497 The Greatest Honor

    After several minutes, Lin Yan, Pei Yutang, and Qi Shaoyuan entered the racing arena.

    It was a vast piece of land, and the facilities were well-equipped. This racing track was designated solely for competitions amongst the top teams in the country.

    There were more than a dozen racing cars, including a silver-colored car that stood out.

    Lin Yan's eyes studied the silver-colored car and she fell into a deep reverie.

    Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan had indeed put in plenty of effort. They had even managed to replicate the car that she had used when she had been in the WZ team.

    The imposter strode over to the racing track, surrounded by bodyguards and fans.

    "Madam Yeva, may we begin?"

    One of the K1 captains beamed at her.

    The imposter fell silent as she watched the captain. "Let's change the way we compete."


    Everyone was taken aback by the imposter's suggestion.

    "Madam Yeva, what do you mean?"

    The captain of the third K1 team questioned her with a confused expression.

    "I told Miss Shuya earlier. I got too tired today and my old injuries acted up again. I won't be able to race in my current condition. Hence, I hope that we can find another way to have the competition," she explained softly.


    The K1 team members had no idea how they should react to this sudden change.

    "Why? Is there a problem?"

    The imposter frowned at them.

    Based on her expression, it seemed as though she was trying to convey that it was their great honor that she had agreed to race with them. How dare they refuse to accept her suggestion!

    "I hope that you can understand Madam Yeva. She has retired because of her injuries and  coming to our country has been a long journey for her. Therefore, her condition won't allow her to have such a vigorous competition." Lin Shuya smiled sweetly as she expounded.

    "In that case... alright. Actually, it doesn't matter as long as we can race with her. It's such a great honor for us to see that happen," the K1 captain replied with a smile.

    Lin Yan also smiled ambiguously when she heard that.

    She had been right.

    This imposter was good, but she wasn't good enough to beat the best team. Hence, she had come up with this suggestion.

    "Madam Yeva, how should we race then?" the captain of the third K1 team asked.

    "This is a rare occasion. Half the people in the racing industry are present today. In that case, let's have a performance race," the imposter said.


    The members of the K1 team fell silent.

    The K1 team would certainly be able to do that.

    "Boss wants a performance race... I wonder if she will flaunt her techniques..."

    Wei Xufeng looked excited and hopeful.

    The imposter turned to glance at Wei Xufeng. She chuckled and asked, "Do you want to see it?"

    "Of course I do!" Wei Xufeng nodded eagerly.

    Yeva didn't demonstrate her techniques often. She would only use them when she felt threatened by her opponent on the racing track.
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