491 Who Was He Exactly?

    Certainly, as King of Hell's younger brother, he couldn't let that happen!

    Big Brother wasn't here today, so he had the duty to protect Big Sister-In-Law. Otherwise, the one suffering the brunt of this incident would be him!

    "Sir, please leave us. This has nothing to do with you." Han Yixuan spoke sternly.

    "Huh? This has nothing to do with me? How could this have nothing to do with me? Do you know who I am? Do you know who she is? Do you know who she is to me? Do you know who I am to her?" Pei Yutang cried out.

    Han Yixuan knitted his eyebrows as he heard his yells. Why did this man appear to be a little delirious? He couldn't understand him at all.

    Although Han Yixuan was quite sure that Pei Yutang was someone extraordinary, they had tried to investigate about him when they had seen his name on the list.

    However, the results of the investigation had yielded that Pei Yutang was the boss of a small and lousy car team. Other than that, his background was a mystery.

    "I'm curious indeed. Who exactly are you?" Han Yixuan stared at Pei Yutang as he asked.

    "Tsk... Are you fit to know me?" Pei Yutang sneered coldly.

    Although he had the urge to disclose his identity, his Big Brother had forbidden him to cause trouble outside. Especially when he was the brother of Pei Yucheng.

    Hence, there was no way anyone would know about Pei Yutang's real identity. Even the handful of people who knew about Pei Yutang wouldn't dare to say a word.

    Those who knew aside, even Pei Yutang himself didn't dare to reveal anything...

    "Daddy, don't worry. I'm a man! With me around, no one will be able to bully you!" Pei Yutang declared loudly as he eyed Lin Yan in determination.

    "Good boy!"

    Lin Yan nodded at him, feeling touched and blissful. He was really her good son. Her love for him was not pointless!


    Pei Yutang paused for a moment. "When we come to blows later, remember to protect me..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Pei Yutang knew her strength and ability too well. Those bodyguards wouldn't be a match for her. She would be able to protect him as well.

    Lin Yan's face fell as she listened to Pei Yutang. All the emotions she was feeling dissipated immediately! This kid!

    "Get her out now!" Han Yixuan was impatient.

    "I want to see who will dare to lay a finger on her!"

    Suddenly, Qi Shaoyuan, who had been standing quietly beside Lin Yan, stepped forward.

    "Young Master Qi... What..."

    Han Yixuan was bewildered.

    "I invited Miss Lin Yan. How dare you touch her?" Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly in response.

    Before Han Yixuan could respond, ZH1's Mumu and God Z marched swiftly towards him.

    "Mr. Han, what are you trying to do? ZH1 invited Miss Lin here today. What kind of attitude is that?" God Z peered at Han Yixuan, looking displeased.

    "God Z, you invited... erm... Miss Lin Yan too?" spluttered Qi Shaoyuan.

    "Yeah, we had an extra invitation so we gave it to Miss Lin Yan," answered God Z.

    "Got it." Qi Shaoyuan nodded in understanding.

    So Boss had received several invitations from these influential, famous people...

    However, Han Yixuan was so rude!

    At that moment, Wei Xufeng turned to scrutinize Qi Shaoyuan. Since when was Qi Shaoyuan this close to Lin Yan? How dare he disobey Boss and defend Lin Yan instead?
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