493 She Wouldnt Be Able To Catch Up Even If I Closed My Eyes

    When the female captain heard Lin Yan, her eyes glinted dangerously.

    She snorted coldly at Lin Yan's rebuttal. "Regardless of whether you know me or not, I'm still the captain of the best team in the country. As for you, you wouldn't have been here if you hadn't hooked up with these guys. How could you qualify to meet Madam Yeva?"

    "How could you say that?"

    Pei Yutang interjected angrily before Lin Yan could utter a word. He studied the K1 captain and said, "Your name is Zhou Yuan... I bet you didn't brush your teeth today... No wonder there is such a pungent smell in the air. You might not even be Sister Yan's match!"

    Zhou Yuan took Pei Yutang's insult lightly at first. However, after she heard the latter part, she sneered aloud. "Even if I close my eyes on the track, she might not be able to catch up with me."

    "Indeed." Lin Yan nodded and replied airily, "But if you open your eyes, it will be a different story."

    "Zhou Yuan, forget it." The K1 captain of the second team marched towards her. "It's meaningless to argue with a member of a lowly team. Don't turn this into a joke."

    Zhou Yuan came to her senses, as he was right.

    "Let's go inside. The competition will start soon."


    The entire K1 team surrounded Yeva and escorted her as they walked inside.

    "Boss, they are asking for a walloping!"

    Qi Shaoyuan stood beside Lin Yan and spat furiously, "If they knew that you are Yeva, I wonder what their reaction would be! Those K1 captains are really dumb!"

    Lin Yan merely chuckled softly when she heard Qi Shaoyuan.

    She believed that a name or status wasn't the most important factor. What was most important was her ability.

    Even if she lost the identity of Yeva, she would be able to build a brand new Yeva over time.

    "Oh yeah, Boss... Do you think that the imposter will be able to beat K1?" Qi Shaoyuan whirled around as he asked Lin Yan this question.

    "Boss, K1 is the best team in the country. If she lost to them, wouldn't her identity be revealed?" Qi Shaoyuan pondered as he frowned.

    "If she wasn't good, she wouldn't have dared to pretend to be me," answered Lin Yan.

    "That's true..." Qi Shaoyuan nodded. "But if that imposter were to beat K1... why would she need to scam people out of their money? Unless she has an ulterior motive. However, based on the current situation, money seems to be her only aim."

    Lin Yan quietly mulled over this matter after she heard Qi Shaoyuan's analysis.

    Qi Shaoyuan was right. If the imposter could defeat the entire K1 team, there was no need for her to pass off as someone else. She could join any top team she wanted and earn as much as she wanted.

    Perhaps Qi Shaoyuan was also right about her having an ulterior motive. Certainly, there was a possibility that she would lose to K1.

    If she lacked the ability to beat K1, then this competition wouldn't even commence and the theory that she was scamming people for money would be valid.

    "Don't be so anxious. Let's watch how the drama unfolds." Lin Yan grinned in amusement.
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