496 I Dont Want to Be Apart From Her Even For a Second

    Qi Shaoyuan felt as though there was a ball of raging fire in his stomach. Wei Xufeng was really a fool! He was trying to save him, yet he was ignoring him! How could he accuse Lin Yan of seducing him? Wei Xufeng was hopeless!

    In the future, he would have to reap what he had sowed.

    "Lin Yan, don't think that I don't know why you're here. Let me warn you first. If you dare to disturb Yeva, I will never let you get away with it.

    Other than getting near me, you have another motive... Even if you want to steal the role of Yeva, you could do it openly. Why did you use my friend and make him bring you here? How dare you try to attract attention in this way?" Wei Xufeng glowered at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan really wanted to applaud for Wei Xufeng. His imagination was so vivid that it would be a waste of his talent if he remained an actor.

    "I think that you should change occupation." Lin Yan grinned at Wei Xufeng and quipped, "You shouldn't be an actor. With your creativity and imagination, you could become an author. Being an author does seem more promising."

    Wei Xufeng sneered coldly. "Stop spewing nonsense. Just mark my words."

    He dragged Qi Shaoyuan by his arm. "Follow me. From now on, you are going to stick with me!"

    "I don't... Who wants to stick with you? I want to be with Miss Lin Yan... I don't want to be apart from her... Not even for a second... Hey, you... Stop pulling me..."

    Lin Yan shook her head helplessly as she watched Qi Shaoyuan being dragged away by Wei Xufeng. Indeed, Wei Xufeng didn't seem very smart...

    However, he had a good imagination. After all, he had come up with an entire story by using his own logic.


    "Sister-in-law, what happened? What is that fellow up to? Do you want me to beat him up?" Pei Yutang strode over to Lin Yan.

    "I'm fine." Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang. "If anything happens, I'll have to protect you instead."

    "Sister-in-law, doesn't it make sense that you will protect me since we are so close to each other? In the future, we should divide the work. You'll have the duty of walloping anyone who provokes us!" Pei Yutang suggested happily.

    Lin Yan's face fell. "If I'm in charge of walloping that person... then what about you?"

    Pei Yutang chuckled sheepishly and replied softly, "I... I will lecture that person."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    How could anyone tell that Pei Yutang was Pei Yucheng's brother?

    Pei Yucheng aside, Lin Yan would never believe that Pei Yutang was Pei Nanxu's brother either!

    How different these brothers were!

    No wonder no one suspected Pei Yutang's real identity. His personality was the best disguise he could have.

    Even if he were to proclaim to everyone that he was either Pei Nanxu or Pei Yucheng's brother, she doubted anyone would believe him.

    As Pei Yutang rattled on, a pang of pity struck Lin Yan suddenly.

    His parents were indeed biased...
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