thank you for your introduction. He is quite cute."


    Wei Xufeng froze as though he had been hit by a bolt of lightning.

    What had Boss just said?

    She had said that he was cute...

    This had to be a dream! This conversation was too unreal...

    Wei Xufeng had envisioned countless times how he would strike up a conversation with his beloved boss. However, he had never imagined that she would compliment him for being cute...

    Wei Xufeng's cheeks started turning crimson.

    "What the..."

    Qi Shaoyuan really wished that he could wipe that smile off Wei Xufeng's face right now!

    That fellow was a fake fan!

    He had ignored and dissed their real boss, yet he seemed ready to present himself to the imposter. He was beyond salvation! He should call the crematorium and arrange for him to be incinerated to ashes!


    Suddenly, Pei Yutang marched ahead and stopped beside Wei Xufeng. His eyes were filled with admiration for the girl.


    She retracted her gaze and turned her head to Pei Yutang.

    "Idol, do you still accept apprentices? Do you want to consider having me as your apprentice?" Pei Yutang gazed into her eyes as he waited eagerly.

    "Getting a new apprentice?"

    The girl froze a little when she heard Pei Yutang.

    "Yeah! A new apprentice!" Pei Yutang nodded as he said solemnly, "Idol, I have immense potential. If you take me in, I might not be able to surpass Lang Mang and Death Knight... but I won't fare too badly either! As long as you accept me, I can agree to any terms!"

    Pei Yutang raised his head proudly as though he was boasting about how wealthy he was!

    Although Pei Yutang's request was a bit too much, Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan didn't say anything.

    They had no idea who Pei Yutang was. However, since he had been invited, he had to have a prominent background.

    Lin Yan pulled him back by his arms before Pei Yutang could continue.

    "Sister-in-law! What are you doing? This is the turning point of my life! It's the opportunity of a lifetime!" Pei Yutang frowned at Lin Yan in bewilderment.

    Lin Yan glared at Pei Yutang.

    There was no way she would allow him to spend money on that imposter!

    He could learn from her, but no money should be involved!

    "I'm going to tell your brother! Don't you believe me?" Lin Yan hissed under her breath.

    She sounded as though she had threatened him about reporting him to his mother.

    Instantly, Pei Yutang looked like a balloon that had deflated at Lin Yan's threat. He turned docile and obedient.
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