492 I Dont Know You Either

    Han Yixuan turned to peer at Pei Yutang, Qi Shaoyuan, and God Z with a peculiar expression.

    How could this be...

    How was Lin Yan related to them?

    Lin Yan had been invited by all three of them?

    They also didn't hesitate to defend Lin Yan in public by arguing with the host of the event. They had done all this for her?

    How were these people connected or related to Lin Yan?

    Han Yixuan stole a fleeting glance at Lin Shuya instinctively.

    Lin Shuya appeared to be deep in thought.

    She wasn't surprised that God Z had stepped forward.

    To get the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper in the movie Legend, she had made an effort to brush up on her knowledge about racing. That included watching competitions that were happening in the country.

    Before Meeting One's Match had hit the screens, WW had issued a challenge to ZH1. However, she wasn't too sure of what had happened afterward, but the He family team had ended up replacing ZH1. Incredibly, Lin Yan had been the one to score a victory for their team.

    Although Lin Shuya was aware that Lin Yan was a professional racer overseas, she had no idea she would be good enough to beat a superior team like WW...

    Hence, she deduced that Lin Yan definitely knew God Z, who was the captain of ZH1.

    Qi Shaoyuan and Pei Yutang were the ones who surprised Lin Shuya by defending Lin Yan publicly.


    Lin Shuya's eyes roved over Lin Shuya while a tiny smirk appeared on her face. She had underestimated her sister once again. To think that she would have the ability to be involved with these three guys at the same time...

    "Madam Yeva... She is my sister. She is not an outsider. She belongs to a team." Lin Shuya informed 'Yeva' softly.

    The imposter studied Lin Yan coldly and said, "I don't care who she is or which team she is a member of. I hope that this incident will be the last."

    "Madam Yeva, we promise that nothing like this will happen again... It's just a misunderstanding." Lin Shuya's assistant darted forward and spoke up solemnly.

    "Didn't I tell you that today was an important day? We will be having a competition with Madam Yeva later on. Didn't we come to a consensus that our guests would be selected strictly based on certain criteria? Who is this random stranger? This woman has caused a disruption and upset our guest. This isn't good."

    One of the K1 captains shot an impatient look at God Z as he spoke in a contemptuous tone.

    "Miss Lin is my good friend and an excellent racer. She isn't a random stranger," God Z hissed in response.

    "Ha ha... She is an excellent female racer?"

    The female K1 captain sneered coldly. "I know almost all the good female racers in the country. Sorry, but I've never heard of her."

    "You are a female racer yourself, yet you despise female racers? Isn't Madam Yeva also a female racer?" Lin Yan chuckled aloud.

    The K1 female captain jerked when she heard Lin Yan. "Don't try to twist my words. What I meant was that I know all the good and well-known female racers in the country but I don't know you."

    Lin Yan nodded, looking superior. "What a coincidence."

    "What do you mean?"

    Lin Yan replied, "I don't know you either."
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