494 What Is Fake Can Never Be Real

    Qi Shaoyuan peered at Lin Yan intently as he nodded profusely. "Boss, you're absolutely right! Let's just pretend it's a show. Anyway, what is fake can never be real!"

    He surveyed the surroundings to make sure they were out of earshot. Then, he whispered to Lin Yan, "Boss, I don't understand... You're Yeva... Why don't you reveal your identity?

    Look at the haughty captain from K1. I really want to slap her face! How could she not recognize the real Yeva, who was standing right in front of her! How dare she criticize you while being so respectful to that imposter. Boss, this is such a huge grievance!"

    How Qi Shaoyuan wished that he could announce to the whole world Lin Yan's real identity!

    If Lin Yan hadn't been present today, he might have blurted it out due to anger.

    Lin Yan gave him a tiny smile. "Why should I feel aggrieved? When the dinner starts, I think you will feel better."

    Qi Shaoyuan's eyes lit up in excitement. "Boss... Are you going to announce your identity to everyone? No, no, if you really want to, you should entrust this task to me. I shall proclaim it on your behalf! I will go get a loudspeaker!'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Boss, are you going to reveal your identity or not? I feel so anxious!" cried Qi Shaoyuan.

    "Do you think that anyone would believe that I'm Yeva even if I confessed?" Lin Yan grinned brightly.


    Qi Shaoyuan froze upon hearing Lin Yan.

    "Why wouldn't they believe you? Why should anyone doubt that you're Yeva?" Qi Shaoyuan replied, looking confused.

    "If I get you to tell Wei Xufeng right now, do you think he will believe you?" Lin Yan peered at Qi Shaoyuan.

    "No, he won't!" Qi Shaoyuan instinctively blurted out without thinking at all.

    "Wei Xufeng is a moron so he wouldn't believe me... Boss... Wei Xufeng has the misconception that you want to get close to him by impersonating Yeva!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She wasn't too surprised that Wei Xufeng would think that way.

    "It's too hard to explain my identity." Lin Yan shrugged nonchalantly.

    "But Boss, you're Yeva. Even if no one believes you, it doesn't matter. If they can't accept this fact, you can race with them and beat them one by one!" Qi Shaoyuan cried out eagerly.

    "Hmmm... That is another way to do it..." Lin Yan stroked her chin as she grinned at him.

    "Boss... Am I smart? You're a racing legend, so you can crush them one by one on the racing track. Let's see who will dare to doubt you when the time comes." Qi Shaoyuan brandished his fists wildly in the air, unable to contain his emotions any longer.

    "Let me consider it." Lin Yan chuckled softly.

    "Boss, why do you still need to consider it? Every time I see them, I feel as though I'm being consumed by anger. Oh yeah, there will be another important guest from abroad at dinner later. She is also your devoted fan. It seems like it will be an eventful night. Why don't you..."

    Qi Shaoyuan raised his head, only to realize that Lin Yan had already stridden away. Meanwhile, Wei Xufeng was marching towards Lin Yan.


    "Lin Yan!"

    Wei Xufeng stopped in front of Lin Yan as he frowned.

    "Say it," Lin Yan replied.

    "What do you want exactly?" Wei Xufeng yelled coldly.
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